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Inviting It In on 2017-05-25

Back in 2004 my older sister developed a curiosity for the supernatural and would secretly play the Ouija board with her friends in our family home. My mother had a few disturbing experiences with Ouija boards and did not approve of my sister playing with one. Around April 2005 was when we started...

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Date: 2017-06-04
Trentinray- we all saw an empty glass slide the full length of our 7ft table one evening, our home was open plan and a hallway led down to the bedrooms, laundry and bathroom so while you were in the kitchen you could see the lounge and dining areas and vice versa, we would watch couch coushions would fall off the couch when nobody was in there while we were having dinner, toys slightly moving on the floor, my mum even saw a wardrobe move, ornaments would fall over in front of us or things would fall off benches. We had no inside pets either
Date: 2017-06-03
During the time of the high activity I would never investigate any activity and had been told to ignore it, so any time something happened in the room I was in I would either walk out or push another kid in front of me and get out of there quick, so I didn't actually desire or welcome any contact at all
Date: 2017-06-03
Macknorton, when this happened 3 of my siblings were in the bed with our mum and my older sister was on a single mattress beside the bed and I was at the end of her bed on a blow up bed with my head up the door end, for one of the other kids to prank me they would have to climb out of mums bed and over a dresser at the end of the bed covered in perfumes and makeup or over my sister and over me on a blow up bed, it just seems like it's too unlikely,
but it couldn't have been one of them because when mum got out of bed she stood on my older sisters hair and almost bounced me off the bed to get to the light switch, when the light was on everyone was in bed.
The cracking sound was exactly like when you crack your knuckles and it wasn't coming from the direction of anyone else in the room. And the voice sounded like an old woman whispering, my siblings were all under 16 and my mum never played the ouija board in that house, she done it before we were born