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One Crazy Night on 2017-12-14

Greetings. The story I'm about to tell happens 20 years ago. I was in college. It was my second year there. I still reside in dorm houses while my other friends have left and rent their own house near the faculties. They put me in with peoples from other course. So I became close with them in a shor...

They Took Me Out To Play on 2017-12-06

The story I'm about to tell is something that had happened to me personally when I was a baby. Mom told me all about what had happened. It was 1985, and I was just a few months old. Mom had taken us, that's me, my big sister and my two older brothers back to her hometown. The one from my previous st...

"mom's Fright Night." on 2017-11-22

This story I'm about to tell actually happened to my mom and my two older brothers. I don't know much about the details as I wasn't born yet at the time. It happened in the 70's. My oldest brother was 3 or 4 maybe and the second oldest was still a baby. Dad was not around much as he was in the army ...

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Interesting story Jubeelee.
Now I remembered, I did heard a similar folklore about the connection of ghost and banana trees. Something about tying yellow cloth or strings from the banana tree into the house, and te ghost lady would come that night to fullfill the man's wishes. Something like that I guessed.
Now remembering it makes me more worry as I had started planted one on my property. I could see it from my bedroom window. Hoped the story not real.
Date: 2017-12-21
Hi Jubeelee.
Its really a long trip that night. The back alley was realy kind a long one too. And maybe I shouldn't have said a shortcut right? Haha... After the village we have to go past 2 small town to get to the big shopping mall. Some of my friends were walking realy fast. I managed to follow them though. I used to walk 5km to school for 2 years before college. And before that, 3 years of walking and changing busses to a diferent school. Maybe it has become too normal for me. No we still use that road regularly but not at night anymore. But the girls dorms were very near the village. And sometimes we have news of girls gets hysteria cases over there.
Not realy, my parents just thought me what to do on emergency cases like that. We all had to improvise ourself. But luckily I shared the room with peoples that practices religion. So they did not panicked easily and we manage to handle the situation.
Sadly I lived with them only for a semester. After that some of them have drop out or moved out.
I don't know what happened to A now. Sadly I have trouble remembering peoples name. I'm sorry to say I don't remember his name actually. We lost contact that year after he drop out of college.
Date: 2017-12-20
Thanks lady-glow.
Yes we were back then. I think we were all 19 when it happened and walking for a few km was normal to us.
I remembered that my friend A was like our little brother back then. He get bullied sometimes. Sometimes he gets spooked easily.
Interesting story Jubeelee.
I have to say, I'm a bit sorry for that Lang person.
Then again, we were told by our elders a lot, always watch our mouth where ever we are. We might not know if we offended someone or something.
Date: 2017-12-17
Good story cosmica.
It is good that nothing bad happen to you. Could you elaborate more on the story. Did it happen just once? Did it happen to anyone else in that house?
Date: 2017-12-13
Hi Desertmoon.
Scary story. I can relate to what happened to your daughter. It happen to me once. Luckily it's just that one time only. Did your daughter still see the thing? Does what happened had affected her life in any way?
Hi _bxbyfaith.
Interesting story. Scary, yes. By my experience I can tell you, you might be haunted. Well that's just from my opinion. But on the safeside, you can seek help from someone to make sure if something really are messing with you. Maybe you should stop playing with ouija board. I once had a friend who was playing it for a joke, then he got into trouble from it. Totaly messed him up.
By the way, do you live alone or with family. Is it just happened to you only or to someone else around you too?. Did it got any worse from before?
Hoped you're okay and well.
Date: 2017-12-11
Thanks ajonverge.
No. After the incident, nothing happened to me. Well not to me. Maybe to other family members it did. I'll tell them in another stories. When I came back to visits her, she was living alone. I slept there a night or two sometimes. I still get the vibes in the house, the areas nearby. Well I might be just scared. The house was surounded by small forest. At that time nothing strange happen anymore.
Date: 2017-12-10
Thanks jubeelee.
I will say yes they have. My dad saw them once. My grandma had encounter them few times herself. After my grandpa died, she lives alone in the house. I always comes by myself to kept her company and slept in the same room until she died. I got a bad feeling everytime I was alone in the house.
Well maybe its just a feeling.
Anyway, thanks.
Date: 2017-12-10
Thanks for the thoughts lady glow.
As the matter of facts, that couldn't had happened. I remembered precisely the layout of the bed because my grandparents kept all the rooms in the house the same way until the house was tore down after they died.
It was in the middle of the room, far away from any door or window, and the bed was quite high than a normal bed like a realy old one as it was selfmade. I remembered cause I used to sleep on them until I reach a teenager.
And I ask my mom why she didn't look first under the bed. She said she already did. After she didn't find me anywhere in the room then she came outside to look. She thought that my brothers were playing pranks on her. She said that I was a cryer when I was baby. If someone even disturb my sleep I would started to cry very loud.
Yes there has been stories of missing kids in the village. Like a paranormal disapearances. Maybe I will tell them later.
Many had happened in the house, near the house, in the village to my parents and also my grandparents.
Anyway, thanks for the read. 😊
Hi. I know how you feel. Same thing used to happen to my wife when she's alone. Hearing disturbing noises. And it all stops when I'm around. Its like, am I goin' insane or what? Did your husband knows what's happening now? Is there anything else happens or is it just in the bath?
Date: 2017-12-06
Hi. What a mischievous little spirit. How long has things happening ib the new house? Are you the only one notices these things? Have you ever tried bring some friends over and see if they notice unordinary stuff happens?
Date: 2017-12-06
What an experience. I never rode a horse before. Never get close to one infact. Never knew the danger like that. Luckily nothing bad happen. Lucky for that warning also.
You got a great gift. Treasure it. You never know. God maybe gave it to you for some reason. Maybe usefull someday, to yourslef or maybe to help others.
You can study more on developing the ability or just enjoy them. Its up to you.
Date: 2017-12-04
Thanks for the thought Jubeelee.

No, they never did asked any help from anyone after what happened. My family just knew what to do in this kind of situation. As this was not the only strange things happen to us. My mom is also gifted with ability to handle this kind of things. I also had some fair share of strange scary stuff happen to myself. I will share some of the stories later on.

Date: 2017-11-23
Crazy scary house indeed. If your family really loved the house and don't want to move ever again, fight for it. There are many ways to cleanse a house. Naturally in my culture, everytime we moved in a new house, new ones or even have a previous owner, we would cleanse and bless the house first to prevent from anything bad happen. You can't still try do a cleansing by yourself but it be better done by someone who have a lot of experiance in paranormal or someone with strong religion beliefs like a priest or an imam or a shaman. But it will not be that simple, believe me. You have to go through many stages, but it will be worth it. Sometimes the process might take years for the problems to be solved. You are just not helping yourself but even those spirits that was traped in the house.