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I'm new to the site, I feel like I might've been on it a few years ago and if not I've been on one similar lol

I am a 26 year old woman who has had many paranormal experiences in the past.

I haven't had too many since I met my boyfriend, not sure if it's connected. Just two in the past year and a half to be precise. All the same I hope to post my stories and hope that they etertain in some way.
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The Necklace on 2017-06-27

So this is just a quick background on the house I grew up in. I moved into this house when I was four just tuning five. I had one experience when I was younger which I have written about. Years went by with nothing happening. Or at least nothing major. I had this necklace my father bought me as a...

Tall Man In Slacks on 2017-05-25

This happened about this time two years ago. It was the beginning of our good Irish weather and I was relaxing in my smaller sitting room. I had just spent the day cleaning and moving my sitting room from the larger room at the back of the house (extension) to the smaller room which was part of t...

Music And Dancing on 2017-05-22

This is my first story and is quite a short one so I hope I reach the minimum character limit. The first experience I can remember was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It was in my family home in the evening time. We lived in a housing estate that is only 40 years old. I was standing in th...

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Date: 2017-07-05
Hi Melda,

I do believe the necklace ended up between the floorboards logically it was firmly in between them, I was scraping the dirt/dust back when I found it, I never would have cleaned my room so thoroughly before as I would usually hoover it.

I know my sister could have borrowed it the second time round only she would have no reason to deny it now as it was so long ago that she wouldn't feel embarrased or scared. My sister is very abbrasive and has an "I don't care what you think" attitude. She would never shy away from confrontation lol and my older sister wasn't living at home at the time.

Trust me I always jump to the most logical explination when it comes to these matters as I don't want to frighten myself aha. Plus I've a very locigal mind when it comes to most things. 😁

The blankets I first thougth nothing of and put it down to dreaming but the more frequently it happened the scarier it got, but in the end I found ignoring it and acting as if it hadn't happen to be the best. This was until I found out about sage and since then I would've always used it if I felt it was needed.

Thanks for reading and for your comment 😁

-Kayraa ❤
I know this was last year, but how is everything going now?

-Kayraa ❤
Hi Spiritwaiting,

It's great that your meditation was able to lessen the darkness you were experiencing. I would never have thought of meditation as a way to clear negative energy.

I would be like that myself, in the sense that if someone is negative around me it can easily rub off on me and I then find myself becoming negative a feeling drained. I never thought to try meditation so I might in future 😊

-Kayraa ❤
Date: 2017-06-27
Hi rookdygin,

It has been a while since I last seen him, 2 months I'd guess. But this had happened 2 years give or take a month. I can't remember when I'd last seen him before this account.

My granfather would definitely think of himself as younger, he is such a happy-go-lucky guy full of stories and jokes 😊
I don't think anything major would have happened for him to be thinking of me though. He is still alive and as well as can be expected to this day. So I feel it might be a coincidence the similarities but again I'm not overly knowledgeble on this subject.

I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply as I've been in the middle of a move and had a few family birthday parties keeping me busy. I hope to be more active from now on:)

Hi Biblio, thanks for your questions. I am siding on the similarity being a coincidence at this point but it was interesting on hearing others opinions. In answer to your questions, I seen him quite clearly, the window on the old part of the house is facing the double glass door on the extension and the distance isn't much. For example if I were to climb put the window I would be stading right infront of the step to the double glass doors. I see where you're coming from with the glare as it was a sunny day out.
I seen him walking diagonally, so I could nearly see the full face but not completely, from his ear to his eye would've been shaded. So I'd say he was walking past me in a way, but I wasn't in the same room so it wasn't right in front of me and when I ran out to see who it was the room was empty.

I'd be happy to answer any other qusetions:)

- Kayraa ❤
Date: 2017-06-27
Hi Manafon1, that's very interesting about an apparition of a living person, I didn't know that was possible. I've never heard of it before. By braces I did mean suspenders, you know the elastic with buttons for holding up trousers?

Hey, ForceAwakens81, I never knew my grandfathers father however I know he didn't die too young. He looked solid to me which first led me to believe that somehow someone had gottten into the house. Was very strange when I got out and realised the table was there and I was the only person in the house.

