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Pesky Ghosts Part 3 on 2017-10-22

Back again with another update. I took some advice and announced to whatever is in my house that the board has to go. I cut it up and tossed it away. Hopefully, it won't reappear. I also ran the necklace I got under some water. I'm hoping that whatever is connected to it will be calming down. Ple...

Haunted By A Pesky Ghost Pt. 2 on 2017-10-12

If you haven't read my previous Haunted by a Pesky Ghost, please check it out. It'll make things a lot clearer. I started documenting the things that happened. It's escalated ever since I brought home an ouija board (for more information on that read Mistakes Were Made). More random things are g...

Mistakes Were Made on 2017-10-11

Recently I went to visit a friend (let's just call her Liz) in her new (ish) house. She'd told me stories about how she's always creeped out when she's home alone, how she's certain someone was watching her, occasionally she'd see the shadow of someone walking down her hallway, rattling of cupboards...

Haunted By A Pesky Ghost on 2017-10-03

Recently I've been noticing some odd things happening around the house. I've been closing more doors than I've opened, my cat will stare down the stairs into the basement at exactly 12:00 every night for the past week or so, and I've been noticing a lot of my items will go missing and then reappear ...

Childhood Ghosts on 2017-09-29

When I was little, about two or three, and we moved out of the city, my parents and I moved to a plot of land that my grandparents (farmers) owned. The only way this will make sense is if I describe what the place looked like. We were right beside the main highway. Our backyard was huge. Surrounde...

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Date: 2017-11-07
[at] Jubeele

A lot of those links are based in BC, and my family is in Alberta. I did find some interesting things in there though, I'll do a bit of research later tonight.

I did find out some interesting family history. While my grandparents have no recollection of any FN villages in their lifetime, they never mentioned their parents. So, I did some digging in our records and found a few diaries. Some of the diaries were unreadable, some of them made no sense. But, there was one that belonged to one of my great aunts (I think. There was some water damage.). There was one paragraph vaguely mentioning a group of FN's built a blockade of villages in front of a train line that was being repaired at the time. I'm going to assume the train line was being built on some sacred ground of theirs, and they wanted it gone. Which makes a lot of sense because I have found a lot of rock piles that haven't been moved in many years. Most were on Coyote Hill, one of the biggest hills in our area. After that, it didn't say a lot and the entries stopped for a few weeks. When they picked up all she talked about was some family drama going on at the time.

I went back to the library and kept looking and this time I actually found something. A newspaper clipping with a picture of a group of men in front of a train line. Freaky part? One man in there had a black cowboy hat, vest, and boots from my dreams. Walter White was his name.

I definitely feel like I'm making some headway here, and it's really cool to figure this stuff out.
Date: 2017-11-01
[at] notjustme My cat's big enough that she can push open my closet door. That's how she destroys my neatly organized closet, damn thing.

Update #2 (I know I should just make a new story but that takes time lol) The most that has happened is the occasional item going missing. It's not too serious, but irritating. I'll give it a week or so and hopefully, the little activity will dwindle to none.
Date: 2017-10-28
[at] Jubeele So far nothing else has happened. I think I'm okay.
Date: 2017-10-27
Hey Rook. Yeah, it doesn't make sense but if they're going to use it I'd rather they not use it as a way to prank me. It sounds dumb, I know.

Yeah, the Ouija thing seems unbelievable honestly I'd rather prefer it wasn't true. Someone suggested that whatever was in my house was using the board as a way to spook me. It worked, that's for sure. The session was closed, I don't think anything else is attached if anything I feel like whatever was attached to the necklace I brought home is responsible for this. I know I'm just a teenager, and my word won't count as much, but I do believe in telling the truth.
[at] jubeele I got my house clensed, you'll get the rest of the information when my next update is posted. So far nothing has happened, I hope to keep it that way.
Date: 2017-10-22
Hi [at] MysteryResearch

Yes, it did occur to me that they might be faking it during the first few questions. That's why I made them move their fingers on the planchette while it was moving. Basically, when the planchette started moving they had to raise up one finger and keep the other one down and alternate while it was moving. That way they didn't take their hand off the board but their fingers were light enough that they couldn't move it without making it obvious. As for buying a second board, those three had to pool money to make enough to buy one board. I doubt there was enough for two. They wouldn't have run home to grab some more money because the drive to the store is 10 minutes tops. 10 minutes there, 10 minutes back, and probably 10 minutes spent finding and buying that board. They lived about an hour out of town. I highly doubt they bought two, but there's always a possibility.
Small note, the closer I look at the picture the more I think it looks like dust bits. I'm going to consider it irrelevant.
Date: 2017-10-22
[at] Jubeele I did do a lot more research, I checked out the local library and went back as far as I could with newspapers. They didn't have a lot there, but there was an article that mentioned a revolt by the train line. The old train line was taken out years ago, but it ran right behind my old house. There was only one mention of it, but I'll keep looking.

