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The Practical Joker on 2017-07-07

As I mentioned before in my stories about my Aunt Melody and Major Marsh, I grew up in a house that my parents built themselves. It was a pretty good house, despite it never being finished. For instance, my bedroom was missing a door until I was 13, and never had a full ceiling - just insulation cov...

Major Marsh on 2017-07-07

Since I mentioned Major Marsh in my last story about my Aunt Melody's ghost, figured I wouldn't leave you hanging! This story takes place in the late 1980s, in a small town on the coast of North Carolina. I was around 8 or so during most of the activity. My father is a huge Civil War buff, as wel...

Aunt Melody on 2017-07-07

My father's sister, Melody, died when both she and my dad were very young. He was 10, and she was 5. Our hometown is on the coast of North Carolina, and a tropical storm had rolled through the night before. She had crawled into bed with my dad, holding her Raggedy Andy doll. She told my dad that if ...

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Date: 2017-07-23
Manafon1 - Thank you! It's so weird trying to explain being both skeptical and a believer, and how that works. It also tends to fluctuate. Some days I'm like "yes, this is obviously a sign of an afterlife!" and others I "know" that there are no ghosts, and I'm just not smart enough to know the scientific explanation for seemingly paranormal events. I do think that in the end, there will be logical explanations for everything, and it may change the way we interpret death and time and the redistribution of energy. But we're still in the preliminary stages of gathering evidence, as a society. So for now, we can only try to differentiate between a house settling and an actual bump in the night, and be honest to ourselves and others about what has happened.
Date: 2017-07-23
ScottGrant - re: "syrup," this is written as I speak, so you'd probably hate to hear me blathering on in real life! 😁
Also, I have far more respect than to place any part of a fictional piece here, and I guess that's why I'm tired of fielding the negativity. I've been reading this site faithfully for a little over two years now, and until I wrote here, this was one of my favorite sites. For me, this is a place to find some validation - it's not just spooky tales, it's spiritually important. Yeah, you have to sort through the obvious outrageous bs, but there are some really good little accounts on here. IMO, only a truly crappy human being (I'll stop short at "soulless," but that's really what I'm thinking) would lie about stuff like that in a place where people are coming for answers.
Date: 2017-07-21
Hey Lady-Glow -

I just got the best mental image of a big bucket of fried chicken in an armored box, and got so irritated. Totally get it, lol!

I'll try to answer your questions, but I'm already stumped at the first one, so hopefully this will be good enough. As for my aunt being attached to me, I have no clue. Even though I've shared the things I've experienced here, and I do believe in ghosts, I still remain highly skeptical of anyone's ability to declare with certainty what they are, where they come from, what they're doing, what the differences are, etc. I just don't believe at this point that there's any way to know what Melody might have been doing here (or on that note, even that it was Melody). That being said, my dad has always held to the idea that we all have three spirit guides who watch over us from beyond, and come to hang out and offer support when they're needed. When I got a little older, I used to tell me that she was one of my guides. BUT - maybe he was just telling me that because I was terrified, and he thought it would make me more comfortable. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

I've seen pictures of Melody, but my memory of the little girl I played with is more of an impression, very fuzzy. On a side note, my grandmother has a portrait that was painted of Melody, and it's one of the creepiest things ever. Someone painted it after her death, and it's of moderate skill, so there's just something missing in the eyes. It hangs in the dining room of my grandmother's house, and I used to run by it with my eyes closed every time I had to go to the bathroom *shudder*

I would never have guessed that English isn't your first language! And from how both of my parents have experienced the interaction with the trunk, yes, I do think that she was attached to her belongings in some way. A creepier alternative might be that Melody was never with us at all, but my dad was holding on so tightly to her memory that he manifested something. Or maybe someone or something was posing as Melody. We could all throw out theories, and we'll all be equally right, since there's no way to prove very much about the paranormal. I try to maintain a healthy skepticism, since I do find value in scientific proof. But my own theories of what happens next are so scattered, it's hard to settle on any one idea. I mean, I hope that when we die, it's just over and there's nothing else. Yet I have seen enough to imply that this isn't true. But damn, I hope to not have to either be a ghost OR do some crappy "singing in the heavenly choir" thing for, I've really gotten off-topic, lol.

Re: the building, yes, there was paranormal activity there, but to my knowledge, there are no other stories of Melody. It was the oldest building in town (built around the turn of the century) and had been through a few different incarnations, including being used as a movie theater and banquet space. My dad told me a story once that one of his upholsterers had experienced, of seeing a man in a fedora walking up the back stairs in the employees-only area (the back stairs led up to the second story, where the furniture and trunk were). The upholsterer ran over to ask the man politely to exit the area, and realized that the fedora-wearing gentleman only existed from the waist up. Apparently, my dad was away from the shop on a delivery, and when he got back, the upholsterer was sitting outside, waiting for him. Never would go back in alone, and I don't blame him one bit!

