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Unseen Entity In My Room on 2017-06-21

Over the years, myself and those around me have experienced certain things that we could not quite explain (not through rational means at any rate). As my first submission here, I will describe my most vivid experience, which also served as somewhat of a turning point in my life. Well, in connection...

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Date: 2017-08-04
What you describe here seems consistent with jinn possession. Though I'm pretty sure that is what you're assuming already. Well, as your teacher already told you, you can get relief from all of that by reciting certain verses of the Qur'an. Though depending on the nature of the possession, you may find certain verses more effective than others.
Date: 2017-07-19
discerning user, a procedure like this, which is not only not outlined in the Qur'an, it can't even be considered as being encouraged in Islam.

The vast majority of Muslims won't even know about anything like this. Also, it looks like you're confusing a couple of things. Someone who becomes what we call an aamil, normally won't be getting rich off it. It seems that you're confusing that with a practitioner of black magic.

Within the Muslim community there is this notion that if someone charges for this type of service, they are not legitimate and the fact that they take some form of payment for it negates any benefit from what they might do. This is especially prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. Though this doesn't have any religious basis but I digress.

On the other hand, most people who do this type of ritual will not be very open or public about it. To do it for others is a time consuming and risky process. As I mentioned in your other thread, trying to help someone afflicted by mystic afflictions may subject one to retaliation from whoever is trying to help the victim. This type of person becomes prone to it.
Date: 2017-07-17
Hi discerning user, thanks for providing the additional info. However, I will just add that the ritual you have quoted is not mentioned in the Qur'an itself, nor is there any recommendation in the religious texts of such a ritual.

As per the procedure that you've described, it doesn't seem likely that she would even be able to perform it in her husband's absence while he's at work unless he was working the night shift.
discerninguser, interesting account of what happened. What you described could plausibly be from jinn activity and black magic, right down to the point where those who try to counteract their activities may face some repercussion for it.

Though where it doesn't add up (and this is not to say that I'm saying it's fake, just that you might not have all the details) is that the exorcist knew he couldn't counteract it but tried to appease the entity instead. So what I'm not understanding here is why would it attack him if he didn't try to neutralize the black magic itself. From your description he most likely tried to give it something in exchange for toning down its activities.

Just a few facts I wanted to point out about babas etc.
- what you describe concerning Muslim babas etc. Is something that within the Muslim community (at least those who are not totally ignorant of their religion) would be recognized as a magician.
- A magician, though he may have or have had a Muslim background, is considered outside the faith and the practice of black magic is strictly forbidden in Islam.
- Though people may end up going to these babas for different matters, whether to cure themselves of afflictions that are mystic in nature, for good luck or either to harm someone else, within the Muslim community they are largely seen as either frauds or wrongdoers, the difference being that the former falsely claims to be doing something mystical while the latter is understood to be doing it while still understood to be doing something wrong.
- Essentially I wanted to point out that while you may have people of Muslim background involved in these strange rituals, this is not something sanctioned or even allowed in Islam.
Date: 2017-07-03
As has been pointed out already, the Qur'an does not encourage or even outline a procedure to take control of the jinn. What happened to this lady seems like a case of possession.
Date: 2017-07-03
Walaikum as salam talib,

You are right, there was effect of black magic as well as some haunting (I would suspect that they're connected). That was not the topic of my story, so I didn't expand on it, but you seem to know quite a bit about it already.
Date: 2017-07-03
Hi Melda,

I understand that people like to rule out rational explanations first. I also rule these out before chalking things up to being paranormal. Of course there are a number of things I consider before doing that.

I'm still open to hearing any rational explanation of this and had considered the ones mentioned here. For the reasons I've explained in my first comment, I had my reasons to believe it was something else (no mouse, no neighbors etc).

As for the blood, meat etc. It was just mentioned to me in passing and I mentioned it here only to give context of strange things people mentioned seeing before I experienced what I did. I didn't ask anything further about it myself.
Date: 2017-07-03
I would like to start by thanking you all for the welcome and for reading my experience and commenting on it.

After going through your comments and the story again, I realize I should clarify some details.

First, the meat falling out of the clothes - well this is from hanging clothes, most likely hung to dry. Mind you, I did not actually witness this personally, but was later on told that this type of thing was known to occur there when I recounted my own experience.

Next thing is that the construction there is quite different from what I've seen in Canada and the US--one of the major ones being soundproofing. Often without trying (or I could say even trying to do the opposite), we end up get too noisy for the neighbors in adjacent units or vice versa. In India however, even living in an apartment unit where they have young kids in the one above (as they tend to make more noise), you wouldn't hear anything from above or even adjacent units.

So for those reasons, I would strongly doubt that I was hearing an animal or anyone else on the other side of the ceiling. Initially it was clear to me it was outside the window and then a few seconds later it sounded like it was on the inside, right above me.

The other thing that makes me feel that it was not an animal or something else was how that sound stopped instantly on reciting the verse. This is not the only time I've seen that type of result (strange sound, then recite it and then the sound stops instantly).

Now apart from what I've told you about the clothes, meat and blood stains, I haven't asked anymore about it and just mentioned it here to give some context that strange things had been known to occur in that house prior to what I experienced.