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Sounds And Electronic Interference In New Home on 2017-05-26

My husband and I just moved into a nice little townhome. We've only been here a few months and at first everything was fine. It's never had a weird or creepy feeling but lately things have been happening that I can't really make sense of. We have two cats, one of which recently started to meow inces...

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An update: Our neighbors went out for the weekend and asked us to go in at night and turn on the front light. While they were gone I was almost positive I heard them talking through the guest bedroom walls. I called them to see if they'd come home early but they weren't there and I definitely locked the door after I left. I keep the electronics off now to keep myself from being scared. We started getting calls from an unknown number and if we try to answer the phone crashes. We were hoping maybe it was mice. We have regular pest control and when we saw them we asked about rodents and they said they didn't see any signs of them. Just spiders. And worst of all we haven't had any luck with the cat. She hides in the closet all day and barely eats. It's nothing malicious and were getting used to it. We're learning to cope. I just wish me kitty would settle down 😢 If things continue I'll ask it (if there even is an it) to leave. Everything is pretty much confined to the guest bedroom so for now we ignore things are leave the door closed. Maybe if we leave it alone, it'll leave us alone.