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The Knocking Ghost Got In And My Sister Is Being Attacked! on 2017-08-11

If you read my last story you'll know the ghost knocks and comes up to the door but had not gotten in. This is a couple of messages from my little sister (we'll call her C) who lives there with her husband (T) and their son (we moved to Colorado last week) C: Things are happening and I'm terrifi...

Neighbors Ghost Opens Our Door on 2017-08-03

Cinco de Mayo my family and I were at the neighbors playing cards. I got this strange feeling I needed to go into the hall. When I stepped in the hallway I heard my 1 year old nephew screaming and crying. Following his cry I find him in the very back bedroom (master bedroom) in the bathtub! I know...

The Mummy, The Children And The Scary Man on 2017-07-25

When I was around 6 or 7 years old we lived in a duplex in the middle of town. My memory is a little hazy on the layout of the house because we didn't live there long due to the amount if activity but I do remember there were 3 floors. The top floor had 2 rooms, one was my parents and the other was ...

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She is Apache and Navajo. When I was a kid she lived on a Ute reservation so it could be any of those 😕
I just got of the phone with C and think I've successfully talked her into creating a profile on this site so she can answer question more accurately than I. Its just a matter of her actually getting on the site to do it. She's afraid to talk about it because she said she feels like she's going crazy. Her husband said he's been hearing voices. She's trying to get him to seek professional help but he is as stubborn if not more than an ass. She said she is going to go to the Dr about the "seizures". C said these fits are different from the ones she used to have because she is fully alert and aware of everything as they are occurring and when she used to have seizures she was only aware when started to happen but would blackout right after they started. She's also afraid to try any cleansing or blessings because she feels that by fully acknowledging it will feed into it and that she feels she isn't as experienced in this field to try on her own
Valkricry I realized after I submitted the story but I thought maybe I had put the right date but I did in fact mean 08/06
Lady-glow the neighbors only have an idea on where the spirit came from. According to the neighbor her cousin had been playing with the Ouija board with some people. It didn't go very well and the cousin got scared, broke the circle and left before goodbye could be said. The cousin started having "strange things" happening even as she was traveling to TN to visit our neighbor. She took an egg uncooked and in the shell and was rubbing it on herself (this is supposed to pull any negative energy and pull it into the egg. Then you dispose if the egg outside of the home and off the property) She
Accidentally dropped the egg in the kitchen. Therefore releasing whatever into the home.
Melda my sister hasn't been on anti-seizure med in years since she hasn't had any her doctor took her off of them. My Grandma lives in Denver but my mom assisted with the smudging. I'm going to ask my mom tomorrow if my sister even mentioned rooks method because my mom would do it regardless of how my brother in law feels.
Lady-glow my grandma did not know the correct spelling either. My grandmother grew up on a reservation and is well versed in spirits and lore. After the smudging C hasn't been physically attacked but there is still activity in the home.
Thank you took I will let her know 😊 about the cleansing and shielding method. I may not be there but my sister and nephew are and I would not want them to go through anything bad
Pretend friend is what he wanted to be called but I think my son knew he was real but he wasn't solid. I'm not saying my son is so aware and in tune that at the age of 3 he could tell. But this spirit was extremely intelligent and kind and I think he let my son know he was real but others couldn't see him.
Cousin wasn't in the room with my son.

Imaginary friend went from playful to moving things around, then throwing things at people, I started having night terrors and sleep walking. What brought on the exorcism was me getting unexplainable bites and scratches and I would also have black outs. I was told I did weird and violent things but I don't remember those. I don't think I was possessed but I don't know.

