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The Second Floor Occupant on 2017-04-12

It was on a particular long weekend when my husband and I went home to visit his family in Capiz. The province was popularly known to have been the place of paranormal entities and supernatural folklore. Their house is just meters away from the shorelines which I deeply fell in love with the wat...

Aunt Who? on 2017-04-12

Many say that a "third eye" is usually active during childhood years. It may close once the child reach the adolescent stage but sometimes, it remains open forever. Mine was probably open when I was a kid and closed when I became an adult... Or is it still the other way around? I don't see the extra...

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Hi Macknorton,

I just thought of it that she was blown off too because she was never felt since then, seriously:) It was funny though but then there are things that are hard to explain. 😆 Thanks for reading my story.
Hi BeautInside,

As to your questions:
Have you ever checked the house's history? I mean, tried to find out if there had been any death that could explain the presence of the lady? That would be interesting. - Good question:) I'll try to ask my father-in-law when I get to visit him again.

While your husband was playing with your nieces, could one of them (or two) have escaped upstairs and throw the pillows around and quickly come downstairs? - actually, all of them were downstairs and none of them had the idea to play prank because their grandfather would scold them if they do.

Thanks for reading my story:)
Date: 2017-05-17
[at] toosexysof
My parents knew there were entities in our house which I am not aware of that time. Nothing went wrong with my aunt, physically. Just at that time, there have been family issues going on. Thanks for reading my story 😁
Scientifically, they say sleep paralysis will occur while you are lying on your back and it's caused by eating heavy at dinner. But if sleep paralysis occur even if you sleep on your side, that's paranormal.

Can anyone confirm if this is true? 😊
Date: 2017-04-17

Good to hear that you had courage. If I'm on your shoes, I would have fainted. I believe your story because we live in the same country. 😊