Re: my mom attracting things, she doesn't care that much. She has very little interest in the paranormal, or at least expresses very little interest. When she talks about the weird stuff that happens to her, it's with the same enthusiasm you'd use to tell people about the last time you went grocery shopping. So that I know of, there has never been an attempt to converse (other than one time that we used a Quija board together in the same building I was just talking about, and that was mildly creepy). And she doesn't seem interested in honing the ability. She tends to just ignore most things, or treat them as just mildly interesting. It's one of the biggest reasons that I'm particularly creeped out by her doll collection. I feel like she could bring home a thing of true evil and be able to completely ignore any warning signs until it's far too late.

When I was little, my dad explained to me that my mother was a caller, and we were listeners. At the time, he was explaining it using an analogy of a radio tower to help me understand, and it was tailored for a little kid, so it's very rudimentary. But as I get older, it still generally fits in with everything else I've read and watched on psychic activity and communication with the paranormal. He explained that she was a radio tower, emitting a signal that helped people find her and get to her. But she was only built to give out a signal, not to receive/interpret other signals. On the other hand, he and I could hear the other signals, but we didn't broadcast our own as strongly. As a kid, it made perfect sense. Now, I wonder if my mom is so cold/unreadable on this because she turned a part of herself off at some point, to avoid pain, interaction, conversation, whatever. As for me, I have a lot of trouble grounding and shielding against live people and emotional energy, but luckily, as I've gotten older, my paranormal experiences have seriously dwindled. I am not upset about that at all, though I do sometimes wonder if my anxiety problems are actually a manifestation of being poked or prodded from the other side, and refusing to listen. You've given me some interesting insights here. I think I need to talk with my parents about these things again soon.

Re: Major Marsh and Melody. I wouldn't begin to know how to answer this, but anything I said would be mere conjecture. Perhaps they were having tea on the spirit plane; that's a sweet thought. From what I've heard about the living Major Marsh, he was a very nice man who doted on his grandchildren. Hopefully if they can interact, he's taken Melody under his wing. They were distant cousins, after all. I don't have any information that could place either of them in each other's haunted happenings, though.

Thank you about Matthew. We did have some good times, as rotten as he was.

I appreciate your insightful questions. You've definitely given me some things to think about, and also made me remember a few little stories that might be fun to share here at some point. Thanks!
Date: 2017-07-21
Hey Manafon1! This entire thing happened in 1963, almost 20 years before I was born, so I only know what I've been told, along with some things that I saw as a child. For instance, I know that her bike still had training wheels on, because it was still sitting in my grandparents' garage, like a creepy little shrine, when I was young. I honestly don't know if she was able to ride my dad's bicycle around, or if she was just able to mess around on it and roll it around by pushing, etc. But she was on his bicycle when she died, and he still blames himself for that.

The garage had been a barn around the turn of the 20th century, and my grandparents had turned it into their garage when they renovated their house. It wasn't (and isn't - it's still standing) a modern garage with an automatic door - just a wide enough opening for a car to be driven through and parked under cover. The beam that fell was the top of the doorway (lintel might be the right term? I'm not sure). I have no clue about other damage to the building, but from the way my dad talks about it, it wasn't that serious of a storm at all. He's always acted like it was a freak accident. The town floods at high tide, and we've seen many, many tropical storms and hurricanes, so this was something that everyone would have been prepared for. But you can't always predict structural failure.

Now that I'm thinking about this, it says a lot about the way my grandmother and father regarded my grandfather. There were always subtle jibes about not being detail oriented. I wonder if that was them still blaming him for not noticing that this beam might fall off of the garage? It's crazy how these things just live on, ghosts or no...
Date: 2017-07-21
Melda - I want to be brave like you! I can't even give my cats a stern talking to...can't imagine what it would take to tell a ghost to get out of my bed, lol. I'm here at work for another six hours, so going to get some reading in tonight 😁
Date: 2017-07-21
AugustaM - You know what's funny? Until I read your comment, I had never put two and two together re: the way I felt in math class as a kid. I used to get so tense doing math problems that I'd clench my jaw and have face pain for days after. All of a sudden, things are making a lot more sense. What a weirdo, how did I not ever see this before? Also, thank you for the vote of confidence! I might start to comment now - I've actually been reading faithfully for close to two years, so might as well participate 😁
Date: 2017-07-21
Miracles51031 - Thank you for explaining the age categories. This might be the last place where I get to hold on my youth, lol! Also, I'm so sorry to hear about Rex's passing. Even when they're just rotten (one of Matthew's nicknames was "Cat Bastard," completely appropriate) they still find their way into our hearts. ❤
Date: 2017-07-18
Hello there, taking Melda's advice from my third post and going through the comments on all stories tonight. This is the last one to read through, and no urge to jump out a window - woohoo!

