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Iam a mother of two great young adults, wife, amateur folk harpist and a once sceptic of the etheric or paranormal... Until I had a few experiences myself. I don't judge; everyone has their right to their truth and beliefs. I learn quietly and find it comforting to read of others experiences, that Iam not all alone with it. I won't try and change anyone's own beliefs. Calm is my motto!:) Oh! I live in Northern California ~ I love forests; growing up in the redwoods~

I don't have a website- but do post photos etc on my Instagram... It has served well during this difficult year (2017) since my husbands brain tumor journey began Dec 23rd '16...Iam not a social media fan- but insta has let me express (very summarized for sure!) The Etheric or A Nature pic or an idea... If its ok I will simply give my insta name, if anyone wants to scroll through pics...
' paranormally_timid_gal '
Bright day to all,
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Great Auntie June...soon, I Must Tell Them on 2017-08-16

My Gramma was born youngest of 3 sisters in Maine 1914. She'd tell me stories of the 'influenza' and wagons of bodies taken away (she was very young like 4 or 5)...her mother, my great Gram Hattie, being very ill, running feverish out into the snow... An older sister being so ill that her hair fell ...

Three As One? Angel Of Death? on 2017-07-19

I woke at perhaps 2am one night about 5 years ago, got up to get some water and returned to bed. I was sitting up, but there was a figure in our bedroom doorway. I thought one of our kids was coming in - perhaps not feeling well. But it was not one of our kids. The figure became clearer, and it ...

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Thank YOU ALL for your thoughts/comments! I'll get each one as quiet moments appear:)

Thank you Jan for your thoughtful reply! I tend to post when its like 2am our time, as house is quiet and I can finish a thought~

Dreams are interesting to me; I dream randonmly as all of us do- but do tend to dream (particularly of gram rip '01,a lot. As in at least twice a wk?) of past folks often. Its not like Iam thinking of those past on, all day! Life is full... 2 kids in college... Husb health surprise this yr... But its not been this year only. Pretty much for a few decades. They have a 'different' feel than normal dreams. They are usually short, and feel neutral. (For me anyhow)

Of this particular one, I took note it was in grams home (which I dream of often as well), and uncle Duke being in there too- with Gram, but June still alive at the time, leaving the rm and I followed, but recall what she said. I didn't remember what gram and duke were chatting about.

All the same it did call to my attention I hadn't talked w/June in a while... So prompted my call-and then finding out how ill she was actually. And that when she passed it was so close to my own birthday~ but hard for me as she was the last of relatives in Cali that were from Maine, that new England accent...'Pac the caa'r deahh' (park the car dear) losing gram all over again: (

Wow, so sorry your husb went through that! Yes, health stuff sure is a shake up. Moment at a time! Surgery at a time...MRI, radiation, physical therapy... At a time. Sure have been meeting many strong souls along the way- some going through more than we (though my husb does tip the scale a bit... Tons of things all suddenly), but wow - has been a chance to connect with folks, who otherwise don't feel open enough to talk of their experiences. When appropriate, mention 'brain tumor, paralysed for months,seizures, ruptured intestine, blood clot etc', and people open up. A chance to vent and give a hug, to those who have had, or are on a journey themselves~ hope this finds your husb well and yourself too:)

(Hmm...stovepipe hat... Maybe Abe L. Stopped in for a visit in dream time ~ I do believe no Soul is 'better than' another. Maybe since Abe suffered a lot with different health/mood issues, he dropped by to share a pep talk w/your husb!) xo
Thank you all for your thoughts and comments! I appreciate each, and think them through in quiet time~ (I don't want anyone to feel their thoughts were for not; when I get time to read them through, I do and respect and consider each!) ~ShySgaile:)
My goodness, I appreciate so much feedback! Its a little tough (my fault for joining a new online site when lots of health stuff going on w/husb)...but everyone taking time and thought of my post!

If I had time to respond to each one... But I certainly (like now, everyone is asleep and husb having calm rest... Who knew AFTER brain tumor surg., that seizures happen as brain slowly heals - well in his case as it was fist sized tumor) am reading and respecting everyone's comments~ know that:) for sure.

I may have written the experience sounding like a cement block, but yes - was extremely confusing and upsetting at the time. Oddly, today I found an old journal- to me it seems like 5 years ago, not 10+ years since, for whatever reason I experience things spiritual/paranormal; whatever label one chooses to use for them... Its been more than a decade now?

But re reading what I wrote in 2007... I recall the dreams or experiences... I read a dream I'd had- back then of my husb, in editing studio (we r self employed, ad agency)...but editing a commercial for client... In the dream, studio was suddenly outside, green hills around and a giant angel figure rose high from ground to clouds; yet there was no name, and it was black and a dark purple color!?

