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Hi, I'm Juli and I have always had an interest in the paranormal. I'm originally from Nicaragua and you could say that there are quite a few people over there in some areas that believe in the paranormal and things such as witchcraft. Both my parents have had some paranormal experiences before but very few. As for myself I have had some experiences but I try and find ways to explain it, although I do this I still believe in the paranormal
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3 Knocks on 2017-05-04

I have always been interested in the paranormal but at the same time I've always been skeptical and try to find ways to explain the things that happen. I have had a few experiences but I always brush them off. This one experience I had was one that actually scared me for a while. I don't know for su...

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Date: 2017-05-18
Hi Integrist,

The knocks were done quite hurriedly just as any normal person would knock on someone's door. One knock after the other.

I don't leave the house often so things usually happen just in the house, it's rare that things happen outside of it but it does happen sometimes.

The other things that happen in the house apart from the scratching are the wooden planks under the bed shaking but when we go into the room it's happening in it will stop as if nothing happened. I was once sitting on my bed when something underneath it pushed me up as if someone kicked me from underneath the bed, I first thought it might have been my dog hiding under it but he's just a small dog and the kick seemed like it was done with a lot of force, when I checked I found nothing under the bed. I've had some things in my room being moved, just random little things but that doesn't happen very often. I would also see some doors opening slowly by themselves when I know I shut the door properly and the only way to open it is by turning the handle, the handles seem to be working perfectly fine so there is nothing wrong with the doors and I never see them turning when the doors open. These things don't happen much now.
There are a few nights I would be fine and suddenly I would feel as if someone is watching me and the feeling would last about half an hour usually and then go away, my mother would also feel this sometimes. We would both feel as if there is someone else in the house and this feeling comes anytime throughout the day but I would get a stronger feeling of this at night. Again these feelings do happen a bit more often than the other things but it's not like we get this feeling everyday, it would happen randomly.

I can't think of anything that could have caused the knocking, I think this is one of the reasons why I found it to be scarier. I never expected any of that to happen so it came as a real shock. Nothing apart from the knocking seemed off about that day, it was the same as usual just like any other day.

One of my sisters also heard whispering from one of the rooms but I haven't asked her what exactly she heard. As for me it sounded like a group of young women and a man, I wasn't able to understand anything that was said, it was like everyone was talking over each other and some laughing like a friendly conversation. At first I thought it was my sisters watching a video or something but no one was in the room and it stopped when I went to check.

There are no marks left from the scratching

My mother and I both think that when we get the feeling of someone watching us it could be one of her parents. I was the only child that spent the most time with my grandparents when I was younger because my sisters weren't born yet and I was very close with them. My mother was my grandmothers youngest child and also spent the most time with her, she was my grandmothers closest daughter and they both had more of a bond than her other children. We didn't see them much when we moved country. We're still unsure of this but none of us think it's trying to hurt us.
As for the rest of the happenings I still have no idea what it could be, it might be a loved-one but either way I'm not really scared of those things that happen because it doesn't seem like it wants to do any harm so I act normal towards the things that happen.
Date: 2017-05-17
Hi Integrist, none of my family has been dealing with the occult. I do know that my dad's mother does believe in witchcraft but I'm not sure if she still participates in those things anymore. She hates my family and my dad, she isn't the best person to be around and very few people like her but she lives in another country and I haven't heard of her doing anything related to witchcraft in years.
Date: 2017-05-17
Hi Julie_W696, thanks for pointing that out, I know it's 12am but I guess I didn't double check it and realised the mistake after submitting it.

Hi rookdygin, they all happened the same day and I wasn't doing much when I heard the knocks on the window and back door I was just tidying up a bit and on my phone so the morning wasn't very stressful but I get your point and how stress can play a part in this
Date: 2017-05-13
Hi shelbyloree

That's really interesting and creepy, I'll try and read the book, thanks
Date: 2017-05-10
Hi babygoatpuller and xlauraloux

Thank you and that's a very good point, I think ignoring it is for the best.

I didn't talk to my grandparents much but I guess you could say I was close with them, other than them myself and my family are not close to anyone
Date: 2017-05-08
Hi CreepyWednesday
I really enjoyed reading your story and haven't heard about that before.

It's really unlikely to have pests where I live and I have thought about that but I'm sure there aren't any. I agree I need to improve on my writing since I've never been good at it or explaining things properly. Thanks for your comment
Date: 2017-05-08
Hi Roylynx,
Thank you for your opinion, it was interesting reading the article you sent.

Although it was only me who heard the knocks some of my family had been complaining about hearing the scratching on the ceiling a lot after the knocks happening. The scratching lasted a few months and some of my sisters have also told me they have had other experiences happen to them, some are listed in my story at the end and I have experienced them too.

The scratching hasn't happened for around 3 months now but it did happen again last week and one of my sisters heard it too. After that nothing has happened
Date: 2017-05-08
Hi Bobbyvvl,
I have read a bit about that and we got news about a family friend passing away but I didn't know if that was related to it since none of us were really close to her and haven't seen her for years. Shortly after 2 of my grandparents passed away too but I was still unsure of it relating to the knocks because it didn't happen the same day