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I grew up in Singapore, but now live in Sydney, Australia.

I sang cantatas in a choir for some years with my older sister, uncle and cousin, and was part of an "a capella" singing group for a short while.

In between full-time work, I am the carer for my husband who has retired early due to ill health. To keep sane, I have been known to dabble in sketching, painting (acrylics) and folk art. A few years ago, I took up knitting and found it soothed me during the long, awful hours waiting at the hospital.

I collect teddy bears with attitude. No sugary-sweet, cutesy ones in my furry collection. The bear rabble has grown so extensive that I think they have started a union.

My other way to deal with stress is to meditate, silently chanting a mantra chosen specifically for me by my instructor. I was taught a form of transcendental meditation. Yoga exercises sometimes help too. Mind and body in harmony to keep everything balanced.

I write poetry (rather badly) but it keeps me entertained:


I drifted through a crowded field,
Lonelier than a cloud.
My mind was swathed in cotton wool,
My heart encased in snow.

The sky aloft was beyond blue,
The sun a blinding eye.
Are yours the only ears that hear
My mindless babbling blather?

- Julia -

I also believe in the power of fine quality chocolate to soothe a multiple of woes:D

Drop by for a friendly chat: jubeele.ygs [at] yahoo.com.
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Why Is She Just Standing There? on 2018-01-07

The housing estate of Queenstown, where my Mum still lives in Singapore, is reported to have been built over a Chinese cemetery during the early 1960s. This may explain to some extent my own unsettling experiences there as a child, as shared in "Disturbed By The Spirits". In my father's family, S...

Grandma's House At Cairnhill - Part 3 on 2017-12-21

Grandma's house at Cairnhill had its share of secrets from the Occupation in 1942-1945. My family suspected that certain atrocities took place under its roof when it was a base of operations for Japanese army officers, but we were glad that the full history was never made known to us. Sometimes, it ...

Grandma's House At Cairnhill - Part 2 on 2017-12-17

Whenever anyone in my family refers to "Grandma's House", I would always think of the Cairnhill place in Singapore. The sprawling, half-acre property was presided over by a stately, three-storied colonial house, with white-washed walls and a gently-sloping terracotta roof. The house belonged to my p...

Grandma's House At Cairnhill on 2017-12-14

When I was a child growing up in Singapore, the weird and inexplicable was something rarely discussed in my father's family. It was not that the family did not believe in such things, but whenever the subject came up, Grandma would firmly squash all "irresponsible" talk. No one was allowed to speak ...

Horsing Around on 2017-11-23

During 2014, my husband and I went for riding lessons in the suburb of Box Hill, some 42 kilometres (approx. 26 miles) north-west of Sydney in the Hills District region. Once a month, we would pack up our riding gear into the boot of our SUV and make the 2-hour drive from home to the rural outskirts...

The Boy In The Red Vest on 2017-10-20

My mother has a theory that the "sight", for want of a better word, most likely stems from the "exotic" Thai side of Grandma's family. However, that ability may also have come from Grandpa's side of the equation. I never had the privilege of knowing my paternal grandfather. When I was six, I aske...

Comfort At The Comet Inn on 2017-09-28

It was sometime in late October or early November 2003, my husband and I had been invited by friends to attend their daughter's christening in Oberon, in the central tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. When we set out on our trip, there were reports of black ice along the way on Bells Line of ...

Disturbed By The Spirits on 2017-09-23

The 10-storey apartment block in Queenstown, Singapore has been our family home for over 50 years. It was among the very first government flats built by the Housing Development Board (HDB) during Singapore's fledgling years in the 1960s. We were fortunate enough to have a corner unit on the 7th floo...

Shadow Man On Cairnhill Road on 2017-09-21

For much of my childhood days in Singapore, my parents often worried about me as they felt I was "sensitive" to spirits and prone to "seeing" things others couldn't see. My mother thinks this may stem from the fact that Dad's grandmother was the village head woman in the old days back in Thailand. I...

