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Moms Will Always Be There on 2017-07-19

I grew up in a small town called Oviedo, FL. It's about 30 minutes via highway from Orlando. The town is rich in history and a lot of orange groves. I have always felt ghosts, demons, etc. I feel and feed off of their emotions. For as long as I can remember I have had two demons with me but they don...

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When I said I feel and feed off of emotions, this is the best way to explain. When I feel a ghost, spirit, demon, etc., I get rid of my emotions like dumping out a box. When I feed off of the emotions, I feed that empty box the emotions of whatever is around me, put their emotions in the box. Their emotions are my emotions now. If they are happy I'm happy, if their sad I'm sad etc.
Feeling and feeding off of emotions is actually something I have to deal with for a long time. What I mean is what the other person or spirit is feeling, I feel it and if I want to I feed off of it so I can understand what they are going through and help them. As for the demons, they are more of protecters. They keep any other demons or spirits away from me if they wish to do me harm and they warn me about people and events.