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Kids Stuff 2 - Window Curtain on 2017-07-05

It's been a while since my last post though I've been reading stories and comments almost every single day. I found the need to post this as it has something to do with my last post (Kids Stuff). As mentioned at my last post, I and my youngest daughter have our own room and this room is pretty sm...

Kids Stuff on 2017-06-09

I have been reading a lot of post in here and I am really learning a lot of things about paranormal activities, entities and so on... Anyway, as I've said from my first post, that was the scariest experience I ever had but there were still some incidents that, if I may say, not that bad but still...

The Black Lady And The Girl on 2017-06-01

I have been reading real ghost stories for quite sometime. I don't know why, but I found it very interesting though others think it's weird. But this is my first time to post my own experience which happens 8 years ago. I was born and raised here in Baguio City and all those years of staying here...

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roylynx...Hi...sorry, I guess I did the wrong move. I was just trying to help figure out the word mentioned in the post since the OP asked for help on this one as well... Not my intention to scare or make them feel less safer because of this information. My apologies to all...
Hi...I couldn't take my attention off this one word in this post and tried to search. The closest word I've come up to with "Senadrea/Sendrea" is the word "Pisadeira"...
Though upon reading and re-reading the post again, it was not mentioned what C is seeing or if she was actually seeing something when it happened... It was also not mentioned if before going to bed, she just had her dinner or had eaten a big meal since Pisadeira has something to do with sleeping with a full stomach.

It might not be the right one but I just wanted to share anyway... It will be a long post but please bare with me as it explains almost everything about Pisadeira...

In certain parts of Brazil they have their own explanation... And this one is said to be capable of killing you.

Pisadeira is typically described as a very thin, bony woman, with short legs and messy, long hair. She has a large, hooked and pointed nose and wide, red eyes. Her fingers are long and thin and end in long yellow nails or claws. Her teeth are sharp and the inside of her mouth is coloured green.

She will enter the room of the victim, climb on the bed and then sit on top of the victims chest. She will then either press down or stomp on the chest and stomach of the chosen, causing slow suffocation as breathing is interrupted. Pisadeira could just throttle the victim with her powerful grip but she does in fact want to wake you...

When you awaken you are paralysed with fear and unable to move. You (and only you) can see and hear what is going on but you are helpless to do anything. You can mentally call your limbs to move, for your mouth to cry out, but your physical body will not obey. Your rising fear only serves to make Pisadeira stronger.

One of two things will happen next: either the horribly slow torture will continue until you breathe your last... Another victim of an unsolved death... Or Pisadeira will leave you, soon your body will reawaken and you will only have a vague memory of what took place.

If you survive you might feel lucky but unfortunately luck is not really on your side; Pisadeira will be back in the future and will be able to terrify you even more, making for a better 'meal'.

Sorry for the long post.:)

I have read about this cleansing method from rook from other story ooopost and I am actually taking it into consideration... Thank you for giving me a copy of my own... It will be of great help... Thank you so much... ❤


I grew up in a religious family and my parents raised us with great respect and are God-fearing...when things like this happens to me, prayers has always been my shield... I felt safer after praying because I know God is protecting us... So I do agree when you mentioned how powerful prayer is... As for the consultation, I haven't thought about it yet... I am just careful not to let these unexplainable things gets into my kids head and scare them... And the fact that those things that had happened to me are merely simple compared to other's experiences that my local church might not believe me or will think that these are not paranormal activities... But of course if things gets worst and will affect my family's safety, then i'd probably be running to our local church for help... Thank you for your advice... Really appreciate it... 😁
Date: 2017-06-28
Amazing experience! Remind of of my eldest son when he was just 9 years old. He was walking home from school when he suddenly cross the road without looking and got hit by a taxi (Toyota Tamaraw FX). According to the taxi driver who had contacted us after the accident and took my son to the hospital that my son flew at least 4-5 meters away, stood up, head scratched and started walking away like nothing happened. He then ran after him, checking every inch of him and asking if he's okay. My son said he's okay, smiling, but the driver insisted on taking him to the hospital still. All the results was fine. No broken bones, not a single scratch. Looking at the taxi, there was fresh crash at the bumper part. We don't know what happened but it's really a miracle for us. When we got home, my mother in law received a call from the province that her husband (my son's grandfather) just passed away. Right at that moment, we all think that it was him who had protected my son from that accident since he was the first born grandchild and my father in law loves him so much.

Sorry, not to steal your story away but it does remind me of this and it really proves that guardian angels does exist. I'm so happy to hear that you and your son is okay. I know how it feels ❤
Date: 2017-06-28

Hi...Thanks for the comment. I'm not so sure about the things but when I got separated and took my parents to stay with me, my mom brought all her things to my house including appliances and furniture. Some of these things I think were just given to her by some relatives and even my late grandmother.