Odd I opened to that journal entry... As my husb felt well enough to get into studio last week, editing for client - but had a seizure (mild), so I brought him home, and studio editor (known him for 20 yrs~) finished up project. Not to say some rather dark angelic (didn't have bat wings or devilish horns) being was looming over studio last week-but husb was certainly frustrated and sad, to need to leave-unlike life b4 tumor, where he could be focused and feel fine for 10 hours if needed.

Thats drifting again from what I posted, but I feel everyones input has its relevance of the 3. I do say (excuse, Iam tired, but want to respond, forgive my ramblings) though- of the 3, it was a personal as well as surprising experience. Personal in that I was blank at first then definitely felt fear,curiosity,panic, and confusion but sort of 'accepted' I was supposed to see the 3? I didn't and don't take such experiences with 'whatever', attitude.

The black eyed female is still what gets at me. Who/what/why is/was she? Your input assists me pondering her, and the other 2.:)
Date: 2017-07-22
I won't drag on with details right now of my experiences (suddenly in my mid 30's when my kids were young too)...but super understand your fear... My 'stuff' seemed to blurt into my life (following from home to home, or even when on a family trip in a hotel!) after my gram passed. So though different way, but its been a journey.

A very upsetting scary one for me, and my husband as he doesn't like ghost stuff anyway- but glimpsing, or hearing something that I am full on seeing, is a freak out for him. My kids are young adults now- but I sort of instilled in them when they were little (and yep, r kids were in our rm, lots of nights!) ..."its time for you to go, Iam getting mom if you dont... Go go go, I'll never stop saying this, so may as well go"

Sounds silly, but that's a thing I have learned... To know in my heart, that it is true- personally (I didn't expect my kiddos to shoulder creepy things, they knew it was ok to call for us or come and sleep in our rm) - I truly do not stop saying that! Sometimes a presence has stuck around for weeks, but I repeat that. "No presence has my permission to scare, upset, surprise or hang out in my home. Or pester my family. Unless there is something for me to know-for my greater good, and from a Loving Source, (God,or whatever word one prefers), its time to go."

It took years to finally figure it out. I needed to set boundaries for me- and family... Even if I by accident attracted some presence by hearing/watching some ghost vid on YouTube or something. (My one post so far, was before I ever started doing what I describe... I felt invaded, vulnerable, watched, anx, ill-u name it! It was horrible at first).

Perhaps practice what's comfortable for u, to say... Along those lines-but the 'I will NEVER stop saying this', has helped a lot. It seems laborious, but has been worth the peace (mostly-i still experience presenses, but am not so freaked out nowadays, I am tired! (and don't have time, my husb healing from a super not fun brain tumor journey since this Jan., I need as much energy as poss!)

Many bright thoughts your way, and family too. It will be ok. It will. And as said... Boards can be a gate... I haven't ever tried one, but think I shall stear clear of them! ~
Thank everyone for your input! I just wrote a detailed reply/comment...but hit something by accident (Iam using my phone)...and lost the whole thing, darn!

Oh well, perhaps it affords me time to reread everyone's thoughts, and to comment less lengthly, another time around!

I respect everyone taking time to comment, and will too, again (think I will copy my comment this time before posting, in case I erase it again by mistake! Oof! TGIF;)
Hello Rook-
Thank you for your input.

Female in doorway semi solid. Not physical.

Reaper semi solid.
Angel of death, more transparent. Glowing though.

Scared yep. Seen these types of things before, yes.

Explanation why? I don't know. I don't get high or drink into oblivion.

Everyone say one says I sound muted, non reactive. But I thought I was supposed to get to the point when posting an experience. (Dream if you'd prefer saying. Though I had gotten up to use the bthrm-so wasn't in the sheets yet-thus sitting up)

I am learning a lot from comments and opinions here. I appreciate that.

I wonder... What is more important; the feeling one gets, symbolism, something that has meaning in an over all picture of a persons life-at the time, or the spelling of an angel's name, the exact height of an apparition.

Or how it may affect my husband since he isn't to partial to ghost or 'paranormal' things. That I deal with things myself since its upsetting to him, and our kids.

Pick it apart or observe from a distance. What to learn from experiences?

Hello Manafon1-
Iam not new to experiences I don't completely understand, or why I even have them. I do dream a lot. But Iam awake in some experiences.

At some point I will share of a soldier who clearly was standing next to my chair- and yes, scared the wits out of me... But did have closure in that experience. I was able to look up what 'words I heard' (believe me I wrote it all down... Name, birthday, birthplace) . I take none of this lightly and when things began 'happening' (at me, it seemed, I did not want any of it at all- I hated scary movies and such until my mid 30's!)...I did not sit back on my heels. I researched anything to do with health, stress etc before tip toeing to more spiritual books.

