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The Crash That Should Have Killed Me on 2017-05-19

So to start out with I had lost my great grandmother when I was 5 and have been able to feel her with me ever since. My little sister (who can see and speak to spirits) says that my grammy is still with me and my grandfather to this day. In 2011 when I was almost a junior at Highland high I lost a r...

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Thank you all for your for your comments and I'm sorry for not answering sooner. I went to the workforce clinic and had everything checked + had a drug test done as well. I was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. I know better then to do that while at work. As for my sister telling me about my grammy and Austin being with me during the accident which I did not tell her anything about it b4 hand and neather had anyone elts. She was at school during eveverything. I had asked my sister if she knew exactly what had happened and she gave me every detail of the crash. I had also asked her why they didn't stop the accident and my sister said that they tryed to warn me that why I had a "black out" which is a moment of memory laps. As for the officer who had did the accident report. He had only asked me if I knew what color the light was when I went through it. I told him I did not remember and he left the ambulance. That was it no other questions. He later came back to me and handed me the ticket saying due to fact that I couldn't remember the color of the light that they were going to take the other lady's word for it and sight me. Due to getting that ticket my boss fired me. When you Drive for Wasatch Transportation driving blind and deaph children back and forth to school you have to have a clean driving record. Hope that this answers your questions.