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Near Death Experience on 2008-10-08

Before I write more all of my experiences with paranormal and supernatural entity, I'll start first with my very first experience and what I thought as an event that started everything. When I was still 7 years old, my parents used to make me go for a piano lesson in a music school near my place....

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You've got some interesting story there (and scary too)

Actually, what a coincidence that I've got the same experience as you about the hand. Though the one I saw just a normal human hand (and I think it was a woman's hand, because the fingers look more slender and long). Those hands weren't nice too since they tried to grab me and dragged me by my head (because I was peeking over the bed side to see what it was 😨) into the ground. Luckily I managed to pull myself away from them just in time and watched them 'retreating' (moved across the room and just went through the door)

I was around 8yrs old when that happened, and seriously, I couldn't fall asleep at all and I kept myself awake until 5am where my mom usually checked on me (yeah, when I was a kid I slept by myself on this huge room that used to be the main bedroom. When my parents renovated the house, they moved the main bedroom to the second floor, so I got the huge room for myself lol) It's a wonder for you to sleep even though you knew there's something with you in the room 😲 (I couldn't sleep for 3 days after what happened to me)