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Date: 2018-02-18
RC, I believe your mother saw John coming back to share a farewell service with the church and the people that he loved so well. I've had a few curious moments like that in the past. I feel spiritually uplifted whenever I hear of these experiences. 😊

Thank you RC for this beautiful affirmation. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm sending a special wish just for your mother.❀
I'm with RC and lady-glow. Amor, you may have attracted a spirit animal known for loyalty in your time of need. 😊
"People who are experiencing loneliness or a betrayal may find the dog totem appearing in their lives as a reminder that loyalty exists."

I'm glad you made it back safely with your special mountain guide. I'll also have nothing further to do with those unreliable companions.

RC - hope to hear from you soon. Take care and all the best to you and your Mom. ❀
Date: 2018-02-14
Ow, ow... This is seriously wicked, lady-glow! I laughed so much my sides hurt! 🀣 This has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster: Final Destination meets Friday 13th meets Carrie meets X Files meets Evil Dead meets Nightmare on Elm St. Can't wait for the sequel! 😭
Ajay - good to hear from you. Let's catch up off-site via email etc. 😊

BTW Hilary, maybe you can ask if Rachel would like to submit her own account too from her POV? Then she'll be better placed to satisfy our curiosity and answer our questions...
Date: 2018-02-14
Lilwolf, your experience had me a little spooked. 😨 I feel your instinct is spot-on to go into "super-protection" mode. Especially where Jocelyn's concerned. I'm so glad Cuyler understands the need for cleansing and shielding.

Augusta has given you some excellent options for cleansing. My parents used frankincense in our place when I was a child. My mother had a feng shui master (geomancer - earth diviner) do some purification rituals for us at one time. Some of the steps also include clearing stale air, using salt, sweet scent, light etc. I've found this article on various cleansing steps which I hope you may find useful:

I've also hunted around for similar accounts to yours that might give you some basis for comparison. One has a mimicking voice and the other has something pretending to be someone's husband too:

Forewarned is to forearmed. I hope all this helps. My well-wishes go with you and your family. Be Safe and take Care. ❀
Lady-glow - your greeting (to Kitty) made me smile. 😊 Maybe the knife was something from 'The House of Flying Daggers'? (Just joking πŸ˜‰). Can you please repost the link to the story as I only went to the "Home" page when I clicked on it.

Kitty, it is thought that shadow people could be spirits who haven't the energy to manifest fully. From what I've learned from others and my family's experiences, it also takes some effort for an entity to have an effect on a physical object. That's why they need a buildup of energy (negative or positive) like when troubled teenagers are present or when a family is in a lot of strife. Perhaps that is something you may wish to consider should you wish to ask your friend more about the flying knife.

Most of the time, a shadow is just a shadow. Be well. 😁
South-east Asian folklore describes the pontianak as the spirits of women who died while pregnant. They are also associated with banana trees. There are similar vampiric spirits called Churel, Churayl or Cuḍel (Hindi: ΰ€šΰ₯ΰ€‘ΰ₯ˆΰ€², Urdu: Ϊ†Ϊ‘ΫŒΩ„β€Ž), in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The Churel is often called a tree-spirit as she is said to live in trees. This is a vengeful spirit who seeks revenge for ill-treatment at the hands of her in-laws, targeting the males of the family.

But as your "experience is neither terrifying nor horrific", that probably isn't the case here. If the dream Rachel had about the weeping woman is significant, then could it be an appeal for help? Perhaps the woman wants a prayer for her soul, some kind words to be said, or some acknowledgement of her suffering or passing?

Have you looked into the history of your house? Did anything happen in the past in the storeroom? Or could it be a foreboding of an event yet to happen?

If the wall was too high for a dog to jump - and they can scale pretty high walls - have you also looked to see if there was a gap in some hidden corner or a hole dug under the wall? I've got friends who think their dogs are related to Houdini because of their escape-artist tricks and how they can get into the neighbour's garden!

I'm curious about Rachel - she sounds really interesting. I hope you'll tell us more about how she could sense the ghost of the daughter in one of the houses in the colony. What was chasing her when she was only 10 and how did she deal with it?

