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Mystery Caller on 2017-06-13

It was one afternoon, and I'am preparing to go to school. I was combing my hair when my phone rings. "Hello." the usual greetings when someone called you through phone. It was my friend, she was waiting for me in front of our school's gate. I was about to go outside when unregistered number c...

Extra Roommate on 2017-06-13

This story happened just a year ago. I was in Oman in Buraimi to be exact, waiting for my employment visa. I meet new friends because of that others are also waiting for their visa as well. We were 8 in a room, our room have it's own kitchen, a receiving area and one bathroom. 3 of my room mates ...

Kiss Of The Doppelganger on 2017-06-13

I wasn't the one who encountered it but I'm involved in this one so here it goes... This happened during my college days year 2010, I took a leave from school because my grand mother passed away and we have to travel to Isabela that time. I'm always keeping in touch with my friends in school to k...

Ghost Of The Golds on 2017-05-30

It happened way back 2008. A Japanese with our locals approached my dad asking if they can search his parents' lot where their old house was standing because someone told him that there might be golds underneath the old house. At first my dad was hesitant and didn't believe them but eventually h...

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Date: 2017-06-22
Hi Argette, well hopefully but it really scared the hell out of me, and until now I can still remember how the voice sounds.
Date: 2017-06-18
Hi Zaruje, thank you! That explains why there's golds hidden in our property! Hopefully no one killed in our family during that time. I'll ask my dad.
Date: 2017-06-15
Oh no, this is our experience and it's all true. I don't want to post something not related to me and my family, it's kind of off to use someone else's story. And this is the first time I heard that there's a legend in Thailand which is something similar to my story and now I'am thinking that maybe the legend in Thailand is true because they happen to experience what we have experienced before. There's a lot of spirits lingering in our compound but as per my brother the lady was the stronger one because he can see it in daylight and everytime he eats. I also don't know why it entered our house when I was there. There's a lot of questions on my head tho. But thankfully my bro is safe and he cannot see the lady anymore. I remember he describes it as if it were a 3D short lady with black/grayish long hair but he really cannot see the face tho. I'm lucky that I didn't saw it. And as for the japanese he recently contacted my dad and that he's bankrupt now and all the golds was stolen by the healer. Talking about greed 🤔
Date: 2017-06-14
That I don't know but as per my dad there's lot of japanese in our town during that time and the person approached my dad is a japanese.

Yep it's Virgin Mary, there's a story bout HER but I'm not sure if SHE's linked to my story tho.

All I know was they started the digging after my dad approves of it since it was a private property and I don't know if the local government knows about it, they cover the place so that no one can see what's happening inside. And they had a very hard time digging because it becomes muddy the deeper they dig and strange things happen after collecting the golden Buddha, one is with my brother, other are with guards.
Date: 2017-06-13
Hi roylynx!

The shapes are gold Buddha small and big and several garlic shaped gold with a diamond on top.
Date: 2017-06-13
he (healer didn't told my dad the consequences) it's just that the elders told my dad that we might lose my brother by digging golds. That's different. In my comment, i've mentioned that the healer told us that the entities doesn't want them to dig the golds but he never told us the consequences only the elders did. And I think the reason he didn't inform us if ever he knew it before hand is because of greed, most of the people will be like that because the japanese also promised that he'll give him golds well as per the pawn shop it was all fake which the japanese didn't believe.

Legend? I only knew one story it's about Mama Mary but other than that I'll have to check. But the lady that my brother saw that time didn't appear right after they stopped the project. We didn't receive golds but the 1 dollar coin is with my dad's uncle. He gave it to him when I really wanted to keep it. 😭
Date: 2017-06-12
and for the legality of that project, that I am not sure lol. But most of the people in our street knows that they are digging in my dad's property. Oh and I remember that they tried to check the items in the pawn shop to see how much would be the cost of it but they were informed that the diamonds are fake and the faith healer who is responsible for the rituals told us that it was protected by some entities and those entities doesn't want what they are doing.
Date: 2017-06-12
hi!thanks for reading it! For all those questions I don't know if that japanese have his own company but yeah they do some rituals before and in every item they've found. We didn't get anything though, after my dad told them to stop digging because of the apparitions they took all of the items ans well as the bomb. In regards with the bomb, they were very careful not to cause harm. I don't know if its related or not but there's also strange things happening with the guards that time. One guard told my dad that sometimes, he can hear someone whispering when no one is around, other one is he will clean the site but when he goes back everything is in a mess again.