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Bpo-little Girl on 2017-09-18

I'm working in BPO industry for quite a while now, or Call Center, as we know it here in Philippines. For those working in this kind of environment I'm pretty sure they had experienced paranormal or at least they know a story or two from fellow colleagues. I will share mine. We used to rent mult...

Last Time on 2017-07-27

This will be my last entry for my stories about the creepy house we used to live in. This happened days before we moved out of the house we lived in for almost 5 years. And for me... This is the creepiest encounter my parents had with the entity there. I am about to graduate from elementary in a f...

The Blue Me on 2017-07-26

This happened in the same creepy house we used to live in a decade ago. It happened one night during a blackout, (or in Philippines we call it a brownout). I woke up in the middle of the night with my sister beside me sleeping and I can also hear my parents talking in the living room downstairs. It...

Creepy Stuffs on 2017-07-20

Regarding the house that I mentioned in my earlier stories,let's go to mine and my parents stories. I've mentioned from previous comments that I believe at least some of the elements/spirits in the house maybe is guarding us or meant no harm.I'll tell my dad's story to support this. It was a usual...

Girl? What Girl? on 2017-07-10

This one still took place on our previous house in my first story. I mentioned the family who owns the house we are taking care of comes to visit only during summer. So it was that time. Around 6 in the evening the mother of the kids has a Ballroom Dance to attend to that night. The kids were ou...

Unexpected Seen on 2017-06-30

I've been a silent reader here for a while and now I want to share my story as well. During my childhood days we've been a caretaker of this huge house in Imus, Cavite for almost 5 years. The owner is a relative who wedded a British and so they live in U.A.E and just visits during summer. The h...

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Date: 2017-08-06
Yes,I think it's sleep paralysis as well. 😭
Thank you for the opinions, it helped me clear it...
Date: 2017-07-26
Thank you Ann. I still have lots of stories to share. Not just about the house but experiences from other things, and my family's experiences too. I don't know. I guess spirits we're fond of us.
Date: 2017-07-25
Yes,well...there's two more stories about the house i'm going to share soon... Thank you for reading.:)
Date: 2017-07-16
That's all we'd known, we left the place almost a decade ago.I'll share more experience of the house that shows maybe there's some elements or spirits in there that mean no harm.
Date: 2017-07-13
Hi. Yes maybe she's the deceased owner and I really do respect "them".I believe as well they mean no harm and i'll prove it in my following stories about that house. 😊