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Shopping Mall Ghost on 2017-07-06

I own a retail store which leases a space in a shopping mall, I've been there 5 years and I have numerous stories of the ghost which resides there and has been there for some time. I was warned about the ghost which all the tenants have termed "Henry" when I moved in 5 years ago and was working late...

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Date: 2017-07-14
Multiple stores have had issues with this ghost. One store saying for instance she was in th store by herself after closing and brought in supplies for the break room (bottles of pop, chips, etc) she went to the back room to hang up her coat and when she came back all the supplies were gone. No where to be seen and the store was closed and doors locked.

I don't know if the land had history previous to the mall being built. It's called the Trinity Conception Square in Carbonear, Newfoundland.
Date: 2017-07-14
Here in Newfoundland we call them "The Old Hag", I know multiple people who have had them, I've only had 1. Not sure why these happen but it is scary.
Date: 2017-07-14
Most other stores say "Henry" just does mischievous things, such as moving things and hiding objects and bringing them back out a few days later. One other store reported hearing a man singing late at night, when the mall was empty. This is a small mall too I might add, only 20 stores.

The time that everything on my desk in the back room was all torn up, the door to the back room was closed (could see that on camera) and my assistant who was the last to leave the office that evening said everything was fine and tidy on the desk. When she went in the next morning everything was scattered all over the desk, she had a sweater hanging on back of the office chair and it was down on the floor and all tangled around the wheels on the chair and my computer screen was turned on. After that encounter I had another camera installed in the back room facing my desk - nothing happened there since.

The time items were thrown around the store (the footage is on my store computer, I will try and get it off to upload here) it happened on camera around 3 am, I own a clothing and footwear store, the first item that was thrown off the wall was a rubber boot, it got thrown approximately 5-8 feet from where it was displayed. We tried multiple times to say maybe it just fell but we could not get it to go 5-8 feet from where it was. From the footage it looked like it was violently thrown. The next item was in the other End of the store and it was a sports bag that was on top of a shelf, that went flying, then a rack of men's underwear all got thrown over the floor. When my staff went in the next morning they had assumed I was in with my kids the night before and they threw all the stuff around, when I said no, they were shocked. That's when I checked the cameras. When I first watched the video and seen the first item thrown, utter shock, fear and so many feelings went through my body, immediately tears ran down my face and I was shaking. I showed the video to multiple people and all were shocked.

I've asked around to see who this ghost may be and it turned up that the land that the mall is sitting on was owned by some man and the mall owner came looking to purchase the land off him but he wouldn't sell. Once the man passed away his family immediately sold the land to the company who wanted to build the mall, and so they did.