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A Case Solved By Indian Paranormal Team on 2017-05-02

Team-Indian Paranormal Team Lead Investigator (certified paranormal investigator and founder president of team) - Akshai Sthalekar Team (world's youngest) Certified Demonologist (Asst Head of spiritual Department) - Ankit Sharma Spiritual department team and Scientific department te...

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Sushantkar - have a proper research sir!
You cannot get the institution unless and until you search!
Also, you saying it false will never change the truth!
Well now you know we do exist sir!
Have a visit sir!
Thank you!
The truth shall never change!
And have a study of some paranormal science before commenting or claiming such false claims!
Vivek - since the question isn't related to the story, can you email the query to me or Indian paranormal team you can email me at my mail Id which will be available on my profile or you can message me on Facebook or quora, or message Indian paranormal team so that we can discuss it further as it has lots of theory and lots of gadgets!

Thank you!
Waiting for your mail!
Okay Randy, I agree with your point, we need more research on it!
So we end with the conclusion that we need more research to say that it's no longer haunted, presently we can only claim that it's no longer haunted the present time!
So I agree with Randy on this as he is more experienced!

Thank you Randy Sir!
I agree with you and will take care of it in my next submission!
Thank you!
Date: 2017-05-10
Vivek - we cannot consider it as a paranormal incident unless a proper investigation is carried out, it can be a reflection or a shadow or anything else, unless the whole place is investigated to ensure that it wasn't due to some logical scientific reason we cannot say it as paranormal!

But I agree with tweed and all others who commented, it can be a doppelganger, it can be spirit, it can be anything!
It may be something paranormal or it may not be something paranormal!
But if it's not hurting anyone it's totally fine, some spirits are good too!
So no harm, no problem!
If it harms, you can cleanse it!

Thank you!
Vivek - sure, I will surely look into it!
Thank you!

Randy - As the place was totally cleansed there are no energies existing at that place!
So there are no chances of a haunting starting all over again!
Unless and until a door is opened to external energies, no energies will show up there, as we have cleaned the area not suppressed the energies!

So as the areas is cleared it very correct to say that the areas is no longer haunted at all and will never be in future (except some cases where a external energy is brought in by opening a door)

So nothing can start all over again at all!

No energies, no haunting! And no haunting even in future!

So I am already very accurate on it!
Thank you!
AzraelX- I will look into it and will surely be able to bring bring a Concrete scientific evidence next time!
Thank you!
Sorry moderator, actually somebody deleted my account, so I have to sign in again!
I heartily apologize!
It was by mistake, I still want to be a part of site by having a account on it!
In my next submission, I will take care that I will have a Concrete
Presentable evidence!
That's all!
We will work on all ye suggestions given!
Thank you!

And yeah, English is still the major spoken language in India!
All mu degree and certificates except the field of paranormal science are also in English!