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South London Hospital For Women & Children on 2017-06-23

I have posted this account a number of years ago but I can't find it and I'd like to share it with you. The occurrence was about 30 years ago when, as a student, I worked as a security guard in London. Although I've had quite a few strange experiences this was by far the most interesting. It w...

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Date: 2017-06-23

I might be able to assist here.

This occurrence took place in Reading Prison. The prison, a Victorian building was built on top of an earlier gaol. I doubt the earlier building in the 1700's carried out executions here as there were gibbets and executions places on the edges of town specifically for that purpose.

However the Victorian building (opened 1844) did executed on prem and there are graves along one of the walls. The prison's hanging or execution room is locked and 'not available'. The prison is no longer in use. There are accounts and records of the executions here. But I don't believe this is relevant.

What is interesting, is that the location of the prison is on top of Reading Abbey ruins - on top of the old hospitum or if not directly, very close to it. Depends upon which sources you read.

I wonder if those monks were either patients of, or workers at, the Abbey hospital. Remember blood letting was a common cure and therapy at the time. The Abbey was desolated by Henry VIII.