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A family of 3 from Brampton, Ontario experiencing unreasonable amount of physical pain, excruciating amount of random "burning", highly severe migraines sickness and ESPECIALLY sudden negative relationship behaviors. We have a 16 years old son who seems to also be affected with his unusual attitude!

Family that was not perfect previously, however, we were not at all as negative as the last past 3-4 years. Our family is at the breaking point and I am afraid our relationship may also be at a no return junction because of the unusual phenomenon that seems to be happening. What seems to be unusual is how each time we try to resolve an issue, all 3, we are not capable of even responding to one another in a positive manner. It is as if, something is keeping us from being able to latterly "speak" at times, resolve and move on in a happy manner. It feels very wrong, not like the last 15 years. This type of phenomenon seems to be happening for the last couple of years getting worst and worst.

I have been in the paranormal, Aliens, government conspiracies research since I am 13 years old with my father who super healthy then strangely died from Alzheimer at the age of 65 years old. My father and I used to attend seminars and conferences in Montreal, Quebec on all kinds of subjects related to paranormal research.

In 2016, while watching TV, I suddenly turned my head and witnessed a "black, very dark" shape of a head, shoulders and torso sitting on a corner chair of our living room. It lasted a few seconds, but I am certain I did see it. At the time, I did not feel any negative feelings; however, I know something is not quite right in this house. My son and I did hear (very close to our ears) the word "hey" at separate occasions, which one sounded like a "child-like" voice.

A few years ago, a few houses down from ours, there were a suicide. At the time, the new owners who took residence in that house did come visit into our home as neighbors without us knowing, at the time, that there had been a suicide in their house.

We are Catholic, however, because of everything I know from all my experience researching the paranormal, I am not so sure anymore if we should believe in a higher power. I realize this can complicate matters for us. Yes, I do know that, but with all the knowledge I have on Aliens, it is very hard to believe everything we were told when we grow up in the 1970's about a higher power such as a "God". I want to believe there is, however I feel extremely conflicted on that subject. Is this related to an entity in our house, or perhaps simply paranoia from hearing all the conspiracies that truly exist in the world we live in, I do not know. But, regardless, I know that something is not right in our home!

My most important concern is how we just recently sold the house, however, before we go on to another establishment, we certainly do not want to bring with us an attachment "IF" this is the case. Again, I feel very conflicted. I wanted to perform some kind of blessing, cleansing of our house, but I know enough about paranormal "NOT" to start playing with anything that may actually make it worst if not perform properly and especially if we are conflicted with our fate.

If anyone can share any advice and/or be willing to assist us with what "may" be happening, please do not hesitate to contact us, any professional advice is highly welcome.

Thank you very much for reading and paying attention to our story.

Sylive [at]
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Is The Paranormal Making Us Ill? on 2017-05-19

A family of 3 from Brampton, Ontario experiencing unreasonable amount of physical pain, excruciating amount of random "burning", highly severe migraines, sickness identified as physically "disabled", and ESPECIALLY sudden negative relationship behaviors. Like any other families we were never per...

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Hi Melda... Please no worries, I would never think you mocking, I appreciate all your comments and keep them coming.
Any comments from you Melda is totally welcomed!
Talk to you again soon
Sylvie 😁

In General:

I will be attempting real soon to bless and do cleansing of my house...
I just have to find the right tools to do it and I have been working on getting my fate back into God, the way I need to then try to live every day in a most positive manner as possible...
Hope it works...

I will comment as soon as I am ready to perform the cleansing just to make sure if anyone has any last minute advice, please I'm open to any suggestions and any past experience doing so yourself.
As soon as I know where we will be moving, I will also be cleansing and getting the new place bless also.

Always nice to hear from everyone
Sylvie 😊
Bibliothecarius: Good for you Bi... Nice try, keep it up, you never know if we're going to need to communicate with others of different languages. Especially in writing I find it is so difficult to try and explain without missing the point or hurt other's feelings, its hard within the one language image 2...anyways thanks for the "French', its great!
Always nice...Sylvie

About the profile thing, we'll do once I'm done writing it. Although, I may have done most of it already, down below... Loll 😉 You're very kind to guide me through it, thanks!

