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I'm going to go ahead and rephrase this (for the reviewers who like to criticize)

I am a former ghost hunter. I stopped because of some strange things that have happened in the past. I wasn't a pro but, I would get results, as skeptic as I tried to keep in circumstances. I used to thrive on the adrenaline because it's hard for me to be scared.

My thought process was "why watch a horror movie when you could be IN one?" Lol

Although I've quit my adventures, I have stories that I'd like to share. I wanted to keep most of these stories to myself but, I'm afraid I'll forget them down the road so, I'll share them here with you all☺

Yes. Some of these stories may SEEM like fiction. As much as I would love to say so. There's some days where I believe I may have saw something else when I look back on it.

The thing is with me, is that my mind doesn't know how to play tricks on me. There may have been times that I ended up getting so scared that it probably did turn something into something truly terrifying. I have no idea.

But, from my point of view, I'll try and explain what I have experienced. I'd like the feedback if I need help deciphering something lol because some things I still can't explain.
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You Okay? on 2017-11-06

This experience was the reason why I got into ghost hunting. It was my very first time. There is an old historical war marker that's just outside my town that I used to visit during childhood field trips. It always fascinated me. Years down the road I'm ghost hunting with friends at 18, when I fi...

Bug Or Plane? on 2017-11-04

This was back when I used to "ghost bust" with friends, and was one of the first times that I went ghost hunting. There is an old historical war marker that's just outside my town that I used to visit during childhood field trips that's 30 minutes out of town. It always fascinated me. Years down ...

Legs on 2017-10-27

So one stormy night, 2 of my friends wanted to go on another ghost hunt. I didn't really want to for simply 2 reasons: We went yesterday, and it was pouring rain outside. Eventually they managed to get me to go with the dumb idea because we had never gone during a storm before. There is an old hi...

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Date: 2017-11-16
Ignore the last piece of that last comment lol I copy other comments and answer them in order the best I can lol oops 😆
Date: 2017-11-16

Nail right on the head! Yes it most definately Fort Phantom Hill!

There is a hospital there and I'm more than sure that it was used however, I'm not too sure on WHICH war.

I have not experimented with the sounds I've captured (and there are many) but, that seems like a very good idea to do so! And I would most definately use the same app if I ever ghost hunt again. I have too many crazy memories with it lol.

Caroline said the exact same thing about the buzzing! She said it was probably most likely the sound of a plane from a war! I didn't mention it in case someone in the comments mentioned it too and you sure did!

I'm glad you like the humor I threw in! I like to use humor to ease some tension (if any) lol.

Here's something on planes and the "buzz-saw" effect: "That buzzing sound is from the tips of the fan blades breaking the sound barrier..."
And this is something technical for the engineers among us:

Your humour even in the frightening moments made me smile. While I was reading it, the image came to mind of Scooby-doo and his intrepid mates (do you know they first came out in 1969?) heading off on an escapade in their Mystery Machine. Oh, to be 18 and energetic again - plus the benefit of knowledge gained from life experience. 😊
Date: 2017-11-06

Thank you so much! I mean that. I'm going to delete all of my accounts on other sites and just stick to this one😂
Date: 2017-11-05

Oh yes this is most definately appriciated with the history background 😊
Date: 2017-11-05

Oh most definately! Happy chills indeed right now lol she probably hit the nail on the head so I wouldn't doubt that's what happened!

I also like your idea of a fallen warrior for the person with a whip. I'm so glad to finally be able to share my experiences with people who are willing to listen.

I'll most definatly be posting more if you two would help me decipher more of these strange experiences. Put my mind at peace for once lol I don't want to keep wondering.
Date: 2017-11-05

Oh my god yes! That's exactly it! Fort Phantom Hill! You hit the nail right on the head! Sorry I'm just excited that I can talk to people about this finally lol people who understand me and not blow me off.

I looked into both of those articles and the second one about the guy being wrongfully hanged struck a cord in me. It scared me a bit because I did research too awhile back on the fort but never found that someone was hanged so this just may be the most logical answer! I really appreciate this!☺☺☺
Date: 2017-11-05

You had ME giggling with your comment!😂 I'm glad my upside down typo could make ya laugh. Makes my heart happy (:

I will most definately be posting more stories and I appriciate you wanting more. I'm so happy I finally found a site that people actually listen.

I just gotta watc my typos. I now see what one small mistake can ruin an entire story lol😂
Date: 2017-11-05

Wow why thank you! Much appreciated! I most definitely have found the right site to post my experiences! I'll most definately be posting more (:

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions to the best of my abilities:

The place was not a plantation for slaves from what I've read in the brochures. It's a fort that was taken from the comanche indians that was eventually burned down BY the indians to exact their revenge. There have been indian slaves but not many for most of them have died from sickness. So, I like the theory of the exaggerated dimensions. It makes sense!

And Aaron had said that he had gotten the feeling that we were being watched by her/him so the guard theory is quite possible as well. Just them wondering what we were doing. I'm getting goosebumps just trying to image it right now lol but, I'd rather have seen what Aaron saw than what I SWORE was a long pair of realistic looking legs!😂

You totally also gave me massive chills when you mentioned a woman still holding her tether! I love these ideas!

