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The Breathing Spirit on 2017-06-20

Just wanted to share my story with the Breather Spirit. First, I heard this when I was around 16, in the apartment I lived with my parents (in Latvia, Riga). I woke up around 4AM and heard the sound of breathing from the far corner. It sounded tranquil and rhythmical, like somebody is asleep. It rea...

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Hi MoonwalkerQueen -
It was quite interesting to read this; I have experienced something similar:
Yes, I think it is a spirit trying to communicate his presence:)
Date: 2017-09-02
Dear Loneybone,
Thank you for sharing - I could relate to this a lot. I didn't have an easy childhood, I was bullied at school and no-one to turn to (as my Mum was depressed and quite distant). But looking back, I understand that it helped me understand who I was and move forward in life afterwards. I lived In a haunted apartment (but realized it when I was a teenager).
I believe your perceptions are real, and it could may be be your Spirit Guide?.
Date: 2017-08-11
It is quite possible that it was Chester - as Spirits could not be limited by our linera time/space limitations. He could be multi-dimentional now;) - reaching many souls in one go:)... As well your openess to this type of perception might have helped! So, yeah... I wouldn't rule it out! ❤
[at] Jazolinea - The Cat event seems interesting - Yes, we would love to see the pic!
Date: 2017-07-15
Thank you for sharing! Broken mirrors are always seen as quite a powerful sign in Slavic culture, usually meaning sudden, unpleasant news in family/close friends. That involves a mirror that is broken as a result of action (say, if you drop it), but if a mirror breaks by itself - it would be seen as a strong warning from the spiritual world (probably as Mirrors are seen a portals in many mystical traditions).
My mother shared with me memory that once she woke up in the morning from a strange sound (she was a teenager then) - only to discover that a large mirror in the hall (the mirror was around 2 meters high) had cracked all the way across by itself! She found out the next day that her father had passed away unexpectedly (but he didn't live with the family any more then).
I always wonder about the signs like that - may be the sign (like broken mirror) means something only if a perceiver is aware of its meaning?... Say, if he lives in a culture when the meaning is widely known?... It could be that the spirits try to communicate with you, taking into account your beliefs/ perceptions. It could be that the broken mirror in ominous only if you are aware of this belief when it happens?... So, It could mean nothing more than a weir experience to you!
Date: 2017-07-11
Thank you for sharing - I must say, this is one of my fav stories here so far!
Date: 2017-06-29
Hi Dirt Creature- yes, that is what it seemed like, that the Spirit didn't like his existence to be questuioned! He also showed itself to my friend like this only once...
Date: 2017-06-28
Thank you for sharing- I loved your story! I guess that some people are more prone to get into any contact with the spirit world; they are more open to experience such manifestations.
Date: 2017-06-28
Hi Melda, thank you for your comment - Yes, that's correct -the spirit was disappearing for like years, only to show himself while I was visiting my Mom in her (and my childhood) apartment! Seems he had been following me before and appearing in unexpected places, but his natural environment seems to be there 😆!

I also discovered that I tend to project our fears on what I experience, as my friend impression of the Spirit was different! I see It quite different now too, I like having him:)

