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I Think I Met Death on 2017-06-12

First of all hi everyone this is weird and I do not know if this has any hidden meanings. I live in a high rise block of flats and I use a lift to go up to my floor (I should really use the stairs) anyway, I was in the lift to go home just then I seen something in the corner of my eye, I turned a...

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Date: 2017-06-22
AugustaM hello
Wow what an awful dream you had! I'm glad it turned out for you when you awoken.

Maybe it was to take away the fear but I will not be able to work out if it was a dream or reality.

Thank you for your story and comment.
Date: 2017-06-20
Hi macknorton,
Thank you for your comment, again I don't know if it was a dream or reality, and no I didn't have broccoli with cheese sauce lol

It didn't harm me in the slightest just a calming presence like I was with a friend.
Date: 2017-06-19
RANDYM thank you for your comment it means a lot having more insight into this dream/reality

Melda- I am really unsure if it was a dream or it was reality- I have dreams that seem real but they're not.
I was in a lift I was no where near my flat until I came out of the lift.