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Siti Nur Aisyah
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A tall mother of 4 with a HUGE love for food!

I have had weird encounters with the unknown but I don't get to share it with a lot of people, as not all are aware of the " Other Side ".

I hope to bond with others whom are empathics as I would love to know more about it!

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The Whisperer on 2017-10-26

This incident happened when I was 19 years old and pregnant with my first child. I never believed in superstitious beliefs during that period of my life, as I was still young and carefree! Like... Who would want to put a bulb of garlic in the bra while sleeping? However, it was believed that...

The Djinn on 2017-06-08

Greetings from Singapore! This is my first time posting and to be honest, I am superbly glad that there is a website for me to share my experiences with! I'll just have a short intro' about myself, and I will proceed with the incident! During my pre-teen all the way to my young adulthood, I...

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Date: 2017-11-03
I pray the best for your family and you for being so strong during these hard times. Such a heartbreaking story... ❤
Date: 2017-11-02
Looking forward to more updates!

Freaky but such good experiences!

Stay safe and always keep on a lookout. Hopefully it's nothing bad. Perhaps you can think of how you can communicate with it, but shield yourself first.

Prayers goes to you! ❤
I cried so badly. This is such a heartbreaking account. I wish I had the specialty that you have, but God is great; he knows I'm too emotional. My prayers for the little boy, as I have 3 daughters and 1 little boy myself... So I feel the pain somehow. Hurts so so much. ❤
Date: 2017-10-17
Oh dear... Please seek help. DO NOT keep this to yourself, dear. It might manifest itself. Speak to someone whom you can trust. Spiritually, religiously... Whomever is able to take you seriously. Once the spirit is able physically harm you, he will take over. Many prayers for you, my love. ❤
Date: 2017-10-12
It's important to get yourself blessed, say some important protection prayers, mentally visualize yourself being in your own shield of protection and may God heal you and protect you always, dear... ❤
It's always nice to have someone watching over you! She must have been a really beautiful person inside out. ❤
I hope that your family and you are doing well... Sad to hear about the negative energy residing in that house. I can relate; coming from a single parent background... *tight hugs* ❤
Date: 2017-10-10
OH GOSH I have 4 kids and I CANNOT imagine anything like this happening to me...

May the Gods bless you and family always, dear... ❤
Date: 2017-10-05
Hi guys!

Been a while!
So sorry was pretty caught up reading other stories, I haven't been checking my comments haha...

Hey [at] Bibliothecarius!

I was young and naive that point of time and was dumb enough to think it's the Fire Goddess!

My apologies hehe...

[at] pokemon_trainer

It was not a one off thingy... I actually have been experiencing weird stuff since I was a kid but did not acknowledge it as my dad is always dismissive of my sights.
I feel so sad reading the story. Wish there was a way to assist him but it's alright... He's at a better place with God, now.

What you did was very beautiful and calming, and I smiled upon reading the part when you had your hand on his arm to let him know that everything is going to be ok while speaking calmly.

May God bless you always, Enlightened1959...

With Love,
Hi Terranigma!

Greetings from Singapore!

I have to admit that you are one brave hoooman being.
I can never imagine myself going through what you went through!

I hope you can share more and more experiences with us!

Have a great year ahead!

With Love,
Date: 2017-10-04
This is so scary omg!

I think I would have peed in my pants!
I hope it doesn't come back anymore.

Too freaky!

Please read some prayers before you go to sleep and ask God to protect your family and yourself always.

Just afraid that the spirit might resurface easily, now that you can see it!

Good Luck!

Date: 2017-10-04
Hi there, Tweed!

Greetings from Singapore!

OMG I read your story with WIDENED EYES!
Do you know, that here in Asia, we call the head ghost " Penanggal "?

I was shocked that you actually experienced this in Australia!

It is normally the result of someone sending evil things to destroy your marriage or family using extreme Black Magic.

I pray it is not what you are going through, as " normally " it is done by a very jealous person whom has seek help from a " Bomoh " aka Black Magic Man (smtg like that) and will not give up until the victim dies.

Symptoms include extreme exhaustion, fatigue, cold chills and the person will feel sickly and temper increases.

I hope you won't be laughing at my comment as it might seem so weird but it happened in my family a few months before my parents got divorced...

The thing followed my mom home after a night out with her friends, and my whole family had a huge fright cuz we couldn't see it, my mum can... But the whole household was hysteric... My brother started crying and I started feeling very very scared. My father went to a religious Ustaz (Islamic leader; non ISIS alright! Hehe...) and consulted him. Turns out, one of my mother's friend did the black magic thing and this evil spirit feeds on negativity and LOVES to stay put in dark corners of the home. Hence I feel the need to inform you, even if it's late in 2017 now.

