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Walking On Power Line on 2017-07-21

This takes place in Houston, I was 3-4 years old with my mom and her boyfriend at the time (now 20 years married). We were in the back yard BBQing, my mother was sitting in a chair to my left and Greg sitting to the right, I was in the middle with my favorite blanket. Everything was all good, unti...

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Date: 2017-07-27
[at] Lady glow - I'm unsure about it's history, that house was near buffalo bayou which is what most of Houston was built up on. People have been residing in that location since Austin came to Texas with land grants, not counting the native folk that had been there before hand.

[at] Augusta - Been digging but to no avail.

[at] Rookdygin - My mothers exp took place in her old childhood home, I'll find out more "detailed" information from her.
- It was the main line running between the houses in the backyard with the transformers and what not, then running to the houses.

[at] Tweed - I remember that brutal web-site. The feeling of when I caught eyes with it, was like I was being sucked into another world almost, That fear pretty much prepared me for life I guess. Nothing has scared me like that ever. Never felt like a hallucination for me but I guess that's what anyone would say, I can still turn my eyes off and see those eyes perfectly.

[at] Bibliothecarius - Strolling along casually. The two of them have a very peculiar sense of humor.
How you are now talking about tree branches, I never thought that maybe I was climbing to close to the line and could have been on my way to be a crispy critter, got stuck and then it manifests itself later to show me why. Anyways that's what ran through my head when I read your comment.