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Washington Island House Haunting on 2017-07-28

This is a long entry, so please bear with me. My family has lived in the same house since December 2001 on Mercer Island, WA. Mercer Island itself has an interesting history: Native Americans in the area refused to spend the night/live on the island due to the belief that it was haunted by evil ...

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Tweed-- with the arguments, there have been times where I wonder if I could've picked up some aspects of my sister's PTSD and that the arguments were hallucinations related to that. But for one of the two arguments, my other sister heard the exact same thing at the same time.

With the second argument, I followed up with my youngest sister asking her what she thought it could be and she said she'd heard (before going back to school) my parents fighting with my sister because she wanted to drop out of university-- it would fit well with that scenario but I heard whatever it was after the argument happened.

The first argument doesn't seem too far-fetched. At that point in their relationship they were arguing frequently and at one point there was even a small fire (which I acknowledge sounds like it could be related to meth, but I was told the ex had left a tealight candle burning on the carpet and my brain jumped to heroin) which had really upset my sister and I imagine would've caused a major argument. But the fire happened after we heard the argument.

I feel like some things are easier to explain/rationalize away than others, but I'll be keeping track of things as they happen. My family still lives in the house and these occurrences are ongoing, though they seem to fluctuate in frequency and intensity based on how my middle's sister's mental well being is.
Hi Tweed,

Thanks for the information-- it's definitely worth looking into. That being said, I would be very surprised if meth was at work. This guy was from a wealthy family and despite being kicked out, his mother would send him a couple hundred dollars every week or two which he'd spend on gas, alcohol, and I'm assuming, heroin. My sister (his ex-girlfriend) also has A.D.D. And has lots of Concerta (Methylphenidate) in her possession which she only uses occasionally and the extra never went missing. That's obviously not hard proof that it wasn't ever brought into the house, but this guy was definitely an opiod-addict and never displayed symptoms of someone using meth, that I saw, anyways.

I'll let my parents know they should test that room, though. Thanks!