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I like the wutang clan and scifi. Things like that. I think ghosty stuff and bigfoot are real.
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Shadow Man On Nowhere Road on 2017-07-13

When I was 15 my best friend lived on Nowhere road in Athens Ga. It was 1995 or 1996. I had just bought the white zombie album with more human than human on it new in the store. We took a boombox down to this creek where there was a log we could sit on to listen to it. There was a "path" of sorts...

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I wonder if it would have been solid when you kicked it if you could see it. Thats pretty scary.
You know it made a very serious impression if you remember if from that young. Thats freaky.
For the record I am a fairly hardcore skeptical type. I can't call a person I trust a liar but I gotta see it myself to really believe.
Yeah caylo28. Id still be thinking I'm just crazy if he hadnt of seen it. We never really talk about it. Occasionally someone we both know will ask me about some crazy story he told them about a shadow man. Its true.
If anyone from the area reads this I was wondering if you had heard of a "ghost woman and child" somewhere along 441 near rock eagle. Possibly south of rock eagle. I know two people who told me they saw a woman vanish in the road
Ive heard a fair share of strange stories from the area. I lived there from 13 until 27. Previously living in the next county over, Occonee county. I have had some other experiences but this is the only time I KNOW I saw what I saw.
As far as curiosity goes, it seemed more like it was stalking up to pounce like a tiger. Maybe if one of us was there alone we would have vanished forever
Its a cool place to live for the most part. Its Pretty laid back.