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i am not a believer! I do not believe in ghosts/demons/ possesions, or other mublejumble like that

My mom once said:
"you should not fear the dead as you should fear the living, because those you can touch, can touch you back!"
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Xenoglossy (tongue Speaking) Experienced Life? on 2017-05-10

My name is Ema, I was born and raised in Europe, Romania most of my life, however since 8 years ago I moved to USA, I took the liberty to specify the country that I actually live in right now, I am new here, this is my first post. I've been reading the stories on this website from a while now and I'...

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so you and Bismark were besties and he never told you about his uncle's death even if you knew his uncle?
As a young teenager I had a bestie too... Well I considered her a bestie but she was actually a beast (ie) si she didn't liked me as much as I liked her, and she still told me about her grandfather's death even if I didn't even knew the man, but your Bismark didn't told you about his uncle? This is strange... I am made to believe that your storry is a good figment of your imagination, congrats you should become a writer!
Date: 2017-08-06
the story is fake, so the account indicates that she is a young adult, young adult means between 18 and 22, the story happened 5 years ago, when she was 17, at that point she worked as a proffesional caretaker in a home, and she was already married? That means she finished nursing school when? At 16 y old? From Romania, the nursing school starts at 18y old when you finish high school, the nursing school takes 3 years in Romania... So yes, sorry to dissapoint you, but this is just a cute storry, nothing real here...
Lady Glow, in Romania is customary for the host to serve the guests no matter who they are... In that case the mother was the host so, she served her boy's guest... If the mother was the guest in the girls's house then, the girl would have served the boy and the mother...
stop blaming ghosts for your marriage problems, and start seeing a therapist!
if I were you, I would stop being scared of the dead and start being scared of the living!
Melda, I wanted to ask the cashier about that odd lady, but when I saw that the cashier had no reaction while the lady was talking tongues, I got a bit aftaid to ask as I first taught I was imagining things, and I was afraid to not make myself sound crazy... The second time I wanted to ask and I waited to see if the cashier had any reactions, I taught that if this is a ilness the cashier would act normal just like it did with everyone else, being nice and smiling, but that wasn't the case, both time the cashier served the odd lady, she had just the same absent inexpressive face, no smiling, no emotions, just looking down on the band and passing the products trough the scaner almost as if she was sleepwalking...