AugustaM, yes those braces exactly! 😊 The property would be between 40-50 years old so not old at all really. I don't know much about the history of it to be honest. He seemed young but I couldn't pin point an exact age asI was just like "what the hell". I know it could be anyone an most likely not related to me and his clothes were quite common over many of years you could say.

Xerath, thank you for your experience, it's interesting to read. I don't know much about this sort of stuff so it's always good to see different takes on it:) I just like sharing my experiences for like minded people 😊

This has gotten very long so I will reply to the rest in a new comment Kayraa ❤
Date: 2017-06-27
Hi Tweed,

Yes I did think of the neighbours as a possibility however like I said my sister didn't hear anything, and I'm also pretty sure if my neighbours were playing music as suggested by Azraelx that my mum would be in saying it to them as my aunt lived one side and she knew the women on the other side too and would have no problem talking to them. I have sumbit one other story so far.

I'm sorry for the late replies as I was in the middle of moving house and loads of birthday partys in between:D

Hey, Trentinray I'm not sure what was there previously, I would assume fields as there were plenty fields around the estate growing up but I wouldn't know anything for certain.

Hi, AzraelX as previously written I'm not sure it was the neghbours as my mum would be in giving out aha but I'm not one to rule any possible answers:)

-Kayraa ❤
you were right they're more scary. I can't believe he told him to eat the candy. I never realized how dangerous they can be 😲
wow sounds like there were more than one spirit there.

I don't know how you managed to keep your cool. I would have stopped the cleaning as soon as I heard the shuffling. Probably ran out of there kids in tow after the shadow.

You are a braver woman than me, that's for sure 😁

This story is heartbreaking, I can only imagine your sadness and sense of loss.

I'm happy that you have some piece of mind in the form of Angel saying she was not afraid, in your father being there and in Angels visits to her father ❤

Best wishes,

Date: 2017-05-25
Fergie, I must admit I don't recall a name. At the time of them coming at my face I'm too busy freaking out trying to get away from them lol They're my biggest fear along with moths (who also like to "attack" me) 😆 which I suppose is a contradiction,, for the first tattoo I got, as it's 3 butterflies. Even though I have a fear of them the idea just spoke to me 😁

I will give your account "Knocking on Heaven's Door" a read now. No doubt it will be as interesting as this one.

Kind Regards,

Date: 2017-05-25
Such an interesting read Fergie:)

I've heard about nutterflies before but I always seem to forget. Especially when they keep flapping in my face and I feel attacked aha I've never heard of birds though so that's and interesting one, especially considering each year what I'm convinced is the same robin, visits my house. Well my old home seeing as I've recently moved.

Anyway back on topic lol. Really interesting account:)

spiritwaiting, thank you. I have a read a few more since and find them to be a good read. You are a good writer. I must go and check out some of your earlier stuff 😁

Lacie1990, well I know there are meant to be a few different ways but how I cleanse myself is I just have nice hot shower while burning sage in the room. And after wards when I dry I just get my sage stick, light it and let the smoke go over my body. I start from my feet upwards. Not so smokey that you choke yourself aha but enough to go round me.

I find it has worked for me and hope it does for you too if you try it.

Are you still feeling a presence after cleansing the house?
wow, I'd say this was a terrifying experience for a five year old. I was a little uncomfortable reading it, not in a I can't finnish this kind of way but in a scary way.
This is a nice story, I loved the end of it, really had me laughing:)
I found this to be really interesting. I am glad your pup is doing better now:) I might have a look at your other stories as I can imagine them to be as interesting.
Date: 2017-05-23
really good story, love how you've written it and look forward to more:)
Date: 2017-05-23
Nalchen I really don't think you should feel guilty. Your granmother coming to you was her way of seeing yoy before she passed on and also to say goodbye.

This is such a lovely story and I think you should try and let go of any guilt you may feel. I can't imagine the woman you described as loving you so wanting you to feel this way.


I would take note of what and when things are happening, try and find a connection to what could be happening. It could be attached to something you own.
Lacie1990, this is an interesting experience and I have no major guidence other than maybe cleansing yourself and your house. I've had to do this previously and felt it worked. For me at least.

I'm interested in seeing the photo's you post:)

Kind regards,