BTW - forgot to mention, but when I was over to visit my Mom, her cat was being weird that night - she was about 4 meters away from us, facing away, growling and hissing looking into the corner ant something. My Mom thought that She is just stressed to have me arround LOL. But the cat is very calm, hasn't almost never acted out.
When I heard it first time I thought that the Spirit is may be connected to the living space, but now I tend to think it is something like Guardian (possibly sleeping on the job - 😆 ❤ - loved this one haha!).
Dear Bytheriver, I loved your story! I think I get what you mean by the sudden euphoric feelings. I experienced something similar few times; It felt like heat inside (but more a spiritual heat, not a bodily temperature, if that makes sense), like your soul is expanding... It is not quite like any feeling you can get from all types of *highs*. I felt it in a very unlikely situation - in my office, while finishing work (and I was going through unpleasant life situation too at this time). I assumed this could be my Spirit Guides contacting (but there was no visuals). I also was doing some guided Spirit Guide meditations before bedtime few days before - but I didn't assume they worked, as I'm not good with meditations, visualizations and such. But Guides probably doesn't need your meditation to contact you 😁!
Date: 2017-06-01
Wardo, your story took my breath away! Thank you for sharing...
Date: 2017-06-01
Amazing story! It might sound bit out there, but It almost feels It could be some extraterrestrial creature?...
Date: 2017-05-31
Hi there,
I also think this might be more common than thought. My Mum and Gran had experienced something similar. A year ago (completely out of blue) my workmate told me similar story. We discussed this with her, and It almost seems that this is most likely to occure if you are fighting some heavy emotions (depression, anger, self-hatered etc.). It seems that those feelings make it easier for those entities to attach to you; at least this is the common thing between the people I heard this from.
I think there even was something like documentary released about this - called Nightmare (2015), where several people share their stories.
Date: 2017-05-31
Dear GraveArchitecture,
Thank you for sharing, a very entertaining read! I have had some hard-to-explain occurrences myself and have considered many causes. Have you thought about leaving the Spirit some Gift?... It seems the Entity is playful, may be needs to be acknowledged in some way... I personally would try to video record the room (say kitchen) with most occurences. It would be quite unique to see how the drawers are opening by themselves!
Hi all, just wanted to share my story with the Breather Spirit. First, I heard this when I was around 16, in the apartment I lived with my parents. I woke up arround 4AM and heard the sound of breathing from the far corner. It really terrified me, I just pulled the cover over my head listened to the sound. It lasted for more than an hour, I believe. It ended with the morning sun, when my cat run into the room and started to mess around.
This apartment had always had weird, eerie feel - my parents claimed they have seen shadow people on several occasions, they also had a vivid sleep paralisis experiences. Once my Mum comes into my room asking what did I want, why I was calling her - but I never called her! But I just always thought she just has some kind of psychic ability. I only have heard knocks on the window at night (we live at 5th level).
After some time I heard the breathing sound again - at night.

Then I moved out from the aparment, as I started college and aftew few years heard the sound in another apartment altogether - It surprised me, I must say!

The strangest experience occured much later (after 6 years or so). I had moved to another coutry, and stayed in my Friends flat in Dublin. It was quite difficult time for me, I lost my rented place and my job too - so It really sucked to be me then:)... Then, during day (!), I heard the Breathing Sound in flats livingroom. I freaked! I wasn't so afraid, as I tend not to be so terrified during day... So I could even point where exatly the sound is coming from - it was from the middle of the room, very low - could be like a lying down dog! There was nothing there. THEN I freaked and runed to other room to tell my friend. When she came in, it was gone. Friend told me that It can not possibly happen in HER flat (even she is a believer in paranormal) - that she has been there for years, and the flat has a nice atmosphere. Weirdly enough, quite soon after hearing this, my life improved - I got another job and good aparment to rent. After I moved out, my friend rings me to tell tht she has no choice but to believe me - that she had heard the breathing in her flat herself! It occured there with her only once - It is almost like the spirit wanted to prove his existence, it didn't want to be disminished.

Then, after several years - a week ago form now actually - I was visiting my Mum in my old childhood apartment. I woke up around 5AM, I think I actually woke up from the breathing sound. It was coming from the same corner as when I first heared it back then. This time I surprised myself: I was curious, not really terrified. I was trying to tell myself before that during nighttime our mind / perception can work tricks etc. But this time the sound was unmistakeable and clear: It was paceful, like somebody is deeply asleep; very quiet inhaling, loud exhaling. I was listening for a while and even sat on the bed. It almost got louder as I did it! I think It wants to be heard! I stand up, I was still there. It sounded more like a human this time. So I stand in my room thinking all possible rational explanations: I even considered I'm just hearing my Mum in the next room, but it is not really possible. The radiators are turned off for the spring season, we live on 5th level. It was quite light in my room, I could clearly see everything. I turned on the small light on my night stand. The moment I did so, It stopped - now I almost regretd doig it...

Anyways, I believe we are always watched - we might have several spirit guides; I tend to believe it came to comfort me previous time... May be it is some spirit form that has no other means to communicate as only to breathe... May be I had a pet in previous life who came over and wants to be around?... May be It is choosing to only breathe, not to completely freak me out...