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I have somewhat a spiritually questionable history on my mothers side of my family. She can sense things as I can. We're a racially mixed family of 9 children ranging from 12 to 25 years old... The lineage history is questionable due to some... Past satanic practices that aren't practiced nor believed anymore. Our religion is a monotheistic moderate, well reserved and traditional one, which is against all extremes, especially in evil.

But I started sensing things from the age of about 6 when I heard my name whispered in preschool while I was entirely alone in the building.

I've consulted a doctor the passed year, I am not schizophrenic or mentally ill or delusional, except for the regular exception of medium or occasional anxiety and depression.
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To Be Heard on 2017-08-20

Since my first personal accounts were rejected, I attempted but couldn't find any other places network wise where I could be believed... Since I was a child and moved into my current house I have lived in for about 10/11 years (basically my childhood), I have recently (as in the last 4 or so years...