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Tree At Farmhouse on 2017-08-02

This is my first experience on this website. I made new account to publish this experience on the advice of my best friend. It all started 2 years ago, when my school planed a picnic on a farmhouse. This farmhouse is school's own farmhouse on which the school plans picnic every year. Everything ...

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Date: 2017-08-03
thanks for the comment,
The tree was looking so messy and old as if no one had given attention on it for a year... As I have said we did not say a word about our experience to our class fellows...
It is possible that the memory lost was because of my illness or because of being tired after packing but as I had an unusual ghost experience my mind linked this to that...
Today, I told my father about it (secretly) because he is going for hajj. He assured me that he will solve the problem. We all know that there are some people in our home other than human but we know that they are nice to us. So my father said that may be they are joking with me.
But first he took a promise from me that I will never hide any thing from him and I think I should have done this before.
Thanks for your advice I will check all electronics at home. 😊