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Ghost With Glowing White Eyes on 2018-01-19

Today, I had an abnormal new to me experience. I have occasionally seen an older woman always from the side profile never showing face or lower half of body. She would walk from the door to the fridge. It's been a few months since I've seen her. Today she appeared in human form except she looked at ...

Alarm Clock Unplugged on 2017-04-27

I had set the alarm clock for 645 am. I woke up on Thursday, at 704 am and missed the alarm. I checked the alarm clock, and it was still set for the correct time. Then again on Friday, I made sure the alarm was set for 645. And again it did not go off. So, I figured its an old clock and I'll just ge...

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She hasn't come back since. Usually she comes and visits nightly but ever since I laughed at her she hasn't come back. Now that you mention it IrishGuy, she did look like the previous owner who died in the house. I didn't put the two together until now. 🤔
Date: 2017-05-03
Thank you everyone for your time reading my happenings. I should clarify I live in a 1975 RV. The foot steps were the floor creaking as if weight on the hardwood in the kitchen portion, where the alarm clock is set up. I sleep in the cab over portion of the RV. So, I know I'm not sleepwalking to create these happenings. Yes, my alarm is digital with weather information as well. When I waken and hear something I look around which I can see the entire space of my home. I never saw anything when footsteps were heard so, I figured nothing was there and went back to sleep. As for the black floating blob it has been following me around for months. I have experienced other paranormal activities in previous homes. As far as I can tell only the alarm clock gets messed with. Today, instead of being unplugged or alarm being off, the entire electric strip was flipped off. It is a 6 plug surge protector. Took me a bit to figure it out. I'm very curious.