About the therapist thing... Let's just blame it on the "French" thing? 😜

Hi Malda... Off topic is no problem at all, we're getting to know each other, that's all.

Either, you're a medium? Or, for someone in the education, I'm obviously in urgent need of additional "English" writing courses? Am I that obvious...again? Loll [Kidding]

Although I'm born French Canadian from Montreal, Quebec, since I've been in Ontario (20 years), I always had a strong verbal accent. I still write in a "backwards" manner. No matter how hard I try to hide it and/or correct it, I seem to not be able to get rid of it! And, sure enough, Malda noticed!😜 No worries, it's all good!

Yes, I'm 100% completely "French". Would it help if I say I prefer the "English" language, cause I truly do!
Ouff, hope I got this one right, I mean it in a very good and funny sense of humour way...

P.S.: I was hoping I wasn't out of line the way I responded to Mr/Mrs aedelberth so thanks for that! Although, his/her mother (see the profile) seems to be a very wise woman...

Always nice to share with you!
In general, until my profile is completed, here's a little of me:

I consider myself to be a strong, "neutral" individual; at least, I try to. I try not to judge anyone, "who are we to judge anyone, all experiences are individual", that is how I was raised. So, when I read your insights I do not take it negatively.
After all, if you take the time to respond to "my" experience, it is from interests to respond, I consider everyone's advice and opinion I really do appreciate that... A lot! After all, that's the whole point of this website...Isn't it

To a fault, I'm the type of person who doesn't want to bother others. I rarely ask for help because the only help I wish to receive is one like I give, straight from the hart, like a "calling", like my profession is a "calling". The drive to help others, to make a difference in people's lives, a positive impact in our society.

And...yes I know, I write a lot, I realize my letter and replies are 'long' and detailed. But, in my opinion, if you are going to do it, mind as well go all the way, give as much details as possible so the ones who care to listen will know as much as they need to know to understand fully the situation. To me, there's no other way.

But, I'll "try" to keep it shorter next time...I'll

"thanks" your replies are helpful and fantastic to even get responses, to me its worth putting myself out there.

Pls... Keep them coming, it's great!
Oups, I made a mistake:

When I first wrote in my profile, it was my very first time, I wasn't too sure on how it worked, I wrote my story as part of my profile... Mmm not exactly what I meant to do. I tried to fix it but I am not able to go back.

I will contact the website owners and ask them to publish my actual profile as soon as complete it.

I apologies for this confusion.
To all my responders, the regulars, all of you so special...

Hi everyone, I apologies for not responding earlier, overwhelmed with life at the present time... Which, I realize is the same with many others. This is why I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond, this is what makes each and everyone of you so special... Thank you!

I want to go back to the fact that I mentioned in one of my response that I am certified in the "special education" field. In general, I try very much "not" to engage with my own family as a "therapist", because I am "not" a therapist. To me there's difference. But, mostly I cannot use my education in this case because I am completely, entirely, personally and closely "involved". It was to make the point that I am able to recognize the difference between "behavioral" root-cause of a conflict. It was to make sure people understood that I did consider that fact, and the reason why I am considering something deeper than simple family conflicts is perhaps because after eliminating the obvious, it may just be something else... Just may be? This is when I decided to share on this website.

Having said that, "yes" absolutely, you are right when you say that any negativity can bring unwanted negative energy in the home. So all the advise about getting a family therapist, in a "paranormal" meaning, yes, I totally agree, we'll do... Thank you! ❤

Wow, you see, this is exactly why I decided to share my experience...thanks, it's great!


The point of me sharing with you this extremely personal experience, is to find others that perhaps have experienced something similar and those who are experts (by the way, thank you Rook... It means so much to me that you responded because of your special gift). I intend to use your guiding on performing blessings and cleansing. For that, thank you so much!

If you don't mind, I may have a few questions:

What kind of "sage, salt" should I use, can you recommend specific brands?

Where would be the best places to obtain the real thing?

