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Slight Pulling In Her Chest on 2017-04-10

If you have any information or think you can help, please contact me (Jazebel) We started writing this on Friday April 7th, 2017... All of the following events happened Thursday after school, April 6th 2017. Me and my best friend are psychic mediums, although I am, More experienced? Or perhaps ...

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I understand why my statement was unclear. Perhaps instead of saying-

"As for what I needed help with would mostly be just information and suggestions as to what to do about the situation."

I should have directly asked for more information and knowledge about demons. I don't necessarily enjoy talking about them, researching them, or anything. Mostly because it just makes me feel a bit uneasy. Which also leaves me to believe perhaps there is a demon, but more to the story. Maybe the demon wasn't the little girl and the girl is indeed a drowned child. If you're wondering "why did you do everything you listed in your story". It was mostly curiosity... I'm a young teen being a bit reckless is in our nature. Also I did have protection, I was wearing my guardian angel necklace my parents gave me for christmas once, Also anytime I asked "Bella" something in my minds eye a little girl with long straight hair about the age of 6 or 7 appeared behind me and seemed to just stand there or try pushing me. My friend also had protection, most likely from her guides and her grandfather who watches over her.

Also to answer your second question rookdygin, I did have a strange occurrence start happening a few days ago, my school got Monday off for teachers inservice. (04/17/2017: dd/mm/yyyy) My parents had to work so I was home alone, our TV has a recording function. With the remote to our TV you can rewind, fast forward and pause it. When you can no longer fast forward it or rewind it it makes a distinctive sound. I was in my room listening to music, the living room where the TV and remote are, is right outside my room. I heard the sound it makes when you can't ff (fast forward) it anymore. Several times in a consecutive row. So I got up, paused my music and checked on it. Nothing, the sound stopped and the tv was completely normal. I went into the kitchen, there really isn't a door between the kitchen and living room. It's sort of a big opening? I can't describe it.
I went to the fridge and was going to grab a drink when the sound started again, I looked into the living room and it stopped again. I wasn't scared. Nothing felt weird it just felt like something was trying to get my attention. Any suggestions?

Yes i'm looking into the suggestions from the people who have left comments, also I would like to apologize for my first two comments I made, they were extremely bias.
Re-reading through everything all of the information is extremely useful and it made me rethink my future stories and comments.

Sorry for the mini story but I thought it would be important information. I also heard my parakeets chirps in my science class the day after (Tuesday). Two times in a row, it might seem irrelevant, sorry if it any of this is.

Thank you for the support, it means a lot. I completely understand that the story might seem fake and it's completely and utterly confusing. I will definitely try some of these suggestions. Also Saga/Jaz is the one replying to these comments. I used to listen to scary stories and they would always use cover up names. Sorry for the confusion. As for what I needed help with would mostly be just information and suggestions as to what to do about the situation. Once again sorry for all the confusion,

Please stop bombarding me with negativity. It actually hurts my feelings. Where is your humanity...? Also it WAS two people. Me and my friend sitting in english class talking about the story then continuing to write it. I suck at writing the points instead I list everything else for god's sake I don't even have my learners permit yet. Please refrain from commenting if it's negative.
Okay my apologies, please calm your outburst. I'm completely new to this site I don't even know how to reply to these comments and I have had no time to check the site. I've been terribly busy with my life and easter. Also it was difficult to tell the difference between a demon and a child. Demons often act and pretend to be children before showing their real selves. Also we weren't in grave danger considering we left before continuing that demon's game. My friend is still in some danger and I was simply asking for help to get them to go away and leave her alone. We're just a couple of young teens dealing with something neither of us have much experience with. Sorry for asking for help. 😢