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Paranormal Or Hallucination? on 2017-06-16

For starters, I feel that it's important that I give a small synopsis on me and my past life before recounting this experience. I am 20 years young and a recovering addict - and have now been clean for over 15 months. I started using young and used a wide variety of substances but preferred indulgin...

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Was pondering on which drug the euphoria may imitate and I think that k-holing (ketamine) is more accurate. It really is rather difficult to describe it!
Hello all,

Sorry for the late reply but nevertheless thank you all dearly for the kind and intriguing responses.

With regards to the euphoria, I'm not quite sure which drug it might mimic. Potentially coming up on ecstasy? But I haven't actually done ecstasy in approx 3 years so may not be totally accurate. This feeling is pretty indescribable but quite surreal; Bastet summed it up nicely.

This experience happened within my first year of recovery hence not exactly in a state of emotional well-being as I felt pretty rough most of the time 😁. So to answer Melda, i'm pretty certain I wasn't in that state of mind!

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time and getting back to me