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I grew up in Singapore, but now live in Sydney, Australia.

I sang cantatas in a choir for some years with my older sister, uncle and cousin, and was part of an "a capella" singing group for a short while.

In between full-time work, I am the carer for my husband who has retired early due to ill health. To keep sane, I have been known to dabble in sketching, painting (acrylics) and folk art. A few years ago, I took up knitting and found it soothed me during the long, awful hours waiting at the hospital.

I collect teddy bears with attitude. No sugary-sweet, cutesy ones in my furry collection. The bear rabble has grown so extensive that I think they have started a union.

My other way to deal with stress is to meditate, silently chanting a mantra chosen specifically for me by my instructor. I was taught a form of transcendental meditation. Yoga exercises sometimes help too. Mind and body in harmony to keep everything balanced.

I write poetry (rather badly) but it keeps me entertained:


I drifted through a crowded field,
Lonelier than a cloud.
My mind was swathed in cotton wool,
My heart encased in snow.

The sky aloft was beyond blue,
The sun a blinding eye.
Are yours the only ears that hear
My mindless babbling blather?

- Julia -

* I also believe in the power of fine quality chocolate to soothe a multiple of woes.:D
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The Boy In The Red Vest on 2017-10-20

My mother has a theory that the "sight", for want of a better word, most likely stems from the "exotic" Thai side of Grandma's family. However, that ability may also have come from Grandpa's side of the equation. I never had the privilege of knowing my paternal grandfather. When I was six, I aske...

Comfort At The Comet Inn on 2017-09-28

It was sometime in late October or early November 2003, my husband and I had been invited by friends to attend their daughter's christening in Oberon, in the central tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. When we set out on our trip, there were reports of black ice along the way on Bells Line of ...

Disturbed By The Spirits on 2017-09-23

The 10-storey apartment block in Queenstown, Singapore has been our family home for over 50 years. It was among the very first government flats built by the Housing Development Board (HDB) during Singapore's fledgling years in the 1960s. We were fortunate enough to have a corner unit on the 7th floo...

Shadow Man On Cairnhill Road on 2017-09-21

For much of my childhood days in Singapore, my parents often worried about me as they felt I was "sensitive" to spirits and prone to "seeing" things others couldn't see. My mother thinks this may stem from the fact that Dad's grandmother was the village head woman in the old days back in Thailand. I...

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Hi 13***15, what a fascinating family background. As a young girl in Singapore, I've seen spirit mediums (δΉ©η«₯ jΔ«tΓ³ng) in action during traditional festivals. These ancient observations are of Taoist origin, dating back to about 5,000 years. I know certain abilities can run in families to varying degrees. I think of it as being born with special sensitivities, like having a spiritual 'antenna'. May I respectfully ask which deity does your aunt follow?

Thank goodness you were alert to your sister's condition! Maybe the spirit entity chose to contact her because she was the youngest and the one most in need of help at the time. Her ability to see shadow figures may also have made it easier for the spirit of your grandfather (?) to reach out and pull her back from the brink.

So can I confirm that your sisters experienced these 'disturbances' after they swapped rooms with you?

I'm not sure if your previous SP episodes had anything to do with that spirit entity. Perhaps there were some attempts by the spirit to communicate with you at the time but were not successful, due to other issues like your sleep apnea. I wonder if there was some miscommunication and that was another reason why you were so frightened in your other room. Perhaps your second sister wasn't receptive at the time either? Just guessing at this though.

My folks have always believed that shielding and cleansing rituals are important to protect those more vulnerable to the spirits. I'm curious about what your aunt suggested to your father. What was the cleansing method she recommended?

I hope your youngest sister has recovered well and is receiving good care for everything that has been troubling her. She sounds like a caring soul with strong empathy for those in need.

As a precaution, do remind your current helper not to dabble with the spirits. She will be found out in your household!

Thanks for the update. Always glad to hear from you. 😊
Date: 2017-11-23
Melda, you lucky lady. Vic was as charming as he was handsome. But as Asparagus Fern is considered a noxious weed here, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been too thrilled with his token. A spray of night flowering jasmine from my courtyard (aka "Queen of the Night") would have been a better choice? 😜

I wonder if you had thought of setting up a camera, would those orbs have showed in the photos? Was there anything in the history of your house/land as to how he may have been "attached" to you? Perhaps he followed you with the closet or something in it. He sure liked rummaging in there. (Maybe Vic was looking for his favourite belt among your husband's collection!