I have read an article lately that entities or even bad luck can be attached to some things or even a person and this made me think a lot. I think there's a possibility but I don't know where or whom the source is coming from and I've been having sleep paralysis again that's why I don't sleep with lights off anymore which at some point gave me a good sleep at least.

As for my daughter, she would just point at some place in our house whenever I ask her about her "special friend", usually at the living room or bedrooms. She wouldn't say a thing as to how it look like or how many are there. But she still do those things like laughing out loud or talking while she's by herself acting like there's someone with her playing, tickling her or talking to her. What's new about this is that lately, she speaks while sleeping and there's this one night that she screamed and cried without any reason while sleeping and it really bothers me thinking what had happened to her.

I think it's not just one entity. And I think there's this one that had been protecting her and one that's been scaring her that could be the reason why I'm having sleep paralysis lately, too. But I'm not sure.I'm actually confused right now and scared at the same time. We are also having a lot of bad luck lately and I don't know what's causing it. I am seeing some apparitions, too.

Please, I really do need help. I'm so desperate in finding possible answers and I'm scared for my daughter and I. It's a good thing that this only happens to me, my mom (sleep paralysis) and my daughter. As for my dad and the rest of my kids, they have never experience any of these.

Whenever I try talking to these entities, all my hair seems to stand and it scares me a lot.

Please help.
shelbyloree -- Thanks for the comment. I think you have a good point there. I might have gotten it from my mom... Too bad though because it is something that really scares me up to this days since I started having them again recently and I am not as strong as my mom so I'm really paranoid thinking what if I won't be able to overcome and escape from it the next time it happens...? Is this possible?
Randy -- Thank you so much for that explanation... It was really scary and yes, I thought it's real and that I'm about to die at that moment but part of me somehow manage to think about my mom's experiences and she once told me that you just need to lift at least one finger from your hands or feet and you'll eventually wake up...

I just had another experience just a few nights ago and at least it came to my senses that it's a sleep paralysis and I know exactly what to do next... Experience does really helps a lot.

One question though, will there be a possibility that what you used to do to escape sleep paralysis will not work on some other cases? Are there other things we should consider doing if this happens? Though I have experienced sleep paralysis again, it seems pretty easy for me to get out of it now but it does give me this uneasy, scary feelings afterwards... Makes me think, "what if I won't be able to escape it again the next time it happens?" this possible?
Thank you Melda...

That's okay... I really do hope I'll find answers somehow with the other members but thank you again for the reply... Really do appreciate it... ❤ 😊
Sorry, let me correct that first line... Not newly built but was built like a year ago or so prior to when we moved in... 😊
Hi Melda 😊...

That apartment was newly built when we got there. They said a house used to stand there and was one among those houses that had been washed out by the landslide and the lot remained vacant for a long time since the owner at that time decided to go abroad after the incident (He was the only survivor they
Said...his whole family including his son and two daughters, his old parents and his wife, had all been washed out and was later found dead in different part of La Trinidad's Balili river which is more likely at the next town... He then came back after how many years and decided to build an apartment to that same lot where his house used to stand...

As for the black lady... I consider that as a sleep paralysis, though it's really the first time I have experienced that and there are some questions that still lingers on my mind... Does sleep paralysis happens depending on what place you are in or is it something that once you experience, will likely still happen even if you're in a different place? I asked this because I only experience that in that apartment and never again as soon as we moved out but my mom always (I mean, really...ALWAYS) gets sleep paralysis anywhere as soon as she gets into deep sleep... Even when she's sleeping sideways... She sometimes growls or cry like a dog when this happens so we automatically wakes her up... Another question is, how does a person gets sleep paralysis, I mean, is there or are there anything that causes this to happen to a person? Because as I have said it's the first time and only in that apartment so I want to understand why I had that experience...

Sorry for the long reply and hoping to get any answers from you guyz...

Appreciate it much! Thank you! ❤ 😊
Hi shelbyloree,

Thank you for the comment... 😊...I tried to ask around neighborhood but the only information they told me was that it's because the land was next to the creek that way back years ago, there was a big storm that had caused massive land slides and a lot of houses had been washed away in this creek and causes a lot of people to die including young children and adults because it happened late at night just as when people were sleeping without knowing what danger lies ahead of them. That little girl could have been one of those who have found dead. But I'm not sure about the black lady though. Was not able to get a good story out of her but people said they have been seeing a lot of entities since that incident had happened.

Czam 😊