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The House Of Horror on 2017-07-07

This is my first ever story to share with you about my childhood experiences on the supernatural. I grew up in a lively city near Davao. My family isn't well off around the time I was born which was in the 90's. But 3 years later, on the time my younger brother came, my parents decided to live a...

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Date: 2017-08-03
[at] ScottGrant: Thanks for your thoughts. You are right, fear of the unknown is a regular human reaction. And I do believe that spirits roaming in this world are just either in need of help or they don't know of their apparitions to us livings, thus their random appearances to us. I've never seen a spirit, or I may have but didn't know of it when I'm walking outside or passing by on the car (since I believe they can appear in broad daylight or any time of the day in every places, whether a busy street or in the mall, and they may look more human from a far), but I've had my fair share of supernatural experiences especially when I was young. I may not see, but I can hear and feel them.
Date: 2017-08-03
[at] lady-glow: we had my aunt and uncle looking over us in our bedrooms that time, as far as I can remember. And they never experienced something around that time it happebed. 😕