It seems to me that Vic generally kept to a certain routine. He manifested at a specific time and did things in a particular way. I thought of how a person develops a pattern of behaviour. For instance, when a man comes home at night (or early morning), doesn't he take off his shirt or pants? If he was a tidy individual, he would hang up his belt in the closet, along with the rest of the belts. He may have performed his whole thing in sequence every time, but hid most of the activity as sternly commanded. Apart from that one slip-up, that is.

I believe that Vic was just working his way towards moving on. He just needed the comfort of his past routine and a loving household until he was ready. I'd have stayed around just a little longer for your company too!

I loved your account of Vic - may he be at peace. ❀
Date: 2017-11-22
Haha - I was just thinking about T-Rex, oops, Rex-T when they showed "Jurassic World" movie on TV tonight. 🐲

I remember that fishing celebrity. He always said: "Thank yer M'ther for da rabbits" - whatever that meant.πŸ˜•

And thanks to Melda for reminding us of the toothbrush story. We must be ever-vigilant against the evil Dr D K!πŸ˜ƒ
Date: 2017-11-21
Hi Roopa

I was very concerned when I read both your accounts. I too remember going through a very dark phase years ago and it resulted in the end of my first marriage of 6 years, as well as a lot of heartache. When trapped in such a state, it's not as simple as saying: "Snap out of it."

If you've been receiving mental treatments, the medication may comprise some type of tranquilizers or soporific drugs. These cause drowsiness so as to allow a person to rest and recover. Perhaps you have been drifting in and out of consciousness at the time. So between periods of wakefulness, your family may have come and gone, and you've seen them on different days and at various points in time. This may explain the lapses in memory, the disjointed events, change in clothing with your family members and the different drivers that you saw.

A number of others have also advised you to consult your doctor first to address any medical concerns on your other account. You should also seek out a counselor, priest, religious leader or spiritual advisor that you trust. Mind, body and spirit well-being is essential for a full recovery.

Please do not go down the path of self-harm. You're very important to your family. Do take care. Wishing you wellness and peace. 😟
Date: 2017-11-21
Rex-T, Emma's beaten me to it. I had wanted to be the first to coment on your latest account!

So this happened 6BA (6 years Before Arthur - 'Ghost in the Wire'). I chuckled at the name you chose for your friend, 'Gidget'. Such a classic surfing series that was.

I try to find a logical answer for everything wherever possible. But sometimes, just sometimes, there's too much of a coincidence. I think your dream was a powerful premontion and I'm so glad you heeded it too. What an heroic save!

I believe that your father was indeed watching over you. Being an Aussie WWII veteran from the Kokoda trail, he also left you a great legacy of his service. ❀ πŸ˜†
Date: 2017-11-21
Huh, not a plane? Could it be a ghostly misspelling and it actually meant "plain"?

Oh-no, then could it be... Monster Bugs? Eek! Now that's really scarey.

I think I'd much prefer the idea of a wandering ghost messing around. Maybe someone/something simply couldn't resist throwing that in out of left-field, just as a prank. 😜
Date: 2017-11-20
Zombiemare, my deep condolences to you for your loss. When I read your account, I had much the same thought as Manafon. Was the fear you felt due to being startled by the strangeness of the event, or did you sense any ill-intent from the figure? If you weren't afraid for your safety, it could very well have been your late husband trying to contact you. His voice might have been distorted from the distance between our worlds and from the trauma of his passing.

The message might reveal itself in due time though, when you're ready and in a more receptive frame of mind. It may be a process that will involve a gradual realization over a period of time.

It's interesting that this was a visitation meant for you alone as your son slept through the whole event. Did he ever have any experiences of his own?

I wish you and your family well and hope to hear more from you. Be well.
If you didn't feel threatened in any way, then it's likely that whoever's trying to get your attention doesn't mean you any harm. It might be a friendly spirit has taken a liking to you and wanted to make contact.

Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences.
Date: 2017-11-20
I wonder if one event triggered the other in turn. Going off in sympathy, so to speak. Be nice to Julia (she's got my name) - hope she is nice in return! 😜

Definitely would love to catch up if either of us are ever in the same country. ❀
Date: 2017-11-20
Emma, just saw your reply to Rex_T while I was typing out my earlier comment. I do believe you may be right. That's so sad. Maybe you can bring her some token when you go back. Leave flowers or something to comfort her?

