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The Thing Scaring My Sister on 2017-07-05

I am the oldest of 3 children, we grew up on a farm in North West, South Africa. It's a lovely farm, lots of things to do, trees to climb, places to hide and wide open fields to run in. Back then, when my dad bought the farm, I was 6, my sister was 4, and baby brother was about a year old. Th...

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Thank you for reading and your comments Bibliothecarius and L_Melb.

The hall was in fact used as a travel route for the thing - I don't know what to call it anymore - as it was placed as a curse? I would like -or not- to investigate black magic more and find out how the Sangoma did this. But anyways our room was on one side of the hall and my mother's room on the other side of the hall. What I reckon is that the thing was not *set for a certain time* and would travel in day time as well? That causing the cold spots... I always thought that the one tapestry hanging in the hall was watching me, but when the parents told us about what went on, I specifically asked if the Homeopath said something about the tapestry, and Mom said no, there was nothing said or "wrong" with it. So thinking I watched to much cartoons? (thankfully she doesn't have the tapestry anymore)

I suppose the "job" of the thing was to haunt the prev. Owner. As far as I can remember the thing caused him bad luck; no children, wife leaving him, illness (don't remember what kind) and also financial difficulties, thus he had to sell the farm (sounds crazy as other people don't even need a entity to get them to get this bad luck) So I believe he committed suicide out of DEPRESSION AND FEAR - saying this as I don't know if the thing "presented" itself to him as it did to my sister-. He didn't commit suicide on the farm as well, he gassed himself somewhere else, and they found a Bible next to him in the passenger seat. (still sounds "normal" for a suicide though) The thing returned "home" after the suicide, don't know why *if its done its job* it would just not go away - to be added to investigation in black magic... I really don't know why it staid then.

The atmosphere actually cleared up, we were less scared of being in the house, though I didn't like to be alone in it. The pets also ventured into the older parts of the house, and sleep on our beds.

I hope that I answered most of your questions, and look forward to your comments.

Regards, Johnny
Thanks for reading Melda, as they say, a lot can be said from ones name...

No, he was an actual homeopath, practicing from his home in a nearby town, a white man, though a sangoma could have placed the thing in the first place? I don't know...
Glad the "Oom" could get rid of that thing - scary to know that it caused someone to commit suicide...

Yes pre-war! If we have not been so scared of the place, we would have enjoyed the history and the beauty of it more. When the old house was demolished, we saved all the Oregon pine from the ceilings -now I have the lovliest diningroom table ever... ❤