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Ghost Buildings on 2017-10-12

This is my first submission to this wonderful site, and hope you find my experiences interesting. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. This probably sounds really weird to other people, but it's something that happens to me, not on a regular basis, but from time to time. I se...

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Date: 2017-11-01
Unexplained, I read the story you highlighted with great interest - and became very jealous that the writer had interacted with the hotel people, something I've never done 😢 I would love to talk to people from a previous time! The story seems to be a similar haunting to the famous Versailles event and the not so famous (but well known) event that happened on the Normandy beach where the D-Day landings took place.

MariaMason - apart from the event on the motorway, I have never been scared of what I see - in fact I sometimes wonder if these sightings are what sparked my interest in history.
Date: 2017-10-23
Thank you for your kind comments and for you welcome to this group. I have to say that some of the stories on here have really made me think.

AugustaM - I have tried to draw what I see, but unfortunately I have the artistic abilities of the average cabbage! I can just about manage to put the outline of a building on paper - my worry is that my imagination will fill in details I didn't actually 'see' just because my mind is telling me these things should be there - hope that makes sense! Unfortunately, when I was at university I didn't once see a phantom building when on field trips, which is a real shame as I studied at the University of Kent at Canterbury, an area that is full of historical and archeological sites.

Jubeele - to be honest, it's never occurred to me to whip out my mobile phone and take pictures, something I will definitely try when/if it happens again. As far as I'm aware I have no connections with the areas I have seen the ghost buildings in. My father was not from the UK so no connections there, and my mother's family lived in London and only started moving out of the area when I was a young teenager. Before moving to the West Midlands, I'd never been further north than the Oxford area of the UK, so no connection with this area either. A couple of years ago I started a job in a fairly local area and after working there for about 18 months I went out of the back of the building into the rear car park for a crafty cigarette (dreadful habit, I know, and one I no longer indulge in) and saw a large barn that covered a fair section of the car park and also the pavement and road at the side of the car park. Other people were with me, and they saw absolutely nothing - I really wish they had seen it, if only to reassure me that I was seeing this barn. I discovered that the area my office was in was previously farmland, with the main barn approximately where I saw it - hard to compare 100 year old parish records with a modern town - so at least I knew it had been there once.

Manofon1 thank you for your comments. I have suspected for some time that what I am seeing is some kind of residual haunting. I have tried interacting with the buildings (I never see spirits of people or animals with these, but do see plant life) but they seem to be almost like a 3D film. They look solid enough to me, hence my scare on the motorway, but the edges of the buildings sometimes seem slightly out of focus but I can never put my finger on why they look like this. As you guessed I am very sensitive, I've been seeing spirits since I was a very small child. My mother told me that she came into check on me when I was playing alone in my bedroom, and stood outside listening to the conversation I was having with someone - she said she could hear me clearly but whoever I was talking to was, to her, a very low, quite voice that she could hear but not clearly enough to hear what was being said.

I should say that I come from a very long line of female sensitives - my grandmother, my 4 aunts, my mum and now my daughter - have all been sensitives to some degree. One set of my great grandparents were of Romany Gypsy origin, so I assume that is where our gifts/ talents/ curse (depending on how you look at it!) comes from. I see it as a gift, but not always as a convenient one!