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Just a normal wife and mom. My sons are my world. Believe in God 100%.
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Ouija Board Gone Wrong on 2017-07-19

Myself and two friends decided to play an Ouija board. The first time we played with it it claimed to be my great great aunt (whom I never met but was told she supposedly killed 3 out of her 4 husbands) then after I got a bad feeling and stopped playing, it claimed to be my friend's dad. After she...

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Date: 2017-07-23
When I said "hours" I didn't mean in one setting. This went on for a couple days. As I said before this was 10 years ago so lots has happened. As for the other girls, one of them I haven't spoken to in years but one I'm still close to. She had some problems but I think I was the easier target. My sons dad died not long after this while I was only three months pregnant. I was a mess mentally. But things seem to have lightened up a lot for about 6 months now. And I really can't remember if I said goodbye the last time. I know I always said goodbye but I just can't remember saying it that time. I probably did because we were so crazy about doing that so nothing could come out of the board.
Date: 2017-07-23
[at] RedWolf and [at] lady-glow thank you both for your responses. And of course my husband didn't mistake me for a 7' monster haha. The first time he caught a glimpse of it he didn't see it's size, only a shadow that he was hoping was me. This stuff went on for 10 years so there are lots and lots of details left out. I told it to leave so many times that it would be impossible to count. It would do things like push the gas peddle while I was going around curves and it tried pulling me into the couch. Sounds so goofy but I'm not sure how else to explain it. I had just gotten off of work at 5am and laid down on the couch at 6am. I thought I must've imagined it because I was tired so I flipped around on the couch and it happened again. Felt like something was under the couch slowly pulling me into it. It absolutely terrified me. Also my son would get sick and stay sick for weeks, sometimes up to 2 months. There are lots of things that happened, I'll elaborate once I have a little time to do so.