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Sharon Clawson
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Just 30 year old women who likes reading paranormal things.
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Moving To Georgia on 2017-09-22

The first start of my life in the USA was living in Michigan at my grandparent's house. While my dad was station in Ft.Benning, Georgia in the Army. My dad made my grandpa promise not to spend the money he send to him because it was for a house. But in the end when my dad came back to Michigan from ...

My Neighbor's House Is Haunted on 2017-09-16

It was a dark stormy night I was home when the power went out. I had a candle in my room that was going to light it on my dresser. But I didn't have nothing to light it, so I took the candle with me out of my bedroom and decided to use the usually wooden stick that my mom always used to light the ca...

Uneventful Days on 2017-09-14

This happen on an uneventful day when I would go out with my neighbor to run some errands. I went with my neighbor Mrs. Linda to her doctor appointment. I usually walk out of my house and lock the door. Then I would walk across the street to Mrs. Linda's house. Then I proceed to knock on her fro...

My Life Story And Now on 2017-05-31

My name name is Sharon Clawson. I'm new on here and I go by the username JellyBean12. It's nice to meet all of you who have paranormal experiences. I will start telling mine in a strange way, or you can say chronological order by my age during those different paranormal happenings. At the age of...

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Puthy, First of all. The ghost in hallway did not scare me enough to run away from it. And beside the ghost stay in hallway never coming out in the living room to where me and my friend was any ways. So why would I be scared anyways? It did not harm me.

And beside I have experience shadow people way before I spend the night at my neighbor's house. So I'm not scared of it.
The Korean drama I watch sometime with English sub but other time I watch it without the sub.

The English sub does help me learn what they are saying in Korean and to the point now I'm starting to understand it without the sub.
Date: 2017-09-27
Lady-glow, my mom speak in broken English. That is about it. Even if she spoke in English. She does not understand. And if you spoke in English to her. She would not understand you either. You have to baby your words for her to understand it and also you have to explain it slowly too. Or else she will come to me or my other family member to talk to you.
Valkricry, when I was little I could speak in fluent Korean. As I got older and went to school I no longer needed speak in Korean because it was not necessary for me to speak it. Because every where require for me to speak English. So I lost the ability to speak Korean and to understand it. So now I can read Korean but I would not understand what it means.

Why are you people interrogating me? Because I feel interrogated by you all. Gosh, can people just drop it and leave it be.
Date: 2017-09-27
Jubeele, All the Skeletal Monster did was scare my mom. It's not easy for my mom to tell me in description in English. So she could not tell me more and plus I do not know a lot of Korean.

The latest Korean drama I've seen are:

1.King's Face
2. Hwarang
3. Flower in Prison
4. The King's Love
5. Scarlet Heart: Reyeo (Moon Lover)
6. My Sassy Girl
Date: 2017-09-27

1. My last name is my dad's last name. My mom married an American.

2.How would I even know long I moved to the USA? I was still a little baby when I moved here. When I came to Georgia I was 4 years old with a broken right leg.

3. Yes, I'm biracial. I'm Korean and White. Duh...

4. Yes, I was raised in America and went to school in America.

5. My mom speaks in Korean all the time. So normally in my early year of my life I would speak in Korean like my mom.

Are you happy now? Now that you know I have have an English last name and where I got it from.
lady glow, Linda has arthritis in both knees.

P.S. She can not have knee replacement surgery due her body rejects any foreign object.
Marlena is Linda's adopted daughter. And Marlena and I are not the same age. I'm older then Marlena.

She come to stay at Linda's house for a visit before she goes back to college in Louisiana.
As for the stick and candle. I was going to Linda's house to get my candle lit because I didn't have anything to light it with. And I thought I could use the stove to do it but since it is part electric. I could not do it because the electricity is part the pilot that cause a small spark to make the fire. And my electricity was out at the time. I was going to use the stick to put the fire on it but the stove did not work so I decided to go to Linda's house and ask her to light my candle and then I was going to go home.
Sorry lady-glow. I'm not a teenager and I'm 30 years old adult.
Little more about myself.

I was born in South Korea. I live in the state of Michigan with my grandparents on my dad side of the family.

Then I moved to Georgia with my parents and siblings.

And I have live in Georgia for a very long time. And I don't plan on moving to another state.
The shadow person took on the form of an old man. And there different people with different vision of the same entity.

I'm the only one who saw the shadow person as an old man.
Rook, your are correct. My first language is not English. It's Korean.

I have hard time wiriting things in English due to I have two different minds. One is Korean and the other is English. Both of those mind coming together at the same time can cause me to be really confused and sometime can cause me to have a headache.

When Mrs. Linda sleep walks with her walking improves because she is sleeping and does not feel any pain. Only when she is a wake that she she does feel it.

I live right across the street from Linda's house. So it is easy for me to go over there really quick after the storm and come back home.
Date: 2017-09-17
Wardo My first thought it was why do keep see this? And then I think my eyes are play tricks again because I'm so busy that don't have time for it.
Date: 2017-09-14
valkricry As for the Sparkling White Light. I don't feel anything from it.

The Sparkling White Light would always happen at the corner of my eye. It would appear so quick then it disappear.

I try to debunk what I'm see but no would produce the same thing. So to this day I do not know why it happen or what it is?

It come and goes as it pleases. So all I can say it's paranormal or!?! That is all I can come up with.
Date: 2017-09-14
L_Melb I was sick that day. When I felt like I couldn't lay down to take a rest. If I had ignore my body warning sign I probably would be dead. Even if I explain it to you. You would not understand.

As for my grandfather, he died that very same day. Because my dad was away in Michigan. He called home to tell my mom, my grandpa had passed away. And to check to see how I was doing too because I was really sick.
Date: 2017-09-14
Miracles51031 No, my dad is not diabetic. My dad wake up earlier every morning to go work and then come home late. And his feet always hurt is because he has a job that require him to be on his feet. When I was still a teenage at the time he work as a cement truck driver and pour cement too. While I got older like now, he works as a civilian contractor as a mechanic working on military equipment like broken down armor vehicles and other things. So he is on his feet all the day long.

As for being in the living room in dark while the tv is on. I hardly look at the tv or watch it. And also the sparkling white light is alway see at the corner of the room away from the tv and near the ceiling.
Date: 2017-07-24
Next people who read this story. Stop telling me to get my eyes check. I don't need to get them check. My eyes are perfectly fine. Or I wouldn't be able to see what you wrote and comment back. So no more it. I won't discuss my eyes anymore.
Date: 2017-07-24
frangelica1, yes I did see white sparkly and some it look like silver glitter falling down. And yes, my eyes are okay and there is nothing wrong them.
Date: 2017-06-22
No my head does not ache when I saw the sparkling light.

Kindly_refrain There is nothing wrong with my eye. And because my eyes are perfectly healthy. So there is no concern for that.

I don't see the sparkling light everyday. Just once in a long while it happens.