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I Suppose I Dreamed It? on 2017-05-01

In 1988 my company transferred me to a new town in March, and I spent the next six months settling into a new job and a new house. When September came I realized I hadn't had a holiday, so I decided to take the ferry to Calais, then take a leisurely drive through France to Belgium, on to Holland, in...

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Date: 2017-05-11
Nalchen, yes, good question, and believe me I considered doing that. However I was tired, I didn't want to go back, and since I hadn't booked anything and had drawn a blank in the village I was slightly worried that even in the next place there might not be anything. In fact there was a small hotel as I saw when I drove through the next day, and as the lady in the shop had told me. I suppose basically I just needed to rest and wasn't even thinking all that logically.
Date: 2017-05-09
In answer to Beaglemom, actually I am the most obsessive holiday planner you could ever meet! As soon as I come back from one holiday I start planning the next one. However quite a few things were different that time. First I was a lot younger and more carefree then and far more inclined to take a chance. Second there was way less tourism then, particularly casual tourism but in pre-internet Europe every town had its little hotel for commercial travellers, and the chances of not finding accommodation were low. Third there was no internet booking, so it was not really that easy to reserve anything. Fourth the holiday was a bit of an impulse (my fiancee refused to go at such short notice) when I realised I hadn't taken a holiday that year. Talking to Ardette, you're right about the Ardennes. In Autumn they're misty, wet, with huge forests, and just the place where you might expect the supernatural. However that period was unusual for September - it was sunny, bright and beautiful, an Indian summer in fact. I forgot to ask the villagers, but that dream happened on my birthday, and since they said the German came back just after the war (which ended in August) I have often wondered if the incident took place on the same date.
Date: 2017-05-07
How strange. Well, I almost don't like to tell you this, and I can't say I've ever experienced it, but supposedly my grandmother did. In the Irish side of the family there was a legend, myth, call it what you will, that when someone was going to die someone else in the family would hear the "triple knock" as they referred to it.
Date: 2017-05-07
I find Tweed's comment quite interesting. I have slept in a car on many occasions, but would never do so if I could find somewhere flat to stretch out - the car would always be a last resort, and in fact that night I would have preferred to drive to one of the other towns rather than try the car. I had absolutely no fear of any intruders in the night, it just isn't something that's very likely in that kind of area. I was a bit tired when writing the story, but there was a sort of sequel to it. I went back to that village the following year with my fiancee (now my wife) and talking discreetly to the locals who were very friendly, got a few more details. It would appear that the lady in question had been more or less blackmailed into sleeping with the local German commandant (I'm not sure how, but it was something to do with threats to her family) and when he came back and had the cheek to buy the house her family and her new fiance were outraged, and went round and killed him. I asked discreetly if the grand-daughter was the descendant of the German, but they all said no, her mother wasn't born until 1948 or 1949. I don't think anyone was ever punished for the killing.