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My Incubus Story on 2008-10-07

My story goes back 10 years. It all started with sensual feelings when I would just sit on my couch watching TV or reading a book. I would feel an arm around me, warmth and comfort. This went on for quite some time. It would be followed by noises in my bedroom next door, but somehow it never scared ...

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Date: 2009-08-28
Hi jwinkler, thanks for your post. Can you please tell me how you came to know that it is was in fact a demon after your soul? I have the same theories on the subject. Maybe not so much demons, but rather the Nephilim, the fallen angels. You say it can be chased off in the name of christ. Yes, I also experienced that. But that is because Christ energy is the biggest and brightest in the whole unviverse and every entity must bow before it. So you don't cast a demon away like you do in Excorcism, but it works just because Christ energy is dominant over everything.
Date: 2009-04-14
Thanks for your reply, Shaz101.
Well, these things dot happen too often anymore. Thanks for your concern. Have you had experience with this subject?
Date: 2008-10-29
Chick1985, my intention is not to let it happen but to understand why it happend! Maybe this came across wrongly. I don't think it's good to let something happen if you don't understand it. Or would you buy something in a bag where you don't know what's inside?
Date: 2008-10-14
Okay, let me try one more explanation since you, succubiluv, seem to be the judge of my intentions...
I posted this 10 years later simply because up until now I never found any site with so many stories about incubi. Of course I was curious about what other people say and what they experienced. I don't think I made myself sound "puzzled". Don't accuse me of anything. Of course it was my natural and rightfull interest to hear what other people would think. I said I always anticipated it but now I have been doing much reading here and now I know for sure. What is wrong with that? I find your last post very irritating and not fair.
The process and outcome of this discussion have helped me to be certain. So don't be analytical about my intentions. You don't know me and have no right to make me look ridiculous by writing a double post to the audience stating your analytical verdict in the way you did, writing about me in third person not even adressing me. 😐
Date: 2008-10-13
succubiluv, I realize that you will find any explanation to make these events sound relatively harmless. This is your opinion and if you feel good about your relationship, then that's fine for you. But you must not forget that there are many people who are absolutely terrified by what is happening to them. I am not sure if what you write about these entities (in other threads too, not just here) is of much help to anyone. I believe the higher percentage of people does not share your opinion, no matter how highly intelligent you make your posts sound. You come across very defensive. I will stop my participation in this discussion now because I realized much here in the last days and know for sure now what I always anticipated. Incubi are demons and as such better not to be mixed with. Humans are not meant to have sexual interactions with any other species than their own. I am disgusted and will not give this subject any more room or attention.
Thank you everyone for opening my eyes!
Date: 2008-10-12
Hello wildflowerx1,

I am glad you postet your comment because this was my hope that other victims see that they are not alone with this experience and that it is not our fault. We did not do anything wrong to attract these things. God only knows why this happens.
In all cases I have heard of everyone agrees that praying even briefly makes these things go away. That is an interesting discovery and maybe the key for solution. It worked for me too. I hope your visits will stay away for good soon!
Date: 2008-10-11
Thanks for the many replies!

[at] Surya
Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very much appreciated! Well, I definetly noticed a clearer atmosphere after removing the stones.

[at] Gamst
I know of other people who had incubus visits, that they experienced the same.

[at] Lisamaxw
I agree with you full length! My social life suffered badly after these events.
These entities must be selfish and egoist creatures withdrawing their vicitms from real life. I realise this very much. This is also the reason why I will not accept it again and why I think they are dangerous. They take your mind completely from real life and make you live in a illusionary world.

[at] ChrisB

Thank you for your post! Yes, I agree. These spirits are maybe good for asocial people who can't make it good in real life but they are very harmful and disturbing to a sane mind, interrupting real life affairs. This is why they are bad.

[at] Succubiluv
No, it never made itself visible and I am glad it didn't.
Date: 2008-10-09
[at] hauntedbytheliving

Yes exactly, that's right!
And you know why? Because my physical body was laying in my bed.
These interactions take place in the astral plain, not in the physical one.

[at] Surya
To be honest, I don't know why I had it there. I was a collector of stones and they were all over the place.
I know that according to Feng Shui mirrors in bedrooms are total no-goes. But back then I did not know it.

[at] Succubussed
You asked: "If you wouldn't have felt that you might be in danger from some "evil", would you have kept on having sex with this being?"


You asked: "Do you mean that you DO still have sexual encounters with this being?"

Date: 2008-10-09
Well thank you for your statements, succubiluv and hoochler. I feel glad to be taken for serious at least. Of course I know the common reactions and that makes it so difficult to actually discuss this matter in a serious and understanding manner.
Okay, I will try and answer your questions.
First of all I realize that my story was not well enough written. I don't blame anyone getting the thought of me just having dreams. Gosh, it is hard to explain.

1. My husband did not sense the entity when it was near me but strangely it never came to me when my husband was with me. For example he would be still watching TV and I would be in bed. I remember one time, I got out of bed after having had a visit and going to my husband and telling him about it. Of course he would just smile and think of me going loony.
Only once my husband sensed something on the stairs. He walked up and was all pale. He said to me, that he had seen a grey shadow walk behind him. He normally not believed in any kind of spooky stuff but this once he was really different. He swore he had seen a shadow.

After some time my then husband would i.e. Have a car accident, then an accident playing sports, which almost broke his back, several illnesses of which one needed an operation in hospital and so on.
He started to change completely. Always out and about and me mostly to myself. Things developed to the point, that he left me one day - just like that. I could not believe it. My world broke down.
After this happened my Incubus visited me frequently and in a way compensating and comforting me. I had many OBE's involving these visits. A very exiting but very much irritating time in my life.

I really canßt say if the visits had anything to do with my marriage breaking up. Fact is, these things happened simultanously.

2. How I get rid of it?
Well, I am very much religiously socialized. That means I have these deep believes or rather fears about good and evil, God and devil and so on. At the time it just came to my mind. I thought about getting posessed. My big problem at the time was, that I could not accept this strange sensation in my life. I don't know. It sounds silly but I thought I must get rid of it because it's not natural.
So I started to try and get information about clearing these phenomenas away.

A very interesting discovery I made!
I have very many stones in my house, like quarz crystal, amethyst, rosequarz and so on, but right next to my bed on my bedside table I used to have a black onyx.
A Woman in the natural shop said to me I should remove the Onyx. So I did.
She also gave me some herbs and inscence to burn and explained to me a ritual, how to clean my room.
I went back home and closed my windows. Iburned the inscence and took special care of all corners, deep areas under chair, under bed, in my warderobe and after doing this I walked in a left turning circle seven times with the inscence bundling the energys and then opened my window wide for all the smoke to go outside.
I tided up good and cleaned, removed all the stones and ever since then I was left alone.
And another thing: I used to have a big mirror vis á vis to my bed. From that day on I used to hang a large tablecloth over it at night.

In a way these actions match the storys about bad spirits and so on. I don't know. The fact that the clearing worked, made me even more confused.

3. Some years later I started to get some visits again but not as intense as they were before. More OBE's, not so many erotic visits.

So much for now. 😊
Date: 2008-10-08
Before this dreaming theory goes on any further I want to say that I was not dreaming. Maybe I did not make that clear enough. I know when I am dreaming and these things were no dreams. There was certainly a difference. And I had a normal relation with my husband, meaning my body was in no special need or anything like that.
With "waking up" I meant that I came into a concious state of mind again. Sorry.