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Forever attracted to THE paranormal (with a couple of personal paranormal experiences). Here to find others who can give me answers since I can't find any psychics, mediums etc where I live, whom I can go to, to clear my doubts.
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Inception Of The Paranormal on 2017-05-25

I'm fairly new here. I've always been on the lookout for somebody to talk to, about some of the weird things that has happened to me. I'm Indian and born to a Christian father and a Hindu mother. My religious views changed gradually as I grew up. So I can confidently say that my paranormal experienc...

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[at] Melda,

Good question, Melda. I was thinking on those lines as well. I'm fascinated by everything that's happening here. Finally a place where I can get some answers! I would really like to follow some of you. Is there an option here where we can follow? 😊
[at] Rookdygin,

Wow! That was an awesome explanation. Your second answer reminds me of something my grammy had told me when I was a child. She used to tell me stories or beliefs about celestial lovers who come down to earth when they fall in love with a mortal and it's consequences. They are called Gandharvas. You should check that out if you have the time.

The third answer is mind boggling and frankly quite scary! I never want to experience that again! Love your explanation. It was the weirdest dream. It progressed day by day! I don't get them anymore thankfully.

The first one... I was raised in a violent atmosphere. My folks were like the Lannisters and the Starks. In India we live in cement/concrete houses and wood is only used for interior decoration like bookcases, wardrobe etc. I don't see how these type of houses can settle and animals cannot get inside these walls. I'm absolutely positive about that. Why I am positive that it was paranormal is that raw instinct that is there in us. This kind of fear was different from the others I experienced.

That said, I'm sure it's hard to believe. This really impacted me. It's something that I can't wrap my mind around. I hope I'm not too vague. 😊
[at] valkricry,

I like your POV. Let's say that I misheard, could that incident have been a trigger into feeling the unknown and unseen? Ever since that incident, Nick and I felt like we were being"watched". He never goes there by himself unless someone accompanies him either. We always hear sounds when we play together. We used to stop our games and listen for it... It was really quiet during the summer holidays.
[at] Melda: Hi! Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that I'm not alone in this. Just want to straighten things out... Since it was the summer holidays, only 3 apartments were inhabited. The landlady, Nick's family and mine. Nick's fam was out, the landlady was asleep and that leaves my mom who was doing laundry. It was the safest neighbourhood and that's why all parents had no problem leaving us kids to our devices. I was adored by all and I made no enemies... I only heard the whispers when I placed my ears against the door. As for any other incidents on the roof... At least 2-3 more, fortunately with Nick. I never went back there by myself. We saw things beings thrown out the store room and a woman's voice and sometimes the feeling of not being welcome (there was that heaviness in the air which would disappear once we go back downstairs). 😨
[at] tigrezz: I've been trying to figure things out, myself. Since I have nobody here who has had similar experiences, I'm at a loss as well. I thought giving a detailed picture of my surroundings and lifestyle would help. But, that is one of the vaguest of incidents ever. The problem is that I was so young. I ran away as soon as felt fear. 😕