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The House With The Furnace on 2017-04-05

This abandoned house trip took place on an even more dreary night than the previous adventure. The moon was full and it was a foggy chilly night. My friend Donnie was telling me about this abandoned house that he had previously went into with another friend, Austin. He began describing it as a big, ...

Abandoned House on 2017-04-05

It all started on a dark and dreary night when two friends and I decided to venture into this old abandoned house. As soon as we arrived at the house, we immediately noticed a difference in the energy being emitted from the house (as we have been there many times before). The energy was a much more ...

Demon In White on 2017-04-05

So, my girlfriend just called me around 3am after leaving my house and was on her way back home. As soon as I answered I noticed that she was crying. She was freaking out and told me that she was scared and that she just seen a man, dressed in all white with a sheet or something covering his face (h...

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Date: 2017-04-23
Okay, so first, the thing standing by the road couldn't have possibly been a drunk person because for one, there were no houses around, and for two, who stays up until 3am and stands in the middle of nowhere for who knows how long, wearing translucent white flowing sheet like clothing?

In response to the comment about the room in which the growling happened, the room was my room at one time but my brother moved out and I took over his room and when he decided to come back, he took my old room. I know for certain that my house is haunted by more than one entity. My brothers girlfriend has woken up and seen a dark creature with horns standing in the door way and she said that she tried to move and wake my brother up but she couldn't move or scream or anything, that's why her and my brother moved out. I had a similar experience a week or so ago except I woke up to hearing heavy breathing and I saw a silhouette of a little girl in the same doorway.

I tried finding history of the house but I couldn't find any online because this house is half a mile off the road and the road that its on, didn't always have the same name.
Also, the reason I know that my grandmother's house matched what was in my dream is because when I met up with my aunt, I saw pictures and the piano by the stairs, the wall color, the position of the stairs and bathroom and everything matched.
I take no offense to anyone's criticism because I know some of its hard to believe. The reason I started this story the way I did is because I had a previous experience that I wrote about before this one. I'm thinking about writing a book of my experiences. The reason I wrote this the way I did was simply to give as many details as possible and to make it as intriguing as possible. Every bit of this story was true and the friend I was with can vouche for that.

The home having so much stuff was odd but the house was overridden and slightly fallen apart. The food that was there was expired in 70's and 80's. Nobody had cut the grass, checked the mail, helped upkeep the house or anything and the house had been ransacked previously to us ever being there.

My "logical explanation", was because we were off the road a good ways, there's coyotes in my area, and the doors were left open for quite some time. The speed in which the unknown moved was not humanly possible. Within the blink of an eye it moved through a whole house. We heard it across the house and literally in the blink of an eye, it was right beside us, that's why we ran. We didn't even make it all the way down the drive way before we decided to go back. We went right back after running maybe 150 feet and when we went back there were no signs of anything being there other than things that were on the counters and tables we now thrown all over the place.

The experience with my grandmother was unexplainable. My father left my mother before I was born and ended up going to prison shortly after I was born for robbery. I never got to spend time with his side of the family, no happy birthday calls, merry Christmas or anything. I simply didn't even know who they were other than seeing pictures. My dad was still in prison when his mother passed away so I never got to meet her. I was around 5 or so when she passed and that night is when I had the dream. I had no way of knowing any of the details because I had never been to her house and I didn't talk to that side of my family and still don't. The only reason I know for sure what she was wearing and stuff is because when I was a teenager I met up with my aunt and talked to her about it and she confirmed everything that I had dreamt about. I'm not sure who found her though, just that when she was found, she was bleeding from her ear.

Also, coincidentally, both her and I have a rare condition called cluster headaches and I've never met or personally heard of anyone else who has had them.