That was certainly a night to remember. 😘
Date: 2017-11-20
Some romantic wedding night, Emma. I guess the extra "show" wasn't on the brochure! ❀

Apparently the Duke was a bit of a ladies' man in his time. Maybe he got "caught" by one of his wives...

Do post us an update should anything happen on your anniversary. One of these days, you've got to come visit us in Sydney. We live near the Quarantine Station in Manly - I'd love the company to do a tour there. πŸ˜‰
Date: 2017-11-20
I had the same scarey thought. I think people are more frightening than ghosts!

Wonder if anything happened on the land before your grandparents built their house... 😨
Date: 2017-11-20
Cups, this is really sad, yet so poignantly beautiful. I'm sure Seth is still with you. Great that you got to meet Patti Smith and Beth Ditto. That song "Ghost Dance" definitely sounded like a direct message from Seth to comfort you; "we shall live again".

I was not yet 18 when I lost my first boyfriend over 30 years ago. We had made plans to meet that Saturday. Just 2 days before that, he had a helicopter accident while on a rescue training exercise. Years later, I'd still "see" him once in a while, smiling at me in my dreams.

I'm sure Seth sent you a message through his friend at his memorial to tell you how much you meant to him too. This really moved me - thanks for sharing this memory. ❀
Date: 2017-11-19
Bratty brother - hahaha! Better check with your "brat" first before you "give" him away.

I looked up images of Cape Cod architecture - classic and pretty. I grew up in a Lego-style HDB flat in Singapore. Basic building block. But it had a "spirited" atmosphere though. 😁
Cups, this relates to Emma's comment (and for anyone who gives a "dime") - a "bitcoin" of "non-cents" <*collective groan at terrible puns*>. I used to find 5 cent pieces too.

Here are some interesting accounts about dimes:
I just read your account again and your mother is indeed a rare gem. If only we could all be so blessed with the same faith and strong will...

Thanks for directing me to "The Package". Set in Paris - beautiful city - spent a small fortune at Galeries Lafayette a few years ago. I've added this to my list of "must watch". Have you seen "Black"?
Hi DarkAngel, you certainly have had a lot of experiences. As a matter of interest, have you been acquired an antique or bought anything second-hand at the time when all these incidents started? Is it something that you have on your person that will allow you to be "traced"?

Did you feel frightened or threatened at the time? Excited or puzzled? Do you have anyone close to you or your family who has recently passed on? What does your gut instinct say to you?

If these things are still happening to you, it might also be useful to start a journal. Note down the dates, times and any details that you can think of that may be relevant. You might detect a pattern after a while that might prove useful in working out this mystery.

Do keep us updated. All the best to you.
Date: 2017-11-19
I would've liked having your brother for support when I was a little girl and suffering from cold chills (in humid Singapore!), and night terrors.

This reminds me how we can be empowered should we find ourselves in similar strife. Faith really makes a difference: the Word and the Will. Thanks for sharing this experience!
Date: 2017-11-18
Dear lonelybone, I'm glad to hear you are finding comfort in God. Our faith (whatever religion and belief structure we hold) is what keeps us strong through everything life throws at us.

Words can and do hurt, especially when it's from someone whose opinion we value. My family gatherings in Singapore can be quite an ordeal because I have far too many relatives in the health industry and they're all very skinny people. I still get the long lectures and snide comments on being overweight, the dangers of diabetes and heart disease. But over the years, I've learned to sift through the words and hear the concern and good intentions. (It helps when my husband tells me not to listen to them. He assures me I'm not "fat", just "cuddly"! 😜)

Family relationships are complicated and a lifelong headache! But it's encouraging to note that you have a guardian spirit of your own to help you along the way. You clearly have a more positive outlook - you'll find that it will shine through in everything you do.

I wish you all the best with your "crush". A bright, friendly smile is a good way to start. If he smiles back, you can then gradually work your way up to saying your first "hello". No need to panic - he may be shy too! 😳
Emma, I saw this news snippet and just had to share it with you. I knew someone at NASA was messing around with time travel!

This wormhole theory only allows for travel backwards in time. Hope someone doesn't sneeze at the wrong moment and set off an unpredictable chain reaction...