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Things Have Gone Downhill on 2017-07-17

After my home alone submission, things have gone downhill. My house was rejected so I couldn't sell it, my dog has had to be moved and my I only have 3 fish in my tank after a fin rot epidemic. Sad times. Anyway, on with my experience. I was at school in detention. My teacher had gone to print so...

Spooky Holiday Experience on 2017-06-29

Last year, I stayed in a house rented to me by a family. It was a nice house, although I can't remember the address. The first day was fine, but the night was kind of creepy. I settled down to sleep, when I heard the front door open and two men shouting. 1:Why is she here? I don't want her here ...

One Day Alone on 2017-06-27

I was home alone one day in my English home. I was watching TV when I heard a Thump from upstairs. I just thought something had fallen off something and didn't do anything about it. Then my dog started barking randomly from the upstairs. He does this all the time anyway, purely for attention. I went...

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I was about 13 and in year 9.
I don't know. He is invisible. I assume I would have seen his clothes is he was wearing any.

I wrote this as if it only happened yesterday, but it happened ages ago when I was still in school. I only just found this site and so I wanted to write as if it were happening to me in the present. (if that makes sense


I didn't know about. My mate knew about it from an experience he had so told me about it. Dylan only knew because he saw the things being thrown at me and therefore suspected an invisible boy.
The letter was how I wrote it to here. It wasn't the exact moment I had to catch my plane. I had to get it the next morning after sleeping an a hotel for the night. I mean she was joking with me.

It said on my email as a family renting to me. I didn't know until I got there to find 1 woman.

I hope you guys believe this because it did happen. If you don't believe me then I don't know how to prove it to you.
Date: 2017-07-05
I don't know. This is the first time I have noticed it. Ok. Maybe it is a fish that I have missed.

I'm moving soon anyway. It cannot bother me then.
Date: 2017-07-05
I have asked my parents and siblings about your questions. Here are the answers:
They wouldn't buy any other fish as we have enough as it is. The fish that died was just old, no problems with it. It was a flowerhorn parrot fish. All my fish have always been heathy and died from natural causes. I have a 400 gallon tank.

The shelf was on the floor with the supports when my mother got home. She said the supports had fallen on the floor with the shelf, and that explains the thump as well. Also that was what agitated the dog.

One of my siblings was born dead. No one has ever seen him before, hence the imagination thing.

I do not thing they are related, Just they happened together so I put them in together because I was terrified on that day.
Is it just my imagination? I don't even know anymore. I know what I saw though.
Date: 2017-07-05
The fish was one that had died earlier that year and was buried in the garden. Why would he come and bring back a dead fish still dead?