Melda - no offense taken at all re: my mom. Now I need to read through your stories and see if you wrote about your ghost-on-bed encounter! Mom always seems so matter-of-fact talking about that experience, but I think I probably would have wet the bed had it happened to me. For someone who has a healthy respect for the paranormal, I'm a total coward, lol. 😆

Lady-Glow - fire away with questions! I'm on my second shift out of three in a row, going on one hour of sleep, though, so I doubt I'll check the site again until maybe Wednesday.
Date: 2017-07-18
Hey y'all - I've already had a small conversation with Manafon1 over on my third post, so hello again 😁

Lady-Glow - I don't recall seeing a follow up comment from you on the other post, but I won't make any assumptions re: snark, since I can see it's how people tend to react at first in comments here. It's hurtful, at best, but I've read a lot of crazy stories on here that I wouldn't believe for a second, so I understand. Just going to say hello, I'm a real person, and if I were to write a fictional account, I'd hope it was more interesting (fantastic) than anything I've written here.

J_B_P_D - That's very kind of you, thank you.
Date: 2017-07-18
Thanks for the kind words, y'all 😁 I'm going to suck it up and just pop over to the other two stories and leave a comment that I do exist and am willing to answer questions to the best of my ability.

L_Melb - thank you for your kind words.

Melda - Thank you for the suggestion for posting one story at a time, and taking time between posts. I will definitely do that in the future. Lesson learned! So far, my life in New Orleans is pretty quiet, so there's only one and a half little stories I could tell, anyway. I'll leave them be for now.

Also, you're 110% right about medication. I'm that classic idiot in the story of "takes drug, feels better, stops taking drug, symptoms return" And oh, the irony regarding what makes me most anxious: trying to use my insurance company's physician directory to find a new psychiatrist! So fun 😜

Manafon1 - All of my favorite people are cranky. You should see the crew at my day job; nothing but smiles at the front desk, nothing but snark in the back office! 😆
Date: 2017-07-17
Hey guys, tried to reply in depth last night but the website stopped responding and I needed to get to bed. Let's try this one more time (though I'm at my day job, so it's going to be pretty short). I am not rereading all of the comments today, just going on what I remember from last night.

First off, I'm 35, so I'm not sure why the site is calling me a Young Adult. It's an ego-boost for a lady who doesn't even get carded for liquor anymore, though 😆 When I signed up, the site asked my age, and I was honest, so I'm wondering if the moderators saw that this was a story about a college-age kid and tagged it as Young Adult? I don't know how this works, though.

Secondly, in total agreement about George Harrison being the best Beatle.

Matthew passed away in 2007, unfortunately, but he was a terse kind of tom, so he probably wouldn't be interested in comment boards, even if he was still kicking about. He was kind of a jerk, even by cat standards.

As far as my stories having any kind of literary bent, that's honestly just the way I talk, stream of consciousness. But thanks for implying that I was trying too hard. It's the story of my life. I have anxiety, and my thoughts kind of loop around. I'm probably trying too hard in leaving this comment. Oh well.

Regarding participating in comments, I had originally selected "not participating" because I work two jobs and though I do have something resembling free time now and then at work, I didn't want to have the stress of feeling like I had to be watching a comment board 24/7. Last night, after reading through all the comments and not being able to get the site to work, I had a little panic attack. This level of participation is just not healthy for me. I know that sounds silly, probably, but my heart is just thudding in my chest right now. But I'm here, so I'm going to participate on this comments section if you have any questions. (I'm not going to read the comments on the other two stories, because I have to work a double today, and if I have a panic attack at Job #1 that's going to things more difficult than life needs to be).

And as far as everything else goes, Valkricry, you hit the nail on the head. I'm not sure I'll have much other to share for anyone who has questions - these are all just things that happened to me, and I'm not sure I'll have much else to say if anyone does ask me questions. But I'll try.
Date: 2017-07-16
Hey guys! I just got the email that this got posted, so sorry to leave you hanging. I wrote all three of my posts about a week ago at a very long overnight shift (I work at a hotel front desk). I can assure you that these aren't fiction, just things that have happened to me. I'd prefer to think that if I were writing fiction, I'd write something more exciting. Also, when you post a story here, it let's you choose whether you want to participate in comments or not, so I chose "no" since I don't have much more to talk about besides what I've shared.

That being said, it looks like several people are being a little crotchety in their responses, so I'll read through and answer until my anxiety kicks in.