Looking forward to learning more in your part 2. 😊
Date: 2018-02-10
Melda and lady-glow have just planted the mental image of a little bearded man in a brown suit warming up with the Plié in 5th position, who then finishes off with a yoga exercise "Salute to the Sun". (Sorry, silly thought!) 😁

I had the same impression that the brownie came to see what you were doing, was worried and confused at first. Then he got curious and tried to follow your routine. Maybe the bumps and vibrations were him jumping up and down, or doing energetic leg-lifts? Kind of sweet really.

Thanks Val for explaining the difference between a gnome and a brownie.

Enjoyed this interesting read, Tweed. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2018-02-03
Reading this made me happy too. It shows how love can still reach us beyond the veil. I feel that Ann stayed around to comfort you because you were so heartbroken at losing her. Perhaps when the time is right for both of you, she might then move on.

I wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming account. ❀
Date: 2018-01-27
Hi Lilwolf! How are you? I had the same thought as RC about Georgia, but realised that you meant somewhere in the US. A historic trip is a great idea and not "dorky" at all. Blairsville sounds like a fabulous place and you've made it come so vividly alive.

When I close my eyes, I could almost "see" the objects in the various rooms that you visited. It sounds to me that you may have a touch of psychometry in your abilities. We all leave electromagnetic impressions on objects that we touch, like some kind of psychic fingerprint. People with your ability can pick up these energy patterns. You may wish to "shield" yourself in future before visiting places with a lot of history or even antique stores.

I shivered when I read about the hands that grabbed you. It sounds like the spirit of someone gloating how he got away with murder, doesn't it? 😨

Were you allowed to take any photos of the place? I'd love to see them if you have any. Thanks for sharing this experience. 😊
Let's start with the mundane, logical possibilities. Having doctors on both sides of my family, they might suggest that the humming in your ears may be an early sign of hearing loss. Or you may simply be sensitive to EMF (Electric & Magnetic Fields) emissions. On the other hand, some being from another world could be trying to communicate with you...eek! πŸ‘½

About the bacon sandwich. Are you very sure you didn't sleepwalk and made the sandwich in your sleep, or have "zoned-out" and had some unexplained memory loss? Or maybe it was your boyfriend? If you're very certain that your memory is clear about the sandwich, then let's consider other possibilities. I've read of others who had coffee made for them. Why not a bacon sandwich?

My other thought is that being in the UK, could it be a brownie? Not the chocolatey kind, but the faery folk...? Have you looked into the history of the place? Were there any stories of strange happenings from your neighbours or previous owners/tenants?

Your ghost is welcome in my kitchen too if it can cook and put the dishwasher on! 😁
Val - I'm wondering how to best approach the subject with my cousin. If he's not willing to open up, I might show the article to my aunt and let her talk to him at a later time. My aunt is of the opinion that such experiences should be shared with the family to be discussed or explained away. Her reasoning is that too much secrecy would only create more fear. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. ❀
Date: 2018-01-26
You're made me blush, MrRiggs. 😳 But I thank you for your gallant words. Alas, there has been a moratorium declared on parties for now. Nevertheless, by virtue of the positive energies that they generate, laughter and light-heartedness are cleansing rituals in their own right to soothe away ill-will and hurt feelings.

Bee_Beans, I grew up in a family that accepts the paranormal and learned to live with things that can't be explained. Several of my relatives have abilities to sense what most people don't. I also know that to obsess over every shadow or odd sound in the night is not the way to go. Everything should be in balance. Faith with a dose of common sense, plus a whole lot of heart.

So do the best you can and be true to yourself. You will know in your heart what is best for you. I have faith that you will do just fine. 😊
Date: 2018-01-26
Hi Bee_Beans, I wanted to reach out to you some time ago, but I've been thinking on the right words for you. I can feel how it hurts you! You shouldn't take on the "blame" for things you can't control. Sometimes in life s--t happens. Sadly, even to people through no fault of their own.

Your gift is a special part of you. If you are ever to accept it and learn how to harness it in a positive way, you should make peace with it. Be patient with yourself. You're already on the right path. ❀

13***15, as with all gifts, come responsibilities. If yours came at a time when you weren't ready for it, then letting go is also a way of coping with the situation. But you're still a very special person and one of my favourites on YGS. (Though if you can predict next week's lotto draw... Just joking! 😜)
Hi Toby, I want you to know that you've been in my thoughts. It's good that you've kept up that journal. You can now list out the questions that everyone has asked to help you determine what may, or may not, be paranormal. Even if you can't find the answers to all of them, asking questions helps your mind sort things out in a logical manner. I find that this also helps me decide on what I need to do.