My grandpa doesn't like to bring it up, but when he does he never mentioned First Nations. My grandpa also doesn't remember a lot of things anymore. His mind is slowly going, unfortunately. I'll mention it next time I see him and see what he says. The dreams happen spontaneously. Sometimes they'll have it 2-3 times per year, sometimes 1-none.

I can't believe I didn't type this. I thought I did but I didn't. He looked like the man in black. Western-style clothing. As for the voice thing, I do have a small theory. My dad never knew his dad, but there's a good chance he was First Nation. If there was a revolt, and people were killing FN's, maybe they were telling me to get out because I had some FN in me? Who knows. Or they're just mad because they didn't want me there.
Date: 2017-10-22
[at] lady-glow It was, and they didn't unfortunately. I quite like those donuts as well. Liz mostly experiences them when she's home alone. Her parent's don't believe in ghosts, so even if it got really bad I doubt anything would be done. Yeah, it was a pretty stupid idea. Keep in mind I was 100% against it from the start. As for Liz's parents and the OB? Mom was irritated, dad just shrugged and said that we did it for laughs. The only reason I have it at home is that Liz absolutely refused to have it in her house again, and I figured I could find a safe way to get rid of it. Was it stupid? Definitely. Really not one of my brighter moments. And yes, this did happen after the necklace incident. I'm hoping to get the house cleansed next week.

[at] Jubeele I'll try that. Thank you very much!

[at] Sushantkar Fair enough, no offense taken. I know they weren't that bad, but to me it seemed to continuously pile up, making it pretty spooky to me.
Date: 2017-10-17
[at] Jubeele Unfortunately I donated the few remaining arrowheads I hadn't lost during the move to the local museum. I do work there during the summer, and I occasionally pop by. I'll snap a picture next time I'm there. As for family history, I asked around and while I didn't find anything about a burning village, I did find out some more interesting news.

My grandparents sometimes have conjoining dreams but at different times. If that makes sense. My grandpa will dream that he's standing on top of a hill, part of a chunk of land that they own, and he's watching two armies charging at each other and fighting. My grandma dreams the same thing, except she sees the aftermath of the battle. Bodies, smoke, whatever happens after a battle. They always have them on the same night as well. I found this quite interesting.

The records I could find in our ungodly amount of family history (I spent a solid two days going through all the albums, books, and news clippings. That's a lot of coffee and reading) didn't list a lot of information about First Nations. I did find a few tidbits about how there was a group of First Nations in our general area, and there was also a meeting area where everybody could hunt peacefully a few hours from my old house. Most of the information of First Nations was lost after a lot of local families came from overseas. My best guess is that you're right. I was seeing the past, and there was a mass murder. It's interesting to think about, but pretty scary when the past comes to you.
Date: 2017-10-15
[at] Aisyah1987 The house was blessed, and I've never messed with anything supernatural like Ouija boards (although I now have one sitting in my closet as my friend freaked when it appeared on her doorstep again and refused to take it. I relieved her of that problem and will have to find a safe way to get rid of it.)

[at] Aaru275 I haven't had that exact same nightmare, but for the past two or three years since we've moved I'll occasionally dream of the burning village, but it isn't on fire anymore. It's the aftermath. No dead bodies, no people in general. Just everything burnt and ash flying like snow. Haven't had it for a few months, so I'm probably due for another one sooner or later. As for the man, ever since I moved I haven't seen him but I have seen shadows walking down the street in midday, and that general dark feeling occasionally. Don't know if it's the same man, most likely something else but it wouldn't really surprise me.
Date: 2017-10-15
My aunt was a bit of a trickster, but she didn't really do it to me. Mostly do her husband and daughters. I don't think it'd be her. I bought the necklace a few weeks ago, and that is around the time things started going missing. I ran it under water, so we'll see if that does any good. I just hope the activity doesn't increase.
Date: 2017-10-12
[at] rookdygin In January a family member died, and the most recent thing was when I was dropping a few things off at a thrift store and I found a cute necklace. I bought it and brought it home.

[at] Jubeele I did find my piano books! They were in the freezer.
Date: 2017-10-11
[at] lady-glow I'm by Calgary. Yeah, it was a horrid storm. I had 3 pairs of socks on at the same time.

Small update, my piano books are now missing. I normally leave them on the piano stool. Irritating as I have a piano lesson tomorrow and if I don't get them back, I'm losing my crap.
Also, I found the TV remote that went missing a few days ago. In my lego box I keep for kids when I'm babysitting. I haven't babysat for the past week or so. Fricking ghost stop touching my things.
Date: 2017-10-03
So, you gave yourself into a ghost? Dude. Not smart at all...