My Dad is a veteran. I was talking to a man that said he was going to war and how he was going to miss his family. She walked up shred who I was talking to and said the paranormal thing. Surprise when I turned around he was gone.
I do see spirits not all the time but when they want. Some do try to talk to me but it sounds more of a mumbled whisper. I have never lived in a house that did not have some kind of activity.
Melda I would love to have the house blessed but the house is my sisters and even tho we have both asked my brother in law he won't let us because even tho he doesn't "believe" he says that's acknowledging it and invites other things (he's stubborn and arguments about this making absolutely no sense goes nowhere)

Redwolf thank you for your comment I actually couldn't remember if our matt said anything so I just ran and checked luckily its blank lol
I'm actually moving out of state tomorrow but I'm going to let it know that it is not allowed to follow me or my family when we leave. My sister said she was going to smudge the house whilst her "unbelieving" hubby goes to work.

Biblio (1) you are terrifyingly accurate! The curtain movement was more of someone peeking not irratic or a slight rustling from ac.
I have been told by my dads friend that paranormal are attracted to me and that no matter where I go unexplainable things will happen around me. (I had just meet her and I was verry young not even a pre-teen yet)
As a child I was blessed on 3 separate occasions by 3 different churches and religions. When those only made things worse an exorcism was carried out. I don't like to get into this story because I'm still scared to even think about it to much.

(2) No offense taken, I had no idea that anything else was going on in the home (except a feeling that something was there and the curtains) until after I talked to NL.
I didn't say anything to my son because I didn't want to scare him from his only neighborhood friend but very rarely did I let him over there without me or his auntie and because he also has the "gift" such as he had talked to my grandma Marcy who died when I was middle school and his "Pretend friend" (my son called him that by name) when my son was 3. Pretend friend killed himslf, his wife and kid in a plane accident. My sun told me this story by first screaming "MOM WATCH OUT HIS PLANE IS GOING TO CRASH!" as I'm going 75mph on the interstate passing the Airport and then he proceeded to have a litteral panic attack as he told me the rest of the story. He kept saying in between sobs and snot " He's sorry mommy. He feels guilty, He didn't mean too, it was accident"
As I mentioned to Melda and Redwolf my "NON BELIEVER" B-I-L believe any firm of cleaning atracts them.
Lady-glow, That is correct only one hospital was removed and a laundry matt, the duplex and a couple other houses were built on the land.
Date: 2017-07-29
Never will I ever touch or even be in the same room as an O.B. Session is going.
Reason one The Exorcist. That movie still scares the pants off me and I cannot watch it.
Reason 2 things like to follow me.
I was once invited to a birthday party by a girl I disliked (it was mutual) I went because majority of my friend were there. Turns out she invited me because my friends told her "scary" stuff happens when I'm around and the only time anything paranormal has happened to them I was there.
After all the festivities she pulls out an ob... I said "Thanks for the cake" and left. I lived across the street from her and I heard them scream a couple times.
I hope that the thing is gone for good and your babies health gets better. Positive energy headed your way!
If my info is incorrect I would like to know since most of it was hear say from my mother to me. If anyone finds out any other cool history on the town I'd like to know that too 😊
Unfortunately I can't find anything on the original hospital since this was about 10 years ago that I found it. The name of the town is Roosevelt it was founded in 1905. The only info I can find is from and that's only from the LDS hospital that was built in 1944. It does mention smaller clinics and very little medical personnel but that's it.
Very creepy! It's always nice when someone else has the same experience as you to validate you're not hallucinating lol.
Some spirits can change how you perceive them by distorting their image or changing shape completely, he could have spooked you just to get you out of his area or maybe he didn't like your taste in music (I'm a big Zombie fan but I can see why some people don't like him)
L_Melb only one structure is gone. The duplex is still there. I see it every time I go to Utah to visit family. Its right off the main road through town. I'm guessing the reason why they demolished the old hospital was because the didn't want an abandoned building on the main road.
Thank you all for your comments! To answer all questions in one, The previous hospital was demolished because it was in the middle of the town. The rental was built later on to accommodate the growing population. There were more deaths in the hospital but the mummy/bandaged burn victim pertained to the story so its the only one I added. I think the scary man in the other room and the man in the basement was the same man.
There are stories on here where I don't get the truth vibe but to each his own lol if you don't believe then you don't believe but thank you to those who do 😊