I pray for the safety of your husband and your household and I hope the cleansing of your house be able to clear all these " nasties ".

Hope the reading below helps a bit!:

The Penanggal or 'Hantu Penanggal' is a ghost of Southeast Asian folk mythology. It is a variation of the vampire myth found in the Malay Peninsula, or as Balan-balan in Sabah. It is similar to the Manananggal, a similar creature of Filipino folklore. "Penanggal" or "Penanggalan" literally means "detach" or "remove". Both terms - Manananggal and Penanggal - may carry the same meaning due to both languages being grouped or having a common root under the Austronesian language family, though the two creatures are culturally distinct in appearance and behavior.

There are similar myths of creatures with almost exactly the same features. Among ethnic groups in Indonesia, the ghost is called Leyak among the Balinese, Kuyang by the Dayak people of Kalimantan, or Palasik (or Pelesit) by the Minangkabau people. In Thailand it is called the Krasue, in Laos it is the Kasu or Phi-Kasu and in Cambodia it is the Ap.

According to the folklore of that region, the Penanggalan is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Penanggalan moves through the night.

Due to the common theme of Penanggal being the result of active use of black magic or supernatural means, a Penanggal cannot be readily classified as a classical undead being. The creature is, for all intents and purposes, a living human being during daytime (much like the Japanese Nukekubi) or at any time when it does not detach itself from its body.
Hey there!

Greetings from Singapore! Do check up on this Asian mischievous ghost that we call " Toyol ". This ghost is very very sneaky and will steal money, jewellery & anything valuable in a household, and pass it to its owner.

Yes; it has an owner.

These creatures can be passed around and is easy to get in a way, if you know the right person.

There are also steps on how you can stop the trespassing of these hooligans, so its owner can no longer send it anywhere for personal gain.

It is somehow listed under " Black Magic ".

Could or could not be!
Just read up on it...

Hope the slight information below helps a little!


" This creature can be evoked to work with a human under its own terms. There are different methods to possess a Toyol:

Purchase a Toyol from a magician.
Making use of an aborted baby and through special embalmment techniques.
Evoke a Toyol from its dwelling place.
A Toyol is like an animal, so it needs to be treated as such. In order to foster a closer relationship with this creature, below offering should be presented:

A cup of milk every morning.
Some toys, clothing, sweets and biscuits.
A black candle and incense accompanied with mantras.
Some will smear a few drops of the owner's own blood to the Toyol statue.
A person who owns a toyol uses it mainly to steal things from other people, or to do mischief. According to a well-known superstition, if money or jewelry keeps disappearing mysteriously from your house, a toyol might be responsible. One way to ward off a toyol is to place some needles under your money, for toyols are afraid of being hurt by needles.

According to Javanese mythology, the creature is believed to be kept by a person practicing pesugihan toyol black magic. Pesugihan is derived from Javanese word sugih means "rich". It is a kind of magic to help people to become rich instantly, but in exchange he or she must perform some rituals or offering tumbal (sacrifice something) to keep the toyol happy. According to Javanese myth, toyol can be kept for financial gain, but in exchange a female member of the family must allow it to breastfeed from her, sucking blood instead of milk.

People normally associate the appearance of a toyol with that of a small baby, frequently that of a newborn baby walking naked with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and usually greenish skin. It can be seen without the use of magic, though they are unlikely to be spotted casually.

Those who did claim to encounter it described its actual appearance to be childlike (a toddler) with green/gray skin, bald, big red (alien-like) eyes, pointy ears and rows of sharp teeth, and sometimes reported with hairs, like a monkey. Its behaviour is more animal-like. It tends to climb on rooftops either to play or prior to entering houses. "
Date: 2017-09-22
Please keep us updated! This is really intriguing!
And take care of yourself! ❤
Date: 2017-09-05
This is such a sad story...
I wish the lady did not have to go through that...
Poor thing... 😨
Date: 2017-07-11
It could be Demon or a Jin whom was annoyed that his " house " was disturbed. I'm just glad nothing happened to you guys. Stay safe!
Date: 2017-07-11
That is freaky!
I can't imgaine how you would have felt!

And to actually witness that strange thing through the light from a torch must be EXTRA scary as well omg!
Date: 2017-07-08
Av -

It is a real deal to be witnessing ghosts or spirits of any kind.
These things aren't even entertaining at all cuz you either have to deal with it or deny it.

I feel that you don't respect what this writer has went through and immaturely typed down whatever has crossed your mind.

Please don't do it again next time.

What might seem funny to you, might not be the same for others.

Thank you.

With Love,
I have finished reading ALL your posts and I wish you could post out more, cuz I am a scaredy cat myself and always feel these things no matter what.