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I was previously on this. I had to leave this for awhile due to personal issues that there will be a story about soon if I can find the words to explain what happened.

I'm a paranormal investigator based in Scotland.

If anyone wants to know anything just ask.
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A Warning. Demonic Entity on 2017-06-27

As some on this site may remember I'm a paranormal investigator with years of experience this didn't help me when I needed it most. Since October I have been dealing with something dangerous and only now do I have the strength to talk about it. Back in September I did a investigation. The afterma...

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Some people know the issues with oppression that I have going on. This things very aggressive not too long ago I was in the house checking up on things and had a door slam while I was 2 steps away and about to walk through it, most people would get a jumpscare from something like that and I just brushed it off like nothing happened as its normal for me now. I really only speak to those who know what I go through now. There's a investigation planned for the house but a fair amount of team members are actually too scared to do the investigation.
If anyone wants to know anything can I ask for them to email me at goggzy60 (at) I'll be off this for awhile due to personal issues involving this hope I don't miss too much.

To answer your questions I haven't had anyone in since I bought it except myself of course.

It's OK Rook I wrote the story far too quick (under 10 minutes) so I didn't get to upset about what's been happening. I knew people would have questions and maybe 1 or 2 issues with miscommunication.

Because I won't give up the house for someone to go through what I am I know this thing will be there so I'm pulling myself away from the building no matter how much I want to be there due to this I know it will be around there and I can't leave the house alone forever for safety reasons so I will be in there atleast twice a year so I'm going to be around no matter what I do I'm just getting strong enough emotionally so it can't harm me or the people I love.

Recently its not been bad as I'm away from home first in England and now Ireland after that I'm back in Scotland so will see then what happens.

I have had two exorcisms done on myself. I have been to psychiatrists hoping I was suffering from a mental disease I'm not. I have definitely been fully posseseed twice but even though I state the mental side of this thing has been more physical over anything else. The main reason I won't let anyone else in that house is because of my injuries some that have left me with permanent damage. It seems the stronger I'm getting emotionally the less it gets to me but it will take time.


Thanks for your input. I'm definitely stuff to make myself feel better met a beautiful wonderful woman whom I fell for at first sight. There's a few people who have kept me going Donna (previously stated Woman), Courtney (A friend who has been there through everything, Natasha (my ex sister in law who has been letting me see pictures and videos of my daughter) and finally Azurae even though we didn't speak for awhile being more worried about her than myself and wantin to help her with her issues gave me something to aim for.

Everyone understands what I'm going through and do forgive but it's ongoing if I get to emotional in that house I tend to become someone I'm not when away from the house. I can honestly say I think the spirit wants to kill me.

I didn't even notice your mistake haha as too your questions two were by a catholic priest two by someone that most would call less conventional I was desperate at the time and did what I could.

I have a few things I use but normally when I feel something negative I an extra careful this time due to the attack I was angry and honestly probably brought this onto myself. When my team went I didn't believe it was demonic so treated it like a mimic/negative spirit and probably pissed the thing of.

I don't live in the house anymore well not often now there will be a few days here or there when I have nothing else to do or go to. I am just keeping it so no one else suffers what I am house has been exorcised 4 times myself twice it didn't work still follows me I know it will always be there but one day I'll be stronger and it won't get too me as much.

Two of my major injuries have left me not being able to have anymore kids and permanent blindness (slightly less than 8% vision) in my left eye at 24 it's not great. There's other stuff that might come out further down the line but not yet I still find it too hard to talk about and I have been to doctors everything hoping I was suffering from a disease but I'm not if it wasn't for my daughter or the three amazing women in my life (ones on this site) I would have gave up fighting it a long time ago and it's not thinking about what I'd be like now. If I'm 100 percent honest I personally think I would be dead.

As too some other stuff I'm the most patient man in the world normally kind of have to be on this field. Recently there's maybe 4 people in my life I can really talk too now one uses this site and knows who she is.
I read most stories on this site only a few I comment on due to others making the exact same points I would but it was my pleasure reading your story.

It's good you keep track is any part of it regular or is it just random stuff and random times.
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Can I ask you to keep a diary of your experiences for the next and either comment on this your experiences or email me at goggzy60 (at)


This building has now been knocked down after the family moved away. They managed to move without selling when myself and a few team members gave them the 75, 000 needed to buy where they wanted to since the move nothing has happened so for us.


I think everyone will agree if this was something demonic it would be a lot more physical and when something demonic is affecting you or doing anything you will never be able to debate wether it's demonic or not as someone who is dealing with something demonic trust me it's worse than you can ever imagine.
Date: 2017-06-28

I replied the email states everything some stuff I won't talk about on this.
Date: 2017-06-28

I saw no issue with it haha. I did worry about you but had some personal issues to deal with before I started trying to help someone else.
Date: 2017-06-28

I can not seem to find your email address now so yeah mines is goggzy60 (at)
Date: 2017-06-28
Blackcat or Dirtcreature now haha

I think I still have your email address if you use the same now
Date: 2017-06-28

There is a set of few hours which are supposed to be "spirit hours", I personally don't believe in them but said hours are between 0100-0500 hours. If you were there between these hours then there is a chance he could have been more powerful.

As for attracting negative entities I know myself this can happen at any point of time and you can be doing nothing to anger them they prey on the weak.

From your he wasn't negative just didn't like being disrespected like anyone living would aswell.
Date: 2017-06-28

This story was good to read it's good remembering that there's good spirits out there.
Date: 2017-06-27
Is the stalker still around. I have been away from this awhile due to a few personal issues but I hope you are doing OK.