Honestly, when I was ghost hunting, I didn't understand the logistics either but, the crazy thing is that it started getting easier and easier to feel a presence the more I did it. It's a weird thing to describe. My friend's mom is a sort of... Wiccan I think she said that's what she was. She said that spirits are fond of my energy and that I was "special". It freaked me out but, I continued to bother spirits and it eventually got to the point where I was attracting evil spirits as well.

I do have actual EVP's from supposed spirits on my YouTube. I say "supposed" spirits because I try and stay skeptic because that's how I am. Even though I've listened to the recordings multiple times to try and dicipher them but, I couldn't. It's hard listening to them now though because they take me too far back to some of those freaky nights when I was young and dumb. I wish I had pictures but my talent is talking to them apparently lol.

I do apologize for my small outburst. I've just been so sick and tired of being criticized by my actual friends who don't believe me. Most do and I really shouldn't care who believes me or not. I was just hoping to inspire... SOMEONE with my stories. So, I tried the internet and luckily found this site.

I can understand from the reviewers point of view because I've read a few stories that I even wanted to comment and question on lol

And thanks for the welcome love! I'm glad I found this site☺
Date: 2017-11-04

I understand and I appreciate it. I was searching online about places to post my experiences and this site seemed the best to tell actual stories instead of fiction. I can understand the caution☺

I really appreciate the warnings and warm welcome! Is there like a friend button somewhere because I think I just found my first one on here lol
Date: 2017-11-04

Also I'm sorry about not answering your first question love. No one did think about taking pictures. I have in the past and have gotten absolute crap BUT, I have gotten creepy recordings.

I encountered a ghost hunter in the past who had so many pictures of such creepy things and I was so jealous right? Well when I told her about my recordings, SHE got jealous lol.

She explained how some people have their talent when it comes to spirits. Mines definately not pictures. I wish it was lol but, turns out things like to talk to me instead😂
Date: 2017-11-04
Im planning on posting more weird ghost stories. I'd like to participate in comments. I do. But I'm asking for feedback, not negative criticisms please. Believe or not. That's up to the readers.

No. I don't INTEND to make my stories not believable. Taking the long about of time to type away to tell some lie. No. I'm simply just telling my stories from my point of view and I would kindly ask that people respect that instead of trying to criticize. Not hard I don't think. For me it's not lol
Date: 2017-11-04

Yes the 9 foot was a bad typo rather than "ignorance" or "lying" to start off.

Yes. I knew fully that ghost hunting is dangerous ESPECIALLY during a thunderstorm lol we ALL learn that very young I hope. I thrived on adrenaline and I loved doing this. Ever since my first contact with a spirit I got attached yet, still tried to remain skeptic when I went.

I also would never go alone. Heh pretty dumb if I did that right?👌 lol why of course it would be. I'm glad I didn't thrive on being scared THAT badly.

I was pressured to go and yeah I kind of wished I hadn't. Believe it or not, in your case yah probably wouldn't lol, the very thought of ghost hunting during a creepy thunderstorm freaked me out bur, I conquered a fear and I'm okay with that. Will I do it again?

The answer to that in case you tried answering the opposite, is no dear reviewer. Whether I saw a creepy long pair of the most realistic pair of legs I've ever seen or, some branches, I will not do that again as long as I live dear reviewer☺ lol

You also be careful and respectful as well. Or work on one of those things at least.
Date: 2017-11-04

My bad I meant 6. That was probably the worst typo lol.

Yes it could be that with my adrenaline pumping and rapid heartbeat, I freaked myself out... Bad lol. Most of me wants to believe that (because I try and stay skeptic).

Yes. Going ghost hunting during the worst thunderstorm ever is probably the most wreckless thing but, I was young and dumb. Also a nonbeliever.

I used to thrive on the adrenaline because I'm not easily scared. I WANTED to scare myself... And I did lol whether I saw a pair of long eerie super scary legs or super long realistic leg-looking branches😂
Date: 2017-11-04

Thanks for the feedback! To be quite honest. When something creepy used to happened while I was irresponsibly ghost busting with friends, the first thing my mind would do is tell itself to remain skeptic. I never believed in ghosts until they gave my absolute valid proof.

About the tree vines, you might be right. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me that night. It was lightning and stormy I could have seen even more things. When I think about it, something in the pit of my stomach tells me I saw what I saw but, the rest of me still stays skeptic and says "Nah boy. You saw branches that LOOKED like a scary eerie super realistic long pair of legs." I honestly don't know😂
Date: 2017-11-04

It's okay not to accept what was (possibly) seen because stil to this day I even have second thoughts about it haha. I don't ghost hunt anymore. There were too many weird horrifying experiences that drove me to just quit all of it lol. Nope.
Date: 2017-11-04

Thank you for the feedback! I hadn't thought of that but its possible haha
Date: 2017-11-04

Lol it would be relieving if it was. Yes some things are bigger but I made a slight one number typo😂
Date: 2017-11-04

Sorry that was most definately a typo. I meant 9. Everything is bigger in Texas but, not THAT big😂
Date: 2017-11-04
Yes my bad I meant to put 6 not 9 lol sorry everyone for that horrible typo. I type pretty fast I must have not even noticed it but, yes 6 feet. Not 9
Omg I used to have similar things happen to me when I was a child. Where things would show up next to my bed and I would cover my face and look back again to see that they were gone. This is crazy!