Try listing out all the actions everyone has suggested. See if anything is immediately doable for your own benefit. Cleansing the whole house may depend if your family is willing to take action together or your parents agree to it. Does your family attend church or any place of worship? Can you enlist the help of a trusted family friend, relative or church member (if applicable)?

Perhaps you can introduce the idea as "spring-cleaning" or "decluttering". The actual cleaning, clearing-out of unwanted stuff and scrubbing out dark corners will also give the place a healthier, more wholesome environment. If the weather is too cold to open the windows, try burning sage and sandalwood in places that feel particularly "dark". A pleasant smell does refresh our senses and subtly improves our mood.

Suggest that the family spend more time doing fun activities together. Get out a favourite movie, make popcorn together and have a happy gathering etc. Laughter, smiles and carefree moments are essential to maintain feelings of well-being.

If you feel this general malaise follows you everywhere, have a closer look at how and when it happens. Do certain people bring you down by what they say or do? If possible, avoid their company and spend more time with people with a "positive" outlook. Does a particular route feel somewhat "creepy"? Then find an alternate route. Listen to soothing or cheerful music, avoid sad, angry or violent movies that may impact on your mood. When I was a frightened/angry/hurting teenager, I spent hours at the local library. The atmosphere was calm, quiet and no one was angry with me there. Such peace. These are just my suggestions because they have worked in the past for me.

I would like you to know that you're not alone. We're here to help if we can. Here, I'm sending you my warmest wishes. ❀
Date: 2018-01-23
Hi Fergie, I haven't been able to track down the book from my usual online source. I might ask if my local bookstore can order it in for me.

Just had a thought about the gate and the sliding bolt. Was that the last of the antics for that time? If so, then maybe it "exhausted" its stored-up energy just for that display. I got the distinct impression of something "showing-off" for your benefit. Like it was trying to say: "Look how clever/smart/strong I am!" 😁

Did Ray experience anything at Nicky's too?
My Special Agent 13***15! I hope you're well. So glad to hear from someone in Singapore. I always thought Hokkien was one of the best dialects for swearing, <ahem> I mean colourful descriptions.

That's interesting about your theory - that's my first thought too, that she knew her murderer. A gun isn't that easy to come by in Singapore, so I've wondered if it was a gangland killing. I like your theory as to why she could've been in the carpark. She was retracing her movements on that day...

My family actually were in the Tanglin area in the mid 1960s before moving a bit further away. Very close to the scene of the crime. 😟

(BTW, I posted a comment on your second account some time ago. πŸ˜‰)
How are you, MrRiggs? You've brought up yet another viewpoint. I never considered OBB or OBE. So perhaps the woman in white was someone's astral projection? That's a most interesting hypothesis.

During your OBB episodes, were you ever seen by anyone or able to interact with them? Was your brother aware in a peripheral way of your presence? I find your experiences, as always, uniquely fascinating.

Thank you for your input on the subject. 😊
Em, I do recall seeing historical dramas where the Chinese burial clothes were in white. This may also depend whether the family followed Buddhist/Taoist or other practices. I've wondered if white burial clothes are one of the reasons why there are so many "White Lady" sightings. I could be totally wrong. If anyone knows of anything else, I'd be interested to learn more. πŸ€”

This may have changed over the years. At my father's funeral in 2004, my mother picked his favourite grey safari suit. I've attached an article I found about Singaporean Chinese death rituals:

My family has become used to ignoring strange events. We usually try to examine things in a logical manner because most of the time, there's a reasonable explanation. For the 5% of inexplicable weirdness, we'd simply accept it as "one of those things". 😲
Date: 2018-01-21
Emma, thanks for sharing this intensely personal experience. This was a crucial junction in your life where you needed to make a personal stand and hold fast to your faith. It involved hard choices and the willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of your belief. I do respect the courage you showed in making your decision.

Perhaps this may in turn help others to take heart after reading your message.