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The Only Haunted House I Lived In on 2017-05-30

Like I wrote before, my family is not religious but superstitious. This happened in the early 90's, we lived in a house in Williamsburg, I was 7 I think. The house seemed like any other nothing out of the norm. My mom was a single parent and was getting assistance with her rent. (that played a big...

The Scare That Backfired (respect The Dead) on 2017-05-11

I grew up in York county, Virginia, less than a mile from where part of the revolutionary war was fought. The whole area has different stories about them. The older generation in my family is not religious but very superstitious, so they told us stories about people seeing things at different times ...

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Date: 2018-01-13
Gh0stHunter, yes it seems to me that you and your friends nearly fell into the trap of the spirit. She snickered because she was looking forward to do whatever to you and your friends. I believe if you had gone into the darkness that night, something worse would have happened. My advice... Stay out of cemeteries after dark... Trust me, I learned the hard way.
It seems to have been a windigo. No joke, it's believed to mimic familiar voices in order to catch you. When it does, it will eat you...seriously... They're born when someone is lost and starving cut off from any help. Just be careful when outside
It seems that your aunt unknowingly manifested something. My guess is that she has excepted what is happening or just ignores it completely. In some cases spirits can almost be likely children seeking attention. Your fear gave it all it wanted. When that happened in my family, we are told to say out loud and confidence in faith, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus". It's always works for us. Good luck
It's good you got abilities back. In regards to the spirit's earthly possessions it's best to make sure he's really passed on and not gone dormant before removing the items from their resting place. You could cause him to get angry and he becomes violent or even malevolent. Learn all you can first... Good luck
No, this story was entirely true. Yes I did do some things in my teens that could have gone a lot worse.

Melda- sorry about the lack of paragraph structure. It won't happen again.

Spiritwaiting- yes I did, dumb teens do dumb things
Date: 2017-05-30
I'm from the area and yes Williamsburg, Yorktown and almost the whole area is in some way "haunted". The area is steeped in history a lot of it bad, I don't know exactly where you stayed but my guess is that the spirit/ghost, whatever, didn't like you for some reason. I'm curious, did anything happen when your partner returned to your room? Besides the imprint on the bed.
Yeah true, I think why it happened the way it did was because I deliberately went out there as a joke and not take any of it serious. I know better now.
You should perform a cleansing of the exterior and the interior of your property all at once. Native American shamans are good at that, your problem could be the land itself. Good luck