Thanks again Rook!

I think you've mistaken this website for people who actually do "not" believe in the paranormal? IF you don't believe in any of this, then why are you even here... It seems to me that you may be feeding on other's life events, negativity or even misery. My experience, seems to get you going... Mmm

Before I wrote our experiences, I thought very carefully and it took me a very long time to dare to do it. Not from the fear of, cause I'm way pass that stuff. I decided to do so because I took the time to read many of this website stories. I thought to myself, well, finally, somewhere where I can openly "share", without
"judgement". By that I mean, without "discrimination" and 'harassment".
Date: 2017-05-27
Shelbyloree...About the cigar shape UFO?
I find out just recently through pretty safe contacts, that cigar shape UFO's would be ships from the "reptiliens" kinds of Aliens race!😐
According to my source, there are 2 kinds of "Reptiliens" and those particular ones have been here on this planet first (way before us).
In addition, they said that 'if" and "when" we can actually see their ships, it would be reckless reptiliens and/or defective ships.
Now, I realize this sounds weird, but when I was reading your comment I thought you might want to know. Hope this helps a little?
I know this subject is a tough one to share. But, people have the right to know... So for that thank you for sharing!
Date: 2017-05-27
Hi Biblio... You have no idea how happy I am you told your story...ouff

I also had "metallic" object experiences. Not exactly like yours but nevertheless, the objects, I see are very small, they fly up in the air, almost to the ceiling. They seem to appear more in my bedroom.
I'll be watching TV, then they appear, they are tiny little shapes, lines, dots, but they do fly and at times one of them will disappear into a wall.

This is so strange, isn't it?

The best way I can describe mine is like when we get up too fast and we see metallic bright dots, well kind of like that, except I'm calm, lying down or sitting and here they come. They move, fly then goes right into the walls. They appear random, I never know when or where?

To this day, I have no idea what they are or why they suddenly appear. I've asked others but nothing?

Question: To the best of your knowledge, have you ever being aware of having any contacts with "UFOs" or more precisely "Alien" beings? I know it sounds weird, but I'm just wondering?

Maybe if you try to take pictures, videos? I'll do the same and let's see what happens?

Anyways, I Just wanted to tell you about mine in case it makes some difference knowing I, too, see things, sort of like this...
Thanks for sharing!😉
In response to comments towards my own story.

First, "THANK YOU" for all your response!

I would also like to thank "Your Ghost Stories" website for publishing my story! We totally appreciate your understanding towards our situation! Our Ghost Stories was kind enough to publish it publically so we can receive any good tips that may just do the trick!
So again, "thank you so very much"!

So many responses, I am so grateful for each and every one of you interests, taking the time to read our experiences and respond with suggestions is more than I expected. I am truly grateful for that!

About the Cleansing and Blessing, YES, I definitely NEED to have this done. I'm just not sure if we should do this on our own without any professional assistance?

I am also wondering if perhaps it could be of "poltergeist" nature. Only because, I seem to be "sensitive" and may be contributing to all this without knowing?

Family Therapist: I am qualified to deal with difficult behaviors as I am certified in special education. All of us are pretty reasonable people, there's no way we wouldn't be able to resolve the simplest little conflicts. But, you are right; it may have played, at some point, a part in our situation. However, we did try giving each other space but it doesn't seem to help at all.

I am especially "highly' interested in bringing in a "physical medium". Absolutely, I truly believe that this should be our first step, identifying what is going on, and then we can take the proper steps to resolve it. I was thinking of "Amy" from "The Dead Files". I just want someone who has true abilities and who will be "objective" enough no matter what will come out of it.

I will definitely look into Rookdygin! I am so grateful for your tips! Especially before leaving this property and moving into another.

I will continue to take all your suggestions. Again, thank you so very very much!

If anyone else has contacts with paranormal professionals, please do not hesitate to let me know. This would be extremely helpful!

Again, I truly appreciate each and everyone's tips and responses. Keep it up; I will continue to read all your comments.

Best Regards to all!
Sylvie, Patrick and Mathieu-N