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Always Afraid Part Ii on 2017-07-26

As I promised I will continue to write more of my stories. As I've said before I have moved to UK nearly 5 years ago and began to work as a care assistant, just nights. There I have experienced the worst things ever. My first night was horrible for me, not because I have felt something but becaus...

Always Afraid on 2017-07-13

I don't even know how to start, this is my first time I write something on a site, I usually don't speak about what happen to me, just family and close friends know. Everything started when I was very little. My family did not tell me that I had a twin brother, but I always knew, I always felt him...

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Date: 2017-08-07
Hello everyone,

In a way I wish my story was fake, BUT I write here just to communicate and to receive advices, I don't want to gain anything from this. To be honest, if it wasn't true, I wouldn't write it here or anywhere else, I am not that kind of person who looses time writing,,stories'' on a site. When you signed up here on this site you have to give your birthdate, automatically it gives you the age grouping, I have not choose it myself... And I am born in 1987...YEAHHH, thank you for making me younger, I am flattered...

Everyone, thank you for your advices, I have to mention that I am baptized from a young age and I strongly believe in God. I dreamt about someone in the family being a witch so probably that was with a purpose... Now the only thing that I personally want to do is to remain with God and to study how to,,ground'' and to,,shield'' myself and if I will learn this I could continue with helping others.
You are marvelous, at least I know I am not alone now... I can speak with you guys... Thank you a lot
Date: 2017-08-01
I want to say thank you to everyone! I will try to follow your advices and leave the fear behind! I have to admit that is hard to see the goodness in the world when we are surrounded by so much evil! I just can't see the bright side! Thank you again, at least now I have a point where I can start from!
Blessings from Romania! ❤
Date: 2017-07-26
thank you everyone for the nice words and advices, I will follow them! [at] twiggly I will be more then pleased to speak to someone about my problems. My e-mail is alina_s19 [at] And please if anyone has the same problems like me I am more then eager to receive more advices, if there is a way to conquer my fear.

Thank you everyone! ❤
Date: 2017-07-20
Thank you for giving me your cleansing method, I will surely use it. I really don't know about my great-great mother having dementia. I used to work at a care center for elderly people with dementia. I don't think she had it, but you never know how people react when they are about to die. Even at the care center I knew when someone is about to die, I could feel it probably 3-4 days before someone died.
About my 'gift', I really don't know what to say and how to get rid of the fear. Actually 2 years ago, I bought a second hand lamp from a man... He just looked at me and said...,,ohhhh you are like me, I can see your aura, let go of your fear and you can do great things,, I just freaked out and told nobody about it. I really don't know why this is happening to me. How do I get read of the fear if strange things are happening to me and I can't explain them...that's why I am afraid, plus... I can't speak with anyone about it...
And that blessing in disguise... About my boyfriend... He is my husband now...:) and he is the only one who understands me... I will come back with my other stories... Take care and blessings from Romania