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Someone Was Knocking At My Door on 2017-06-23

It was a summer's eve around six pm, my two kids and I were sitting in the family room watching television. My mom was also home having a nap in her room. I hear about three or four knocks on the door, so I get off the couch to answer. On each side of the door are windows, mind you. I ask who's ther...

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Thegreenmachine- Hello, I'm just curious as to why? I don't have the slightest idea why she was there but if you have any ideas please tell me. Thanks
Hi Myst, it surely seems that way, that actually explains a lot lol!
Lady-glow: Thanks for the welcome as well as taking time to read my experience.
The door and window glass are clear.
I live on 4 acres so our neighbors are pretty far.
Maybe she was on a hover board lol but I live on a flat stretch of land with a pretty long driveway so I would of seen her leaving in any direction.
Same applies for a car as above.
No I didn't ask any neighbors, perhaps I should of.
I never open the door for strangers and I couldn't see her face its like she didn't have one (sounds weird, I know)
If she did vanish before my eyes I would of assumed I let a spirit into my home... I have always been very aware since a child that I have some kind of different connection to spirits than most so I think I would of tried to figure out what she wanted.

You are very welcome!