Then emailed several authors (Sophy Burnham being a patient kind woman, kept in touch with me - which helped... A lot. She is quite grounded and that's what I needed/wanted.) I am not interested in ghost hunting. I just want to know what, why and how this is part of my life.

And reaper along with the female, and angelic presense has been one experience I often ponder... Now without the fear I had at the time.

Thank you for your thoughts of my husband, it has been a journey for sure. Day at a time, moment at a time. He has a strong will~ and at this point getting physically stronger too. Quite a life changer for us all~*~
Hello Melda-
What I didn't include is for several years before, I had experienced some things... That I figured something was suddenly wrong with me- though nothing changed; same house, mom of 2, busy household... Except 'seeing' or knowing things just blurted into my life. Yes, saw Dr, read books on health and eventually - books on being 'sentient' (I don't prefer or claim to be psychic).

So- 'reaper' did look reaper. With its sickle. I gave up waking my husb by that time, since he dislikes ghost or spirit type things; though once in a while something I experience... He will suddenly wake up and comment 'is someone in here? One of the kids?' I usually now say-'awe, its all good, go to sleep.'

Ooh, I wrote to the point and summarized, but wow has my body and mind been through a ringer. I lost weight, had an ulcer, insomnia... Thats night experiences. Day is no different-except being occupied by work, driving, its busy, mind occupied. If I nap-or try to have some quiet in my day I sense presenses.

But what good is it all? Once it was helpful... I was doing dishes before picking my son up from high school, and sort of pictured a red convertible smashed head on into a tree. My phone rang a few minutes later; my son said to wait for a bit- lots of traffic backup... Someone head on into a tree in front of his school. I got there as they towed a red convertible mustang off.

So, I don't take things 'LA Dee dah', as how I may have come off as in my post... I just wrote what I saw, and have thought over it for several years now. (sorry I may have drifted from what you inquired of in your comment!) I will re read it again!
Date: 2017-07-19
I appreciate your taking time to say hi and inform me of things! Oh, I have many experiences to share. And enjoy commenting too.

Excuse my not checking in regularly, my husband is recuperating from a brain tumor journey started on Dec 23rd- its been a surreal experience. Everyday is different though its been months now. We are hoping no more radiation and no more new growth (main surgery was 1/4/17 to remove the large tumor)...and seizures are lessoning - which is good.

I do look forward to exploring this site, but hope my irregular checking in isn't judged as not caring.
Date: 2017-07-16
lady-glow, hello! Iam new to this site so hope Iam posting within correct requirements! I think maybe the experience was super frightening for kixrox, and maybe leary of anyone sharing more scary ideas or perhaps being judged by others.

I know another site Iam on (but sort of backing quietly away from) was VERY anti-paranormal. (Why have a site about sharing experiences when a huge portion of people on it talked down to a poster-as if almost every ghost experience was imagination?... Oof.) I understand some folks do write a bit of fiction, but if they arent-they are trying to figure out what happened, or what they saw!

It feels thoughtful here, and Iam glad to have found this site! I hope too, that kixrox will feel comfortable or safe to keep us updated on how its going. Hope to read some of your own experiences or comments! I will! ~ ShySgaile:)
Date: 2017-07-16
Goodness. I understand the fear (but will share my own experiences in a post~) but, the fear is real as far as how our bodies respond to something extremely frightening (I got an almost PTSD type condition myself... But I tend to be a sensitive nervous type anyway)...

1, I hope you are feeling a bit less traumatized. It is wearing on the body.
2, I (excuse my use of the word 'feel'), but I do feel the presence knew you would see it.
3, its great you confronted it - that's hard to do when super scared and something is right in front of you and both feel and see it. In a sense it may be good it didn't respond; sometimes when opening a connection, 'it' knows it can return and expect more interaction with you.
4, I wish I could have answers for the whole thing... But such is etheric or paranormal-like a riddle so often.

So much energy around it;I have an incling you are becoming aware. Or 'sentient'. As in, its always been you- its just that now is your time to blossom. It may have been an irrelevant presence personally to you (as in a past loved one), but you indeed experienced this.

I appreciate your detail, and am glad you seem to have some folks around that support you - that's a blessing. Its hard when you know what you experienced, but no one relates or understands how much an impact it does to a person.

Though you may have already, perhaps a book or two on 'spiritual awakenings' can be of help, if even a paragraph in a book resinates with you. I would say buy books on apparitions and ghosts... (but do if you feel it right for you, and not scare you more)...but you don't need to know 'how' to see- you have! You need to feel safe and comforted and perhaps pick up a few coping and personal boundary skills, so you don't have to be afraid worrying of another experience. You may not have another. But if you do- you are more ready or prepared when or if it happens.

Hope all has been well since your post. Iam new here, so just starting to explore this thoughtful site.:)