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Hi my name is Shruthi and I am 13 years old. I love sports especially Volleyball, basketball, and badminton! My favourite food is pizza and lizaniga. I am Hindusnd most of my family lives in the U.K. I recently moved from Canada to U.K because of my dad. I have a sister and she is 10 years. This is mostly everything about me.
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Is It The Spirit Of My Great Grandmother? on 2017-04-13

This story didn't actually happen to me. My aunty experienced this and she lives in Srilanka. My great-grandmother died 3 months ago because of her old age and her illness. After a few days my aunt started to experience things and it was her first time encountering this type of issue. One calm and ...

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This story is very interesting, I also think that the little girl was telling